Steak ‘n Egg Will Likely Close for Up To Two Years of Renovations in Tenleytown

4700 Wisconsin Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I heard from employees there that it will be closing for up to two years as the building is razed & rebuilt (along with two adjoining buildings). This is a neighborhood institution, a 24-hour dive diner that’s been there for decades. Big deal for Tenleytown. The employees said it was initially supposed to close in November but that they recently got word it has been delayed until January 2014.”

I called the store but they were unable to give firm timelines and the owner was not at the store. So it is not clear if they will close this January or next January. But it is clear at some point it’s looking like Steak ‘n Egg will be closing for extensive renovations. In June a Raze permit was issued for 4700 Wisconsin Ave, NW. At that time CityPaper reported:

“Developer Frank Economides, who owns the property and filed the permit application, says Steak ‘n Egg isn’t disappearing. The raze permit application was an early step in the process of a potential expansion of the restaurant.”

It now seems, while Steak ‘n Egg won’t disappear completely, they are likely to take an extensive hiatus during renovations. Stay tuned for more info on the timeline as it becomes available. For the moment they remain open. You can check out their menu here.

Corner of Chesapeake and Wisconsin Ave, NW

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  • How is this place? Is it worth the drive from U Street on a weekend morning to grab breakfast?

  • Two years… sheesh

    sounds like some serious reno

  • Bummer. Another classic spot rebuilt into new faddish (likely ugly) construction. Do not like.

    • My guess is that they will build up to the property line and all that outdoor space with be gone. Most likely it becomes a mixed use building?

  • That’s unfortunate. The charm is in the Mom-n-Pop feel of the place – eating greasy food on well-used picnic tables etc. haven’t been there in a few years but it definitely served a satisfying meal in a simple setting.

  • I’ll be very surprised if Steak ‘n Egg Kitchen reopens at this address in two years. Very surprised.

  • But it’s so CUTE as is!!! Wah…

  • Bummer. I love the white picket fence-ness of this spot. I’ll miss this little old school corner. 🙁

    • The picket fence is a relatively recent addition. We all hung out here when I attended Wilson HS (graduated in 1971). Best dive food around.

  • andy

    They should bring in the Spring Valley mis

  • A ton of fond memories from high school. I will be very sad if it doesn’t reopen and approximate the current establishment in some form.

    • I just hope they replace that worn out linoleum counter with a zinc bar and some sensible $14 wine pours, and those steak & eggs with eggs sardou and maybe, just maybe I’ll run screaming in the opposite direction. Also lose the name. What it needs is a little razzle-dazzle. Something like “Poochey” only more proactive.

  • andy

    I meant to say, they should bring in

  • andy

    I meant to say, they should bring in the Spring Valley mustard gas crew to degrease the place.

    Sorry – iPhone page loads and when it does suddenly I’m thumbing the post comment button instead of the virtual keyboard.

  • They’ll need 18 months just to bring the restroom up to code. Looking forward to “breaking in” the new commode.

  • Terrible news. More “progress” – destroy anything with character & replace with suburban, cookie-cutter buildings.

    • Unfortunately, the suburbs are starting to have more character than all the glass boxes now so typical of DC.

      • So true. You already have to go there for good ethnic cuisine.

        • That’s been true for the past 40 years. On balance, though the suburbs have their own versions of hell–Applebee’s, the various Darden chains like Olive Garden, etc.

  • Best pancakes in the city. Best actual steak and egg dish in the city. Best hash browns and other sides. Even better? You can order all of this 24 hours a day. Don’t like Steak ‘n Egg? Then you’re an idiot.

  • Coincidentally, 2 years is how long it takes for them to prepare your food there. Good riddance.

    • Let’s explain to Princess Alan why she’s wrong. Since it’s a diner you’ll never wait long for your food. This means we can be sure that Princess Alan’s caviar encrusted porridge arrived in a prompt and timely manner. Also, Princess Peach > Princess Alan. You should consider changing your name, since Princess Alan sounds awful. Princess Alana comes to mind as the #1 replacement choice.

  • In two years, small plates will likely have become tiny plates and this place can re-open with quail eggs sunny-side up and with tiny free-range pig nostril bacon strips with a side of heirloom rye mini-slice toast and a teaspoon full of coffee, make that a tablespoon if a latte…

  • I’ve never had a long wait for food there. In fact most of the time they move fast because there is a line of customers waiting for seats.

  • Two years? TWO F****ING YEARS? What, are they going to build a palace of overpriced diner food??? Seriously, only in this town. I am really ready to move out of this hellhole of mediocrity.

  • shit really? this was the best place for us in high school…post-school dance, post-party drunk chowing down. and morning after hangover meals when you were trying to avoid your parents like all hell because you still reeked of cheap beer and some other guys cigarette

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