Random Verizon Sales Tent Set Up on a Residential Block


So bizarre to see a verizon tent set up in front of someone’s house. This one’s from S Street just west of 14th.


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  • I’ve seen that a couple of times near 7th and Emerson. Have no idea why they are there.

  • I hope this means that Fios is coming to the neighborhood!

    • It is. They’re working to get Fios all over DC. Reaching out to local residents is a very rational way to market to many of the old-timers who may not be as easily sold on “FIBEROPTICS!” as some of the newer residents.

    • Fios does not live up to the hype. I’ve gotten better service from Comcast, which is saying a lot!

      • Really? Given that two tin cans and a string compare favorably to Comcast, I’ve eagerly waiting for an alternative. Sad to hear of your bad experience.

        • Yeah, it was out ALL THE TIME and no one seemed capable of fixing it. I think they must spend all their money on advertising so people think it’s good when in actuality it’s not.

  • Are these FIOS idiots at it again? I remember when they set up in a parking lot near my house. They had placed an army of FIOS signs up and down the street, set up a giant FIOS IS COMING! wavy sign, and staffed a tent with 4 employees and a Verizon SUV. Oh, the excitement! We walked over and inquired whethet FIOS was available. They said no, but that it might be someday. They also said they are targeting single-family homes, not condos. I mentioned that almost every building on the street had been converted to condos, which they considered with GREAT skepticism. One of the FIOS reps then asked us to join some Verizon incentive program. I told him we could talk about that once FIOS arrives. He addressed my concerns inmediatelynby saying, “Oh, it will! Someday. So you should just sign up now to be safe.” Yeah no thanks.

    We left, leaving the 4 FIOS reps and their tent and SUV alone in the parking lot. We passed by a couple more times that day and saw maybe one other prospective customer at the tent. As evening fell, the FIOS reps drove off in their cars, leaving the FIOS SUV parked in the handicapped parking space, a fine monument to one of the most incompetent and ill-conceived “events” I have ever seen.

    • It’s so stupid. FiOS is all throughout my neighborhood, but not in any multi-unit buildings, even though they’re more than capable of wiring condo or apartment buildings, large or small. I’ve gotten over it, though. Once the newness of it and the promotional rates are no more, it loses its appeal pretty quickly. Unless you’re a power user who needs super fast Internet speeds and can afford the enormous bills that come along with it, what they offer really isn’t that much better than Comcast or RCN.

      • Why aren’t they expanding it to multi-unit buildings? Seems like a pretty stupid business decision, considering that 99.5% of all new real estate coming online in this city is in multi-unit, mixed-use spaces.

        • My guess is cost. They will after they get to the single family homes though.

          • But at this point, SFHs are already hooked up to a service. They are basically just trying to get people to jump ship from another service. Again, this seems like a pretty dumb plan on Verizon’s part.
            Why does every cable company/internet service provider SUCK ASS in DC?!?!

  • If that means that Verizon FIOS is available in my neighborhood, I’d be delighted!! Comcast’s service is so poor and I think its specifically because they know they have a monopoly!!

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