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  • Sounds delish, but come on guys, fix your kitchen grease fan so that I don’t leave the restaurant smelling like hamburgers fried in a skillet. Twice my clothes have gone directly into the wash. The dining room shouldn’t look like it has a hidden fog machine. : /

  • Finally got the chance to check out Petworth Citizen last Monday night. It was delicious! I had the chicken sausage sandwich and my boyfriend, the chorizo. Both delicious. The service was excellent and I loved the ambiance/setup. So happy to have them in the neighborhood. Looking forward to enjoying a leisurely brunch there one of these days.

    • Agreed. The chorizo burger is banging and the beet sandwich is fun. The falafel leaves a lot to be desired and the cheeseburger is OK but nothing to write home about. I really wish they would focus on expanding their food options during dinner hours.

  • Ugh, brunch. I wish places would just offer their regular menus so we aren’t limited to just breakfast foods/a couple sandwiches.

  • Where are the homefries?

  • I’m confused: The coffee is “brewed to order” and “brewed at Qualia.” Does that mean they’re going down the street to get your coffee? That can’t be right.

  • Went to this place last Friday. The atmosphere was cool along with the clientele. The service however left A LOT to be desired. I just don’t think they anticipated the volume at the bar. They moved at a glacial pace and should probably hire another person to run the bar (hopefully a professional). They had 2 bartenders and a bar back but just clearly couldn’t handle it.

  • notlawd

    I love this place, but the food is not the best. The drinks are fabulous though, so I normally just stick to those. I wish they would expand the dinner options as well. the brunch looks to be more of the same. so glad they are in the neighborhood too!

  • A few of my friends and I went here a couple weeks ago. The drinks and appetizers were so good. However of the 6 main courses ordered between us, only one seemed like it had been mastered. Between the undercooked meat, bland mac n cheese, and hair in one friend’s dishes…they have some work to do. Once that and the poor service gets ironed out I think they’ll be a good addition to the neighborhood

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