One Eight Distilling Company Coming to Ivy City in Spring 2014, Landlord Looking for “an arts group or other creative use” in same building

1135 Okie Street NE
1135 Okie St, NE courtesy of Summit Commercial Real Estate

From Summit Commercial Real Estate:

“1135 Okie Street NE in Ivy City is a 24,500 sq ft industrial building that was purchased by Sweetwater LLC who will be doing business as the newly founded One Eight Distilling Company. The distillery will occupy about 10,000 sq ft on the first floor with the remaining 10,000 sq ft being leased as warehouse space to a wholesaler, which will allow for future expansion. There is also a 4,500 sq ft 2nd floor space that was formerly home to a small church. We are looking for an arts group or other creative use for that space that would provide synergy with the distillery and with whom they could co-host events in the tasting room. They are in the permitting phase now and are planning to start construction in the near future with a goal of opening in spring 2014.”

If you are interested in the 2nd floor arts/studio space you can call Tony Lofrumento at 202-682-9115.

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  • Ivy City, one of the few DC neighborhoods where you can actually escape from restaurants serving tapas. Buy in now while its still affordable.

  • andy

    Art space next to distillery. This sounds great!

  • It’ll be interesting to see how this neighborhood transforms over the next few years.

    • the pattern is so clear we all know the story.
      it will gentrify.
      those that are there now will feel both vindicated and some slightly put off.
      the old timers will talk about “remember when…” the newcomers wont have much clue nor care about how dangerous it used to be.

      • Really? I wouldn’t be so sure of that. Will it gentrify? Sure, eventually. Ivy City is largely cut off from the main part of DC – only thing quasi-convenient is H street. Walmart is going into the site just up NY Ave from there; Costco is around the corner. And you know what really attracts yuppies, right? Walmart, baby. Walmart.

        • if you say so, but i’m certain it will gentrify and i dont think it is “cut off” from DC. thats a preposterous notion to me considering how small dc is. it is convenient to 95. it is convenient to h street. its near union market. all these things will add to desirability once it is deemed fixed up enough for the masses. and currently its fine for people willing to take the risk. eventually even ny ave will be nice.

          overnight? no. 15 years, yes, easily.

          • It’s going to take far longer than 15 years to build enough convenient public transportation to make that area accessible/desirable. A streetcar would help, but that’s not even on DC’s radar right now. 20-25 years? maybe

      • Yeah, areas bordered by railroad tracks and flanked by Walmarts and cemeteries are MAGNETS for yuppies!

      • Yeah, areas bordered by railroad tracks are MAGNETS for yuppies! What better place to build high-end storefronts and pricey condos than a stone’s throw from the train tracks, right by a Walmart or a cemetery.

    • I’m skeptical. The housing stock doesn’t really have anything to recommend it (most of the row houses are tiny, and on tiny lots to boot), public transit isn’t great, and it’s not really walkable to much. And it’s one of the few places WOTR where I don’t even like walking around during the day. I think places like Anacostia are much more ripe for change.

  • This might be a cool place to live, sort of a meat packing district vibe if all goes to plan

    • Ivy City needs more trannies and seedy clubs to begin to get anywhere near Meatpacking. This place is no man’s land and will remain so. Remember, Meatpacking has two subway lines and a gorgeous waterfront within a block away.

  • I want to a rave in that building in 1994. Very cool space. High ceilings big open floor plan. It would be a sweet spot for a music and arts venue.

    • was that before it was a church?

    • I went to a rave / party on Okie Street in ’96, but I thought the space was in the middle of the block, not on a corner? Sounds like the same or similar space.

      • That LOVE the club.

      • The party in 96 was either the temporary move Buzz made to the Love club building (perviously a reggae club / rave venue) or a 2 Tuff party also at the Love space. The 94 event was to the best of my recollection a one off because the bathroom got tagged up and they owners stopped renting it out. I think it was a auto repair shop on the ground floor, possibly also a church upstairs because I remember the cross.

  • is this the same sweetwater from ATL?
    if so they know what they are doing

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