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  • Good. This park is a mess.

  • It clearly wasn’t designed to host soccer matches.
    Perhaps they can use the same grass and base material as on the mall, or maybe field turf.

    • ^^ this.

      I am an avid fan of soccer, but the grass can not hold up to the game. Playing on wet fields (as the players do) and playing a full 11 on 11 is always going to ruin the grass here. No 11v11 games should ever occur on this area… but neither PP or the players are going to stop it.

      Have they fixed the underground piping issues that were flooding the 16th side of the main area? How long will the fences be up (long enough for the grass to take root or long enough for it to mature?) So, every year, the feds will pay to “repair” the grass and by every spring it will be ruined.

  • might as well go field turf…cheaper in the long run

  • Field turf would be a mistake, it gets amazingly hot in the summer time and is prone to damage easily (can’t eat on it and dogs would not be allowed). The new sod just needs to be cared for, closed long enough to completely root in, and they need to stop setting up tents and having events and just let the park be used for casual use.

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