Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Pixel – Lost Miniature Schnauzer in Columbia Heights


“Dear PoPville,

My dog escaped from my back yard this morning and I was hoping I could post a missing dog report on your website.

His name is Pixel. He’s a six year old white Miniature Schnauzer. He escaped from the alley between 11th/Sherman and Harvard/Columbia. People can contact me at 512.786.5486.”

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  • What a beautiful Schnauzer! You don’t see the white ones very often. Hope you find him soon– it’s already cold enough that mine are shivering without sweaters!

  • Aww, hope he returns home soon! Is he chipped?

  • I live in the hood and will do a double walk this evening with my dog. If you find him please repost here. As of this morning I didnt see anything between 11th and 13th on Fairmont.

  • Just talked to my bf and he picked up this nugget this morning while he was out walking our dog. He’s contacted the owner who is coming to pick up her pup soon. I love a happy ending!

  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good that the dog was found, but I saw this little guy wandering around on Columbia in between Sherman and 11th a week ago. Maybe check to see if your yard is well secured.

  • I am the owner and Pixel was just safely returned to me. BIG THANKS to Mike and his girlfriend and to POPville for facilitating the return. I am SO GRATEFUL! He is chipped and from now on will not leave the house without his tags on. Thanks again to everyone — what a great community.

    • I have Tagg on my dog, it’s a GPS device that clips to his collar. It’s worth its weight in gold, recently our alarm went off and I was worried he would have gotten out as the alarm said front door was open. I was able to go on Tagg app and see that my dog was in the house. If he leaves the area, I get an alert on my phone with a pretty accurate GPS location. It’s a small up-front investment and a monthly charge but it’s been great. I highly reccomend it to all dog owners.

      So glad this ended well. I like to keep an eye on pets even in a fence, they are escape artists!

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