The Getaway Very Likely Closing in Columbia Heights at the End of the Month

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14th and Meridian Place, NW

A readers sends word:

“Stopped into the Getaway for brunch on Saturday and was informed that they are closing in two weeks. They said something about how they would be relocating, but didn’t say where.”

I checked with some folks who are in the know who also said they heard The Getaway was closing at the end of the month. An email to the owner was not returned but I’ll update as soon as more info becomes available. Back in May 2011, The Getway opened in the former Social space (and before that Christian bookstore) at the corner of 14th and Meridian Pl, NW. You can see their menus here.

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  • justinbc

    That place had a pretty solid happy hour, sad to hear they couldn’t make it. It never really seemed very busy when I went though.

  • Interesting, I was just wondering last night how the Getaway was still open, since I walked by on my way up to the Dunes and it was empty at 7pm.

  • I hope they are relocating. Something felt off about the layout every time I was in there.

  • I hope something better comes along. The Getaway was solidly mediocre. It would be nice to not trek all the way to 11th for a good brunch.

  • I was there for trivia last night and they confirmed they are closing.

  • They are closing because the owner of the building foreclosed on the property. So now the bank wants them to sign a five year lease. There is a lot of compeition in the area now. So I understand why they aren’t signing the lease. The bank is probably going to sell the lot to a developer so look for some condos next year people.

  • Rent was probably way too high to afford… I remember social serving $14 beers and inedible burgers.

    • I heard from a neighborhood source who also told me this news that their rent was $18,000/month. Definitely way too high to afford.

  • I forget the name of the establishment before “Getaway”, but they seemed to go under fairly quickly as well. Seems like this spot is just a bit too far north to command the rent that they charge.

    • This building was built from scratch not that long ago. I never understood how it could have such a terrible layout when it was built to be a restaurant. It’s so large, but there’s so little usable floor space.

      • The owners of the building/Social designed the space. They did a dreadful job with just about everything, and spent half a fortune doing so. I agree with you that the layout is horrible, and I think The Getaway would have done better if they were in a better space. I think most of their business was during warm months when it’s nice to eat outside and the deck/patio were open. I don’t think that closing right before winter starts is coincidental.

        • It was a bookstore before Social moved in.

          I simply forgot that the place existed. The location is somewhat removed from the central commercial area of Columbia Heights, so I rarely ever had any reason to venture up that way. Too bad for the locals, though.

          • I don’t think it was bookstore in the same building though, maybe the same lot. I remember this being built and signs going up for Social before it was even done.

      • Jeslett – you’re incorrect, this wasn’t new construction. There was an old shell that was rehabbed. I lived on the street and watched it happen.

  • Oh no! I usually walk past there on my way home. Hopefully something else opens up there soon so there’s not a dark, sketchy, empty spot. It never really did look that busy though. It would be nice to have something a bit more lively and fun closer to where I live.

  • we have a Ruby Tuesdays, getting a TGIFridays, Is Benningans still in business???

  • it is too bad – they are really nice, have good brunch and a great half of burger night every Tuesday! it was also nice having one place that wasn’t either overrun by hipsters or by pretentious wealthy snobs…

    • I would have liked to try their brunch… except the 3 times I went, they weren’t open yet. Ok, twice was my fault for assuming I should be able to eat before 11am. The 3rd time, they wouldn’t seat us at 11:20 because they weren’t set up yet. “Yeah, sorry, some of our people got stuck in traffic…” *shrug* (That Sunday morning traffic’s a killer, amirite?)

  • I went there a few times. It always seemed to have a personality disorder and couldn’t decide what it wanted to be. If it was going after a Gatsby theme, then have a Gatsby theme. Was it a bar or restaurant? I think if it could have had better focus, it might have had a chance. It even could have done different things on different floors, ie. lounge upstairs and restaurant/bar on the other levels. I think the location is good and it had the potential to be a nice place.

    • Agreed. I’m pretty sure it was a 50s theme or something. It was just off though. I don’t think it all ever came together for them.

  • Had fun at their trivia night, but there was one bartender/wait staff person for the whole floor.

    Went for brunch- there was awkward dance class (?) stomping noises that were incredibly loud the whole time. The food was also completely awful. Eggs benedict with soggy muffin, overcooked poached egg (to the point of being totally hard), and a side of maple turkey or chicken sausage that was a rubbery puck. Bleh.

  • $18,000 a month in rent? For that, the MPD and Government Officials need to clean up that section of 14th.

    PoP: Do you know what Bozzuto is asking for rent at Park Place in Petworth by Chez Billy and the new Swanky Safeway? I had heard it was outrageous and that was why they had yet to rent to anyone. Now the space sits vacant. Why cant they fill that damn space? Its a great location.

    • Park Place (like a lot of other Bozzuto properties) determines rent prices on incomes and tax brackets. A lot of those apartments are currently rented, though I’m not sure how many are still vacant. It is a huge building.

      • I think Anon 2:20 was asking about the retail space on the corner that’s been empty since they built the building. I think originally the old owner of Colorado Kitchen was going to open something there, but that fell through, and nobody else has stepped up.

        • Also, Bozzuto does not rent retail/commercial space – that typically goes through a broker; Bozzuto only does the apartments. Also, not ALL the apartments’ rent prices are based on income/tax brackets, that would only apply to Affordable Dwelling Units, which is only a small percentage of total units in the building. The rest of the units are at “market rent”, i.e., overpriced.

  • This place is cursed. I loved the previous incarnation Social but I guess my patronage was not enough to prop it up. There was no buzz. Frankly I have to say we also received lackluster to downright poor customer service from them recently so I’m not surprised.

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