The Getaway (in the former Social space) Soft Opens Tonight in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth May 27, 2011 at 12:30 pm 49 Comments

The Getaway is located at 14th and Meridian Pl, NW in the former Social space ( Dunes art gallery is on the 3rd floor.) They will open tonight at 7pm serving snacks, tomorrow and sunday at 7pm with a limited menu and next week at 5pm with a full menu.

You can check out the menu below:


I look forward to hearing folks’ initial impressions (especially in contrast to Social.) We’ll revisit for a proper judging in a few weeks.

  • LA

    They really need to proofread their menu…

  • LA

    Otherwise, the menu looks pretty tasty!

  • no way

    $4 for PBR? $5 for yuengling? pass. red derby FTW.

    • Anonymous

      Dude I totally agree. I can’t remember the last time I went to a bar when it wasn’t happy hour. Do people in DC go to bars when it isn’t happy hour?

      I found half price night at Lou’s and Blue Banana to be when I get most of my public boozing done. Downside is you have to go to Lou’s or the Blue Banana…

      Friday and Saturdays are for the porch or back yard. But it’s not hard to find people game for that with $5 Yeunglings so prevalent.

      More to the point I don’t think this place is gonna make it at that price point. And I am a TOTAL AND COMPLETE EXPERT ON THE SUBJECT WHOSE AUTHORITY SHALL NOT BE QUESTIONED.

      • Anonymous

        Red Derby is out of the way for me and all my friends. So is this place, but at least this one is near other bars and restaurants so we’ll probably go.

        I wish more people were like you and stayed in, because if there one thing I hate more than paying $5 for a beer, it’s waiting 10 minutes to get the bartender’s attention before doing it.

        • TaylorStreetMan

          CommonWealth was awesome for this, too… before they shuttered.

          When is that joint going to reopen, anyway?

    • TaylorStreetMan

      Red Derby charges $5 for a can (CAN!) of Brooklyn Lager. Not that I expect it to be cheaper elsewhere, but it’s a freakin’ can.

      I’d much rather spend that $5 (or $6) for a draft beer of similar quality.

      • DCBrewer

        @TaylorStreetMan, cans are a better vessel for beer than a bottle, you’ll notice that plenty of fine breweries and homebrewers are opting to can their beers instead of bottle. Cans are airtight and oxygen-free, so when light consistently hits a bottle of beer, it can skunk it. They also chill quicker than bottles and they don’t break as easy as bottles. They’re better for bar owners because they’re cheaper to ship and take up less storage space, allowing a bar owner to stock more beers.

        • Anonymous

          I think that’s why he thinks they should be cheaper.

          • DCBrewer

            The price point stays the same and it lets the brewer avoid using shortcuts like rice or corn syrup to make up for the cost of labels and caps. I mean you could always save your money and drink Schlitz for $2.

          • rooty tooty

            Or Natty Boh for $2.

        • Dan


          $5 for a tall-boy of Brooklyn Lager is a great deal

      • El Juez

        It is my recollection that the Brooklyn Lager cans @ the Derby are *TALL BOYS* and therefore well worth the $5

  • petco7

    you might want to wait and see what they do for specials and happy hour…

  • KenyonDweller

    Their drafts suck, which is a deal breaker for me.

    • Mr. Poon

      You beat me to this. If you’re going to have two drafts, why not make them good? Sam seasonal might be OK if it were paired with something interesting, but a standard lager? Really?

      It’s a good menu, but if the owners are reading this: Poon and friends live very close and will frequent your establishment much more often if you’d get a keg of interesting ale. Also, +1 on the proofreading. Extra spaces and unncessary capitals are turn-offs.

    • Anonymous

      I think somewhere along the line yuppies forgot that draft beer comes from kegs and that kegs are an inherently cheap way of distributing big quantities of beer. Having kegs fit the taste of the median drinker (I believe there is a silent majority in this country and even dare i say this city that likes lager and pilsner just fine) makes absolute sense to anyone in the business of selling beer.

      I always laugh and leave when a bottle of Miller Light is $3 and a draft is $4. It is so funny.


      • Mr. Poon

        I’m not a yuppie. And I understand the concept of a keg.

        I just think Yuengling sucks, and I’m a complete authority on the matter.

  • x

    i dig that the ‘getaway burger’ has a fried egg on it… also, the racer 5 draft is $1 cheaper than at looking glass, which is kinda surprising.

  • Appreciative

    Kudos to the new owners. I look forward to visiting. It takes guts to open a restaurant. Don’t let the comments on here (usually negative when it comes to any restaurant, save Arby’s) get you down.

    One thought… The long standing Horses Ass Award of the funeral home… The city should condemn that place.

    Who wants do dine while looking out at a dilapidated funeral home? Very morbid.

    Perhaps you could talk to the owners and adopt the empty building (or get a group of artists) and paint funky things in each of the boarded up windows… Anything but what it currently is… : (

    If anything, get some wire clippers and remove the “future home of the Beacon Funeral Home” sign. Nobody wants to be reminded it is a funeral home.

    Sorry, I just have a gripe with the place.

    • Bacon, not Beacon.

      • Joe C

        Here’s an interesting thought: DC should ban Happy Hour specials, like in Boston and the rest of Massachusetts. Yea, you lose the dirt cheap specials, but it certainly drives the prices down on the whole. Makes it much easier to go out on a Fri/Sat without blowing tons of money. Also, this city is obscenely expensive.

        Also, if you’re going to do the “beer bar” concept, don’t half-ass it. I’m fine with places where the “nice” beer is a Sam Adams and you can snag a MillerCoors product for $2-$3.

  • I noticed

    Most of the comments on here seem to be about the price of beer…

    Perhaps these folks should be visiting a 12 step meeting, not hanging out looking for the least expensive happy hour.

    • Anonymous

      you’re projecting.

    • Anonymous

      Right, wanting a good price for beer=alcoholic. Noted. So does that mean if I complain about food prices I have an obesity problem too?

  • Exciting! I’m looking forward to giving this place a chance. If the owner reads this (and I bet my sweet bippy he is) you should add a turkey burger, garden burger, black bean burger, and a buffalo burger. And a cajun burger. And soft serve ice cream. And spring rolls. You should also provide free popsicles to the people on the patio!

    • Neighbor

      +1 on the Black Bean Burger

  • saf

    Wow, that’s a really boring menu.

  • Anonymous

    way too expensive already. not gonna even try it at those prices.

    • Sunsquashed

      Hey, they’ve gotta pay rent too. This seems to be set at a similar price point to Meridian Pint and Room 11, both of which look like they are doing great business.
      I’m sure if their customers request better beer, they will respond. On the other hand, I don’t think they have enough taps to greatly expand their draft beer selection. The cocktails look interesting though.

      • Anonymous

        That’s a good point. I’ve often thought the reason we have to buy $6 beers is the outrageous rent these establishments have to pay.

        I really hate DC.

        • Anonymous

          Then you should probably move.

  • Anonymous

    I like sliders and vodka and rum drinks muddled with fruit and would try the cucumber one. I liked Social, the guys running it were nice, but it was a little too haute lounge for atmosphere. I have friends around the corner and frequent CH anyway. I will definitely try this place.
    Agree Yuengling sucks! Please get Stella, Great Lakes or a good German bier.

    • Dan

      Stella sucks, too. At least Yuengling doesn’t have pretenses of being high-end.

      Great Lakes is the bomb-diggity, though.

  • Neighbor

    Big fan of the menu! Can’t wait to try this as soon as I get home from this trip.

  • Melco

    What’s with all the Debbie downers? The menu looks great–goat cheese and Rosemary dumplings? Sold. I can’t wait to try this place–it’s locally owned and the outdoor patio will be a great place to sip summer cocktails.


    I seem to remember the new owners denigrating the old owners over price point…seems pretty damn similar to me!

  • chef

    Just an FYI:

    “Wild Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto $17
    Crimini, shitake, and Portobello mushrooms with asparagus, crispy fennel and basil”


    • Rosie

      Ok, so maybe those mushrooms aren’t “wild”… agree with you on that one. But you shouldn’t claim the beef isn’t truly local without actually knowing for sure. The owners could have a good deal with a local farm, or they may just be making less profit on the burgers and more profit on other items. (But at $12 I’m sure there’s still some profit there!)

  • CJ

    Taylor it’s a $5 tallboy can you simp..Good luck finding equal quality beer for that price non happy hour anywhere.oh my god it’s in a can chrissakes grow a set..

  • Dan

    Agree that the menu looks pretty unremarkable. Beer prices are fine–no more or less expensive than anywhere else in the area. I love that this place has a Steve McQueen/Paul Newman movie theme, but with Meridian Pint a few blocks away I don’t really see myself going here.

    Can we all agree that Meridian Pint absolutely kills it?

    • Rosie

      meh… you’re only saying that because it’s a few blocks away. Those of us a few blocks (or less) from the Getaway might disagree.

  • Went last night and had a blast!

  • taco

    We went last night seems ok though the movie projector sans sound and the antique old bare light bulbs looks oddly familiar..

  • Anonymous

    Not sure what everyone is expecting, but it’s a new establishment in the area for folks to try out & it’s better than an empty business. While DC is usually open-minded about things, the comments on this seem very judgemental & biased. Give the place a chance.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the last post, everyone is being so judgemental. I went there on Saturday night and had a great time with friends. The side patio was a perfect place to enjoy the weather, the muddled grape and pisco drink was refreshing, and the fried green tomato sliders and ceviche were excellent. I’m happy to have this in the neighborhood! I think people should actually go to the restaurant before reviewing a place.

  • Joey

    I went on Thursday night and had a great time. It’s a super cool space and had a great atmosphere. The service was great and really friendly. I had the Rosemary-goat cheese dumplings —delicious!! I am excited about the grand opening next week and trying the rest of the menu. I’m sure the beer selection will expand if the owners/manager get some constructive feedback. Welcome addition to the neighborhood!!

  • Anonymous

    I second (third?) the request for black bean burgers and other non-meat, non-fish fare. More menu variety for vegetarians, please!

  • Rosie

    I know we were all hoping for some miracle bar that would have the cheapest drinks and most unique food in CH, but let’s be realistic before dropping so much hate! The menu looks just fine to me, and if the food tastes good that is really all that matters. Walking home the other day I noticed $3 Coronas for happy hour, not bad. (though I’m not a Corona fan myself) Anyone know if they have food specials for happy hour?

    I’m excited to try it out!


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