DPW will replace lids, bars, and wheels for free on Supercans


@311DCgov reminds us that DPW will replace lids, bars, and wheels for free on Supercans. From DPW:

“DPW will continue to replace lids, bars and wheels for free on Supercans and the 32-gallon trash and recycling carts. Supercans that are older than 10 years may not be able to be repaired because the manufacturer no longer makes those lids, wheels or lift bars. Repair requests may be made by calling 311 or placed through the 311 web site, http:/311.dc.gov.”

If you need a new one – “Non-seniors will continue to pay $62.50 for a Supercan or $45 for a 32-gallon trash cart or recycling cart.”

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  • Wasn’t DDOT going to provide free replacement cans as well? Thought I remembered seeing something about that. (either on here on via mail)

  • We put in a lid repair request approx. 6 months ago… still nothing. My neighbor said it took over a year for his. What a joke.

  • We’ve had great success with this through See Click Fix. You can even request your neighbors’ cans to be fixed if you see deficient ones in your alley!

  • Supercans aren’t very super

  • Seriously DPW? This is not true. I put in a request to have both my trash and recycling bins repaired more than 3 months ago (the lids are both shattered) and they still haven’t fixed them. I think they’re supposed to fulfill the request within 2 weeks. Honestly, I wouldn’t even bother wasting your time submitting a request.

  • What we really need is new cans throughout the city that rats cannot chew through. On our block, most every can has huge holes that rats have created, just under the lids – new lids would do nothing. The city issued all of the cans throughout the city many years ago, and then did not put in place any plan to ensure replacements that would one day be necessary.

  • They need to follow through and replace both recycling and garbage. The recycling should be 64 gallon (as opposed to current 32 gallon) and garbage shrunk to 64. Our recycling fills up weekly, and normally we only have one bag of trash a week.

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