MPD Assault Alert – “subject who produced a handgun for no known reason”


From MPD:

“On Today’s date at approximately 630 AM a citizen reports while walking in 4000 blk 7th Street NE, he was approached by a male subject who produced a handgun for no known reason. The suspect did not say a word and a struggle ensued between the two. The gun discharged without striking anyone. There are no injuries reported. The suspect then ran off and made good his escape. Patrol Units canvassed the area, but did not locate the suspect. The gun was recovered by the officers.

The ‘Look- out’ is for a black male, dark complexion, 20 to 30 years of age, 6 feet to 6-3 in height, slim build, corn row hair style, wearing dark blue sleeveless hoodie with a gray T-shirt, blue stone washed jeans and dark blue tennis style baseball cap.

Anyone with information to this crime, please call (202)727-9099”

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  • he made good his escape? from whence he came?

    • I love MPD’s writing. It’s a delightful combination of obfuscation (“On today’s date” makes it nearly impossible to know when this happened after the paragraph is stripped from its original context, like it is here) and ambiguous pronouns and interesting descriptions of the perps and archaic phrases (“made good his escape”). I hope someone is compiling the best examples for an anthology.

  • Yep, MPD seems to be fond of the “made good his escape” phrasing.

  • He produced a handgun “for no known reason”? Must’ve been a House Republican

  • “…tennis style baseball cap”!?!? Is that an A&F thing? Or maybe Affliction? Those crazy kids and their fashions.

  • Wonder if it’s the same guy shooting up on Capitol Hill moments ago? PCP induced perhaps?

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