Green Paws Closing in Bloomingdale will Become Upstairs Seating for Bacio Pizzeria

81 Seaton Place, NW

From the owners of Bacio and Green Paws:

“We are so sorry to tell you that after three wonderful years, we are closing Green Paws. The decision was a difficult one. Our tiny little shop has been struggling for a while in this weak economy, and ultimately the arrival of a giant corporate pet food retailer so nearby meant we had even more difficulty competing. We really have grown to love our neighborhood dogs and cats (as well as their people!), and we promise to always have special little treats available for our four-legged buddies downstairs at Bacio. Speaking of Bacio, here is the silver lining: we are going to expand, and use the upstairs space for seating. We hope you can look forward to a low-key, family-friendly dining experience where you can enjoy the pizza you’ve come to love with a nice bottle of wine. We don’t have an exact timeline yet for all this, but we promise to keep you posted.

Our sincere thanks to everyone in the Bloomingdale and surrounding D.C. neighborhoods for allowing us to serve you and for having made Green Paws a special part of the community.

Paws out,
Atilla, Lisa & Miles”

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  • I am so sad you will be closing. One of my most favorite things is to visit you and Miles and sniff around the store picking out treats. I’m glad you’ll still be in the neighborhood and that I’ll still be able to see you on my walks.

  • Got a pizza there last night that was great. But I’ve never bought dog food from upstairs. As much as I’d like to support a neighborhood business, I can go online, buy a 44 pound bag of dog food, pay a lower price than the local store and get free overnight shipping, and it’s delivered to my door the next day. Hard to compete with that, especially when many people in the area don’t have cars and don’t want to pay even more to get a car2go to drive the dog food home. Sorry the pet store didn’t work out, but at least I can’t buy my pizza online.

      • These comments are so not necessary.

        • It is when you blame “the arrival of a giant corporate pet food retailer” for your closing.

          • No, really they are not. It is the same tactlessness as telling someone who has just broken up that he or she should do x, y, z to hang on to a partner. Sometimes it is best, i.e. most civil and most compassionate, just to keep your mouth closed.

          • And the “weak economy.” Regardless of the economy, I still have to feed my dog. And FWIW, I walk by the “giant corporate pet food retailer” every day on my way home, but haven’t purchased dog food there either because I’d have to get a car to drive it home.
            My comments weren’t meant to be mean, it’s just pointing out the reality of why I live three blocks away and would never buy food at the store. For people considering opening a local retail business, it might be good for them to hear.

          • It is good for future businesses to hear, but not in response to what is essentially equivalent to a death notice.

          • “what is essentially equivalent to a death notice.”
            A little dramatic, aren’t we? I don’t think closing a small retail business that is struggling and using the space to expand your small pizza business that is doing well equates to a “death notice.”

          • My prediction is that pet stores will be very few and far between over the course of the next 10 years. There are better, far more profitable uses for the real estate.

          • I live 5 blocks away and carried the big Blue Buffalo bags home (I am not sure how much they weighed..30 pounds or so? Never was a problem for me. And I am not the most in shape, strong, fit person in Bdale by far. Either way, really sad to see Green Paws go. I enjoyed going there and the service was always great. Glad that he’s able to expand on Baccios though. Some of my favorite pizza in DC 🙂

    • I order pizza online all the time. It’s delivered to my door in 30-45 minutes, none of this “free overnight shipping” crap.

    • I don’t in any way want to make you feel like a bad pet owner, but any 44lb bag of dog food on the market that I’m aware of is horrible for your pet. Look at the ingredients in that stuff (and find out what all those things are that you can’t pronounce) and learn how it’s produced. Green Paws carried food made from higher-quality ingredients. PetCo typically does not. So those of us who prefer to former now have no place (nearby) to go. It’s a big loss for Bloomingdale and the surrounding ‘hoods.

      • So sad to see Green Paws go. i loved to stop there and pick up stuff for my dog and to stop by with my dog on walks. It was great to test out toys to see what she’s actually interested in. Happy though that they will be able to use the space and I love Bacio’s and the outdoor space looks really fabulous. I have found the owners to be so friendly and nice.

        Also – eponymous, as someone who also only feeds high end dog food (like the kinds green paws carried) there are online retailers that carry orijen and acana and totw. They deliver next day or 2nd day. And unfortunately for local pet stores, at prices that I have found to be cheaper than the bricks and mortar stores.

      • Let’s see, just pulled up the ingredients in the food I use and, the horrors! My dog must hate me!
        I can’t stand to even type them… Chicken meal, turkey meal, lamb meal, brown rice, white rice, rice bran, peas, potatoes (I believe pronounced “POE-TAY-TOES), oatmeal, cracked pearled barley, chicken fat, millet, tomato pomace, natural flavor, cranberries, beta carotene, rosemary extract, sunflower oil…
        How has my dog lived on this poison!?!
        And to be clear, Green Paws did carry this brand (PetCo does not), but didn’t stock it in the 44lb bags because they took too much space. So my option was to buy a smaller bag at Green Paws, at a higher price per pound, or go to, buy the 44lb bag online, and have it appear at my door the next day.

        • Please ignore the ridiculously snide comment above re: 44lb dog food – it’s clear the poster doesn’t know what they are talking about.

  • Atilla and Miles are a great duo! sorry to see Green Paws closed, but grateful they were around for a few years – always helpful and a fun place to sniff around on our neighborhood walks.

    Happy for Bacio to continue its success and expansion. the new porch is adorable and seating upstairs will be great, too.

    Well done, Atilla, Lisa and Miles! We will continue to see you often!

  • houseintherear

    We love you, Atilla and Lisa! Glad Bacio is continuing to have success!

  • We (me, husband, dog, and cat) will be sorry to lose Green Paws! We’ve loved taking the dog there and stocking up on top quality pet products. But we will still enjoy eating delicious pizza and hanging with Miles at Bacio!

  • Aw, man. That’s a bummer. Glad the pizza biz is doing well though!

    I’m moving to Bloomingdale soon, and I didn’t realize there was a “giant pet food retailer” in the neighborhood. Am I missing something?

    • You’re not missing anything: Petco Unleashed (guess this is their “urban” concept) recently opened across the street from the Harris Teeter in NoMa. I didn’t think the prices there were much cheaper than at Greenpaws, however, so I’m not sure what the owners are on about. Now that they got their liquor license approved, they simply want more seating area to collect the potential (liquor) profit. Not judging – just calling a spade a spade.

      • Dude, I doubt you have the evidence to support a statement that they are saying the closure is due to a drop in business since Unleashed opened less than a mile away when it’s really because they’d rather use the space for Bacio. Not sure if you’ve ever been in Greenpaws, but they were extremely dedicated to that store and to the pets of the neighborhood and providing owners with great organic options. It’s possible that they leased both spaces hoping Bacio could expand if Greenpaws didn’t work out, but I can absolutely see where a bigger store with more products and corporate financial backing (enabling cheaper pricing) cut into Greenpaws products.

        And look, capitalism, competition, all that, it’s fair and what you’d expect. I just think DC is largely a city without a very interesting or diverse retail scene. We’re overwhelmingly a city of chains when it comes to retail, and independent stores are closing with an alarming frequency. A city can’t be interesting with JUST a billion+ restaurants. Independently owned clothing stores, bookstores, and yes, pet stores help make communities and neighborhoods and cities unique and great. Sorry that I’m rambling, it just really bums me out when another one goes down.

        • And sorry I meant Greenpaws’ profits, not products.

        • I have indeed been to Greenpaws (I live around the corner, have a dog, and frequently patronized the store). I’m not questioning the fact that their business was slow – it seemed obvious to me that Bacios was bankrolling Greenpaws upstairs. (Not positive, but I think that they own the building so they can obviously do whatever they please.) I too will miss Greenpaws, and I fully agree with you about the unfortunate death of local retail.

  • Noooo! My husband and I live right around the corner and loved getting food for our two cats and dog here. We may have spent a few extra bucks, but the convenience of walking to the store, interacting with real people, supporting our neighbors, and the pure joy it gave our pug to stop by, was well worth it. This is a huge bummer, as we try to patronize the local businesses (Field to City, restaurants, farmer’s market, etc) as much as possible, especially since we lost the car. I guess there’s still Atlas Pets and Wagtime. We’ll miss you, Green Paws!

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