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  • Expect what you would from any transitioning neighborhood

    its no georgetown… at the same time its no eckington of 5 years ago

  • +100 to That Man A… still transitioning, still plenty of longtime residents. I’ve looked at some condos in the area, it’s quiet but it won’t be completely crime free. You have the MBT which is nice, but that high profile beat down last summer happened in the Eckington section of the MBT. I think it’s a good spot and the neighborhood should take off in the next year or so, being bordered on NoMa. Big Bear is walking distance from Eckington and is a good gauge of how much things have changed in that neighborhood.

    • pretty much…

      it wouldnt be a bad place to buy imo
      prices arent CRAZY yet

      also on the back side of the neighborhood you have Rhode Island which will hopefully eventually see a nice turn around like it has further down close to the metro

      long term buying i say it isnt a bad idea
      while that neighborhood may not see the crazy inflation of home prices that others have it will be a steady increase imo
      as noma and everything around it (noma, rhode island, maybe up & down fla ave) build up it wil;l do nothing but improve the neighborhood

      also those new buildings arent filled out yet. although on the cusp that will change the demographic of the neighborhood probably

      • the reason i didn’t buy in one building is because i felt the construction was shoddy and cheap. zero sound insulation. i’m not buying a place where i get to hear all my neighbors all night long.

        i would think only areas of eckington that would have flooding issues would be the lower points by the MBT. everything i’ve looked at has been uphill.

    • I actually think that Eckington is a good deal safer than upper Columbia Heights.

  • epric002

    if she’s thinking about buying, i’d be more worried about flooding.

    • have lived there through two major rain storms – flooding hasn’t been an issue at all.

      • epric002

        i thought there was really bad flooding in bloomingdale/eckington/le droit last summer- no?

        • DC Water is in the middle of a VERY expensive project to mitigate the flooding of yore. FWIW, there hasn’t been any mass flooding since the summer of 2012. (Bloomingdale Res)

        • The flooding primarily occurred in a very specific area of Bloomingdale along 1st St NW near Rhode Island (where the land naturally acts as a drainage funnel). There was some spot flooding towards 3rd along Florida, but I think that was just from sewer blockages. Eckington is entirely uphill from the flood prone sections.

        • i think its was mostly bloomingdale
          dont think much of eckington was hit

        • it was in specific areas. just don’t buy in the low-lying parts of any neighborhood and you won’t have flooding problems. most of eckington is up on hills.

        • No, no, no. Bloomingdale has flooding issues, Eckinginton does NOT.

    • All the flooding is in Bloomingdale; we had a damp basement once, but that was debris covering our drain, not a systemic problem.

  • It’s a good ‘hood if your sister is planning on keeping her car. Easy parking situation in the area. Having a car vastly mitigates some of Eckington’s crime/it’s-creepy-at-night issues.

  • I’ve lived in Eckington for a little over four years. It’s changed a lot in that time and will only continue to have more renovations and new construction as other parts of the city get too expensive. When I moved there my entire block, other than the building I live in, was abandoned or vacant property. Now every building has been renovated and is occupied by average DC young professionals.
    I’ve never felt unsafe, but rarely am out walking around at 3:00 am when you hear about most of the violent crime occurring. We’ve had a murder on our block and a few nearby, but they’ve all been in early morning hours. At the times I am walking around, I’ve never had the slightest problem. It’s actually a pretty close community because you see the same people all the time and get to know them – it’s not like people are coming into Eckington from everywhere else to go to our bars and restaurants (because there aren’t any). Bloomingdale is starting to get more places to eat and drink, and NoMa’s development brought a grocery and several chains to the area. I think what part of Eckington you live in also makes a difference. The farther north and east you go, the less safe I’d feel (although the intersection of North Cap and Florida isn’t great).

  • I’ve lived in the neighborhood since early 2012, and have little but praise about it. The lower half of the neighborhood(south of R St/along N Capitol) is definitely better off than the upper part toward Rhode Island Ave right now, but even then it’s not too big of an issue. Nobody in my household has had any issues walking to NoMA metro, especially on the Eckington place rather than Florida Ave route.

    The buses are also safe and without any issues in my time there(both the P6 and 80), and the bike lanes seem to be in relatively good shape, without dealing with getting on the MBT. Street parking can be kind of a pain since the perceived spots-cars ratio seems about even these days.

    • Shout out for the P6. Just wish N. Capitol wasn’t a crawl/creep every morning. We spend 10 minutes going two blocks.

  • brookland_rez

    I lived for a year on Lincoln and R from 2008-2009. When I was there, there was more activity closer to N Cap. The eastern side borders light industrial areas. I think it’s a good time to get in there actually. You have all the development in Noma to the south, Brookland to the north, and Bloomingdale to the west. I think Eckington and Brentwood will be the next to turn.

    • I agree. Recently, I’ve seen alot of nice fully renovated 3br houses, with a yard/parking spaces in Brentwood going for under 300k unheard of in the DC metropolitan area). The biggest problem with that area is the Brookland Manor is such an eyesore.

      • I’ve read elsewhere that the owner would like to redevelop Brookland Manor. I wonder if there’s any truth to that…

  • You’re off on the color… it’s the Red Hen. 😉

  • I bought a place recently and seriously considered three different houses in Eckington, all in different parts of the neighborhood. Based on the other places I looked at, I felt much safer in Eckington than in Trinidad or Park View, and about as safe as I felt in Hill East and the less-well-traveled areas of H Street. And I think if she is looking to buy, it has awesome potential. But if she’s renting I think you can get just as much apartment for your money in more developed neighborhoods where there are more amenities NOW (e.g. Brookland, parts of H Street NE). There aren’t many sit down restaurants in Eckington (actually none that I’m aware of) – most of the ones noted by other posters are actually in Bloomingdale, and it can be tricky to cross North Cap depending on where you are coming from in Eckington. And unless you’re really at the south end of the neighborhood, most of it is not very close to the Metro. On the other hand, it has great bike access to all of the city’s “hip” neighborhoods.

    • My husband and I rent in Eckington and really like it. It’s a close community with a lot of diversity. We rented in Bloomingdale before and actually like Eckington better –closer to the metro and Harris Teeter, still plenty close to the farmers market, Big Bear, yoga district, etc in Bloomingdale, tons of bus lines, a community center with a great and relatively quiet pool, etc. It’s awesome, close to everything; we would consider buying here.

  • I’ve often wondered where the gay community, with its history of moving into scary neighborhoods and then those neighborhoods becoming chi-chi, will move to next. The trajectory has been since the 1980s: Georgetown -> Dupont -> 17th Street -> Logan -> U Street -> Bloomingdale. I know we’re also in Petworth and many other places, but there is a clear eastward march of gentrification that we’ve led. It seems to me that Eckington is the next logical place, since its close to Bloomingdale, on metro and has the infrastructure for bars and restaurants. So if living around lots of gay men is your thang, buy in now while you still can!

  • Soundproofing should be required in all new construction and multi-family renovations. You’ve got to use products like quietrock and green glue for the volume and attach ceiling drywall to special brackets that prevent hearing footsteps. I wish people would stop worrying about development impacting their free parking and worry more about the quality of the materials.

    • Having recently renovated a rowhouse to have a basement rental, I wish I had thought more about this. You can hear every footstep. And we used the required insulation to separate the units.

  • figby

    I work there and sometimes stay late at night. It’s pretty desolate. Also, it takes forever to get anywhere from there, whoever suggested having a car was right. Commuting home from Eckington to Logan Circle takes one hour, whether I walk, rail or bus. Cabs are still not plentiful in the area.

    You can get to Eckington, but sometimes you can’t get out.

    • Do you use a walker? I can get to Logan in 20 minute. Just hit up R street & head west. 7 minutes if I use bikeshare.

      • figby

        Riiight. Well, I am a woman and get off work after dark. I won’t be walking down R Street any time soon. But thanks for being condescending! And I am rilly impressed you use bikeshare.

  • Been living in Eckington for over 3 years and absolutely love it. Have a condo now but would love to buy a house in the neighborhood. So for everyone else, please stay out, more lower priced housing in walking distance to tons of stuff for me.

  • I live in Eckington. It’s fine.

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