Friday Question of the Day – Who Has/Will Have Your Favorite Sandwich in DC? What Sandwich is it?


With all the new sandwich shops coming, Capriotti’s, Italian Gourmet Deli, The Best Sandwich Place and others – well I want to redo where to find our favorite sandwiches. So where’s your favorite from and what do you order? Ed. Note: If yours is from a Food Truck please let us know in the comments. I know I’ve probably left some off the list but following is a poll with the ones I hear about the most:

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  • Does anyone else from Ohio have dreams of Penn Station’s subs? I regularly drive all the way out to Fairfax for this deliciousness.

    • regrettably, i lived in ohio for a little over a year. penn station sandwiches reminded me of school lunches from my younger years.

      best sandwich ive had here is the bulgarian feta bub & pops. best sandwich ive had in the US is the special at al’s cafe on state street in boston. 2nd place is the steak in the grass from pellegrino’s in rochester, ny. best sandwich ive ever had is the widerbergare from widerbergs in lund, sweden.

  • If you’re going to include chains and the like, you should probably include Cafe Phillips.
    Or Po’Boys? (New Orleans Poboy Shop)
    Or Banh Mi (DC Sandwich)
    Or BBQ (PORC)
    Or Peruvian chicken… on a bun (Granja de Oro/El Pollo Sabrosa)

    This is such a tricky category…

    • +1 for the Po Boy shop! Their andouille po boy is amazing.
      The Big Cheese truck is another favorite-all of their sandwiches are great. And Wicked Waffle’s Croque Monsieur waffle sandwich is magical.

      • justinbc

        I love the NOPBS as well. They definitely make the closest approximation of anything I’ve had in DC, and several of them could easily be confused for their NOLA counterparts. I did have one gripe about them calling something a NC BBQ sandwich, which clearly wasn’t, although it was still good on its own merits.

    • couple more additions:
      1.) whitefish on sesame @ Bethesda bagels
      2.) pastrami on rye @ DGS (expensive, but good)
      3.) cheesesteak @ Al’s

  • Umm….The Italian Store??????? Hello????? Seriously?

  • justinbc

    Oh god, so many great ones to choose from! The Bolognese Parmesan from Bub and Pops (best overall sandwich shop in my opinion…), the pastrami from from Stachowski’s, Fast Gourmet’s meatball (I don’t actually like their chivito), El Floridano’s pan con lechon (easily the best food truck sandwich), Brasserie Beck’s croque monsieur, Pepe’s pepito de iberico (ok, maybe better than El Floridano’s, but also 3X more $), El Chucho’s torta ahogada, the bison brisket from Granville Moore’s, and on and on, but when I think of one single sandwich to rule them all, it’s The Luther from ChurchKey:
    A house-made brioche donut glazed with maple-chicken jus and topped with pecans, filled with buttermilk fried chicken and applewood smoked bacon. It’s somehow not overly sweet or overly greasy, but the perfect thing to eat after a long night out (and to help you get started on the next day’s festivities in DC’s best beer bar).
    Note: My former favorite (R.I.P.) was PS7’s “OMFG Dip”, which absolutely lived up to its name, before the restaurant took a major decline and the quality of everything started to drop quickly.

    • andy

      Big fan of the sandwiches from the Pepe food truck!

      But remember to pay in cash so your wife won’t pass out when she sees how much you paid for a sandwich on your credit card bill.

  • It’s hard to beat Mangialardo’s Gman on a soft roll!

  • I am not much of a sandwich eater, but the Tempeh Panini from Busboys and Poets is delicious. It is weird, I also don’t usually like tempeh, but this thing is good, particularly with sweet potato fries.

    • +1000 on this! I never look at the menu at BB&P’s because that tempeh sandwich is always my default order! LOL

  • binpetworth

    Confession: I don’t particularly like sandwiches. I think it stemmed from years of school lunches of PB&J on Wonder Bread that my parents bought at the bakery thrift store that turned me off of them for good. That said, I do like me some pita bread, which I guess counts as a sandwich, and in which case I’d vote for the pita sandwiches at the Greek Deli.

  • Since Italian Store and Parkway Deli aren’t valid answers, Pumpernickel’s Deli on Connecticut Ave in Chevy Chase DC. I created my own strange vegetarian deli sandwich in NJ (rye, swiss, russian dressing, LTO), and DCers looked at me like I had three heads when I asked for a deli sandwich without meat. But not the guys at Pumpernickel’s. You guys rock.

  • I think 3 Little Pigs is really good. The website almost never has the right menu so it’s a little annoying sometimes but there’s usually something I want regardless.
    The best however is this little hidden joint off of K St. and 22nd called Gormet. At least I think it is. It has nothing really written inside with the name. It’s located behind the opening area to a parking garage and has 6-8 tables to sit at and eat. The turkey is cooked nightly and carved off right in front of you and you get a delicious homemade style sandwich for just over 5 dollars. Super hidden gem.

  • I think you have a major omission in Wagshal’s. How about a little love for upper northwest. The number 300 is out of this world.

    • Wagshal’s pastrami reuben. Not on the menu, but the best for those that like thin slice pastrami. Deli City’s is real good too, but super greasy.

  • southwest dc, windows cafe in bloomingdale. represent!

    • I am really curious what sandwich you like from Windows. I live near there and would love a good sandwich but I find everything there really disappointing. The service most of all (they are so rude), but I would be willing to look past that if the food was good enough.

  • Bolognese Parmesan from Bub and Pops is the best sandwich in the city.

  • Jetties – the carved turkey with cranberry is AMAZING!

  • Blind Dog Cafe is my go to.

  • The Tony Wood at Glen’s Garden Market is my favorite in the city.

  • Subway – footlong seafood sensation, extra mayo. Game over.

    • My gut tells me that this is a troll looking for a reaction so I shouldn’t reward them with a reply. However I can’t help just saying “wow, epic fail.”

      • It could be legit. I had a houseguest last month who ate Subway every day and was raving about how much he loved it. I live a stone’s throw from Mangialardo, not to mention lots of other great places to grab a bite, and had actually forgotten there was a Subway in the neighborhood.

  • Jerk chicken sandwich from Andrene’s and Carne Asada torta from Distrito Federal.

  • I’d add Carving Room (though I haven’t been) and Duke’s Grocery to the list. Sundevich, Fast Gourmet, Stachowski’s, and Duke’s are my goto. I love sandwiches.

    • justinbc

      I’m really curious about Duke’s. The menu for sandwiches sounds amazing, but when we went one night (around 9PM) they were out of everything on the menu except one thing which sounded rather boring. Seems like it has lots of promise though!

      • Yeah this is pretty par for the course. I work near Duke’s so I have eaten there a few times – they used to offer to-go and then they stopped because it “overwhelmed the kitchen.” And they are ALWAYS out of something. At lunch it’s not as bad, but I’ve tried to order as many as four sandwiches before finding one they still had available.

        The food is really good, when you can get it, but they have serious kinks to work out. When they first opened I just chalked it up to being new but they don’t really seem to be improving, so… It’s a shame.

        • justinbc

          Reminds me of the old days of trying to order beer at Brickskeller. They were lucky to have one out of every four or five beers I wanted. Sometimes I would just tell them to go down into the cellar and bring up whatever they found, I got so tired of being denied.

          • “the old days of trying to order beer at Brickskeller.”
            Didn’t you just move here like 5 years ago? Didn’t the Brickskeller close like 3 years ago? You make it sound like you’re some kind of grizzled Brickskeller vet. That place was awful though, all hype. Even back in the 90s.

          • oh come on. in the 90’s the brickskeller was kinda cool and pretty unique.

          • It definitely was unique and had a “cool” factor, but it never lived up to the hype (anyone can print up a menu with a billion beers on it) and I never got good service there. Maybe “awful” is too strong for the actual “good old days”, but I contend the place was really bad in the ’00s.

          • justinbc

            I make it sound like 5 years ago was a long time ago. In the sense of my time in DC (6 years now), it was. You make it sound like you pay entirely too much attention to things people you’ve never met say.

          • ” but I contend the place was really bad in the ’00s”
            cant argue that!

  • MGM Roast Beef on Brentwood Parkway near Home Depot. Fresh carved meats, great fries, & friendly service.

  • Last year I would have said the chivito at Fast Gourmet is one of the best, but for whatever reason the quality there has fallen off signficantly. Not sure what happened.

    • I think there were some changes at the top. Original owner or manager moved on. It definitely isn’t as good as it used to be.

      I haven’t been there in over a year and I am a 5 minute walk away.

    • I keep reading this, but have been twice recently and did not notice a significant decline in quality from the early days. Sure, the chivito wouldn’t win a Top Chef competition but it’s a damn tasty and satisfying sandwich.

  • For both tastiness and proximity to my house, the sandwiches they make at Cornercopia, the little grocery on 3rd and K SE, are the best. (The Greenline is my favorite: smoked gouda, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, pesto mayo, and dried cranberries.) And the folks who work there are super nice.

    DC really does have great sandwiches. Other faves of mine are Sundevich, 7th Hill, and Duke’s Grocery.


  • Emmaleigh504

    So’s Your Mom: Turkey Avocado just like it is on the board with some Route 1 dill pickle chips and a black cherry coke.

  • Rapid sandwich eater here. Bub and Pop’s is fantastic, as is G. The Chicken Parm from G is expensive ($12?) but is the best thing going right now.

  • what about dukes grocery?

  • I LOVE Stachowski’s for their corned beef or pastrami (or anything really).
    Duke’s Grocery’s Salt Beef is a new favorite, and amazing value. This place should be packed but isn’t.
    Jetties for the Nobadeer, an amazing amazing sandwich. Their lobster roll is the best value I’ve had, too.
    Fast Gourmet’s cuban sandwich. Greasy but a guilty pleasure.
    Fox & Hound’s turkey club. Classic, but fantastic carved tukey.
    In VA, I like the Italian Store a lot, but get double meat and don’t eat the soggy premade ones. Also Earl’s Sandwich shop is legit.
    The bacon egg and cheese at Bakehouse at 14th and T is my favorite breakfast sandwich. A great take on a classic.

  • No love for Subway? Eat fresh. Ha.

    Vaces has awesome sandwiches.

  • Italian Gourmet Deli at New York & 12th NW. Not the hot subs, they’re only so-so. The cold subs are real contenders. Like the Italian Store in Arlington, you can get your choice of hard or soft sub rolls and sweet or hot peppers. IGD has become my go-to spot for cold subs around Metro Center, they are pretty authentic.

  • Jetties is the best.

  • Probably not a list-topper, but has anyone had the sandwiches at the Silver Spork by Eastern Market (formerly a Marvelous Market)? They are a relatively recent addition to the store’s lineup, and they are damn tasty.

  • The fact that Wagshalls isn’t on the list is almost as appalling as the fact that people are voting for Potbelly and Jimmie Johns.

    DC is the sorta sandwich town where “Subway” might win if it were an option.

  • Where’s Monkeyrotica to tell us all how wrong we are and WHY DID DELI CITY ONLY GET 5 VOTES?! But in reality it’s better that none of you go to Deli City so that there’s always plenty of seating for me and Monkey.

  • Smoked Salmon BLT from Neopol in Union Market. Or the Smoked Catfish sandwich they have on special sometimes.

  • The Breakfast Sandwich (BACON, egg and cheese on everything bagel) at Big Bear Cafe. Tasty!

  • Sundevich and G all day long.

  • I have a weird relationship with Bub & Pops. The Italian hoagie is awesome, never disappoints; probably my favorite sandwich in town, if I have to pick just one. Ditto on the homemade chips. Everything else I’ve had there has been overfilled and messy and has soaked the break to inedible sludge by the time I get it back to my desk a block away. I once ordered a special sandwich there that cost $12 (!) and couldn’t get through more than a few bites of its soggy messiness, even with a fork and knife.
    Similarly, the lady who runs the register is sweet as can be, but her son who runs the kitchen is a bullying jerk. I lived in Philly for years, and had forgotten just how much I don’t miss that aggressive style of interaction that is so common there.

  • It depresses me that Taylor has so many votes. I think their sandwiches are boring and dry. And not that it should win best sandwich, but Devon & Blakely’s sandwiches are so much better than many on the list. Why isn’t it an option to vote for?

  • How does Taylor have more votes than Stachowski’s?? blasphemy

    • There are Taylors all over and Stachowski’s is a recent addition and out of the way. The vote doesn’t reflect the quality of the product, just the likelihood voters have actually eaten there.

  • Booeymonger!!!

  • The Rolling Ficelle “newman”. Mmm mmmm good.

  • Why no Dupont Market??? Love that place and am sad I don’t live/work close enough to be a regular anymore

  • well, it was the wharton street from Taylor, but they took it off the menu, so I won’t be going there anymore


  • Sorry, just gotta say that G Sandwiches are a total rip-off. $13 for a slightly-better-than-average gyro? Give me strength!

  • I realize it isn’t open yet here in DC, but I had Capriotti’s over the weekend. It is going to be hands down the best sandwich in DC. Their Bobbie is better than the Nobadeer, their Italian is better than any where in town, and the cheesesteak is damn good for not being in Philly.

  • Anything at sundevich is the winner. If you don’t agree, it’s likely because you haven’t been. That and I can’t believe people are really voting for Taylor.

  • I love the Turkey and dressing sandwich at Jettie’s
    Larry Gay

  • Neopol Smokery in Union Market. Smoked salmon BLT with bacon and apples.

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