Diego Reopens at 14th and V Street, NW – Have a Look at the New Menu


Thanks to a reader for sending word about Diego reopening at 14th and V St, NW:

“looks like Diego is back open and had a pretty packed house when I walked by at around 9 last night.”

You can see Diego’s new menu here.

“Billy McCormick, Executive Chef is pleased to present the following menus for the season,
drawing inspiration from classic and traditional Tex-Mex dishes.

David Mendoza our General Manager says: “The menus change seasonally,
our philosophy is to retain the natural aroma and taste of the best ingredients available.”

Full diner and drinks menus here.

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  • Yeah, no thanks. Another pricey Mexican restaurant on 14th st- joy. think I’ll stick to the taqueria options nearby instead.

  • For the prices, this place doesn’t look that classy. If all of your entrees are going to be $20, you could at least make it look a little nicer. When I walk by, I always think how cheap all of the finishes look when compared to the rest of the new restaurants on 14th Street, right down to the signage. I feel like it looks like you’re at a place like Disney World where they try to artificially create an old western town, but even worse than that.

    • I couldn’t agree more. This should have been another well designed, well constructed place for the 14th St. strip. Instead, the design is horrible and the workmanship is just awful. Worse than the workmanship in B Too, which set a pretty low bar.
      The owners and the architects behind this debacle should be forced to walk down 14th in shackles on a busy evening for turning this corner into such a mess.

      • lovefifteen

        Turning the corner into a mess? Did you see how rundown and awful the building was beforehand? Maybe the workmanship isn’t up to your standards, but it’s certainly an improvement over the dilapidation that proceeded it, right?

  • I dunno. Native Texan here – menu seems to be “fancy-ish” Tex Mex. One problem, Tex Mex is not supposed to be fancy. I’m still skeptical but will still give it a whirl.

  • doomed from the start

  • The prices don’t seem unreasonable for a sit down restaurant in downtown DC–majority of entrees for about $15? I pay $10 for an entree at Cal Tort…seeing how busy the mediocre and similarly/higher priced Lauriol Plaza is on all days of the week, it seems likely that this restaurant should do just fine.

  • So…Diego was closed for two months so a new chef could create a menu that’s 90% of what was the menu beforehand?

  • “Los Drinks”? “Los Desserts”? That’s Spanglish, yo.

  • I think the menu shows promise. Y’all need to stop being so negative. Jesus, if you can’t afford a $20 entree go to Lauriol Plaza and eat slop with the masses.

  • Many restaurants in the U/14th Street corridor have invested a lot of efforts in looking nice, different from chain restaurants, special and many have great menus – most are a bit too pricey. This place looks boring, no plants, art or other design elements inside or outside that make it stand-out, ikeaish interior designs, a ridiculous cheap looking sign and lighting. There is really nothing I find attractive about this place. Given the prices and similar uncreative menu, I think it won’t be very successful.

  • Oh that horrible sign… please, executive chef Billy McCormack, do whatever is in your power to get rid of the sign. (And while you’re at it, nudge the owners of Ghibellina, who seem to shop for signs at the same Kinkos.)

  • Meh. I’ll give it a try when the Groupon comes out.

  • I don’t like ‘Tex-Mex’ so I won’t be eating there but I’m glad that they have reopened and wish them a lot of luck. I walk by there every evening on my way home from work and it’s nice to see a bright place with people rather than the vacant dismal dump that was there before.

  • I went here on Fri, Oct. 18th with a group of 8. Several of my friends had been there previously when it first opened and said it had been horrible (food/decor/service). Since the rest of our group had not been here before, they were willing to give it another chance. Most of our group was Latino, and one friend was from southern CA and considered himself a pretty good judge of true Tex-Mex. They were VERY surprised at the changes that had occurred. There was new decor, warmer paint on the walls, and they loved the food. The placed was packed. This was my first time, so I had no basis for comparison, but we all enjoyed the entire experience there. I’d definitely go back again. Diego must have been pretty awful for their initial opening based on all these negative reviews though.

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