Car Crashes Into Bohemian Caverns Building at 11th and U St, NW

2001 11th Street, NW

Sent around midnight by @IAFF36:

“Car Into Building – 2001 11th St NW – car into bldg, FFs controlled gas & electrical utilities, no structural damage, #DCRA notified”

Did anyone else happen to see it?

In Feb. 2009 a car crashed into Solly’s on the southwest corner of 11th and U St, NW.

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  • Wild, missed this one


    I was in a house right on 11th and U a few weeks back when a suv PLOWED into another one that was parked on the right side of 11th (headingin torwards downtown)

    the parked truck blew throught a neighbors front brick fence

    be safe walking out there yaul

  • mighta been trying to avoid the hollywood stuntz wannabes thatve taken over U this summer.

  • I work at the Caverns and yes it happened. I was just leaving the building for the night when a car struck the building from the adjacent parking lot on 11th street. I didn’t see the actual crash but I did see the aftermath which left the hood of his car almost completely inside the building . Reportedly he backed up and hit a light pole and then drove forward straight into our kitchen. Funniest thing is the police gave him a sobriety test on the scene as soon as they arrived and determined he was completely sober? No one was in building and the driver and passenger of the car looked as if they walked away unscathed. So thankfully no serious injuries to anyone.

  • No word on whether or not they were Maryland drivers?

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