Bar di Bari Remains Open in Logan Circle, Considering Closing Mondays for Winter

14th and R St, NW

Yesterday we wondered about Bar di Bari’s abrupt closure in Logan Circle. Owner/Partner Aaron Gordon updates:

“Bari is not closed, but we are exploring the option of a Winter schedule that includes opening Tues-Sunday. Obviously, as a patio-driven café, the colder weather certainly limits our potential business, especially on Mondays.

Thanks to all the folks that left positive comments. Sorry, we didn’t leave a specific sign in the window or on our Facebook site to explain being closed today. After seeing these comments, I guess well have to do something about our light fixture!”

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  • Whew, that is fabulous news. Kudos to Bari and the guys!

  • This place needs a major overall with their food or it will never last on 14th St

    • I agree. The food is uninspiring and the prices are absurd. I’m sure their rent is through the roof but don’t try to collect it on mediocre food choices on my tab.

  • I guess we all need to hang our heads in shame. We had them dead and buried while in fact they were just taking a well deserved nap. Our collective bad!

  • I’ll do your rebrand for cheap, guys! You’ve got stiff competition with the swank new Barcelona, Doi Moi, etc. on that street. Give me a call.

  • How about doing something about your prices? They are outrageous.

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