Acre 121 Hires New Chef, Launches New Menu, Now Open Mondays in Columbia Heights

1400 Irving Street, NW

From Acre 121:

“Attached are the new dinner and brunch menus for Acre 121 from the new Executive Chef Michael Sanfilippo. The new happy hour is Monday-Friday from 5-7pm and includes select $5 drafts and wine plus half off select appetizers. And as that implies, we are also now open on Mondays.”

Acre Brunch Menu

Acre Dinner Menu

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  • The Brunch menu looks great, however, the prices not so much. $14 for a burger!? No thanks.

  • $16 before tax for a sandwich????? i dont understand how they expect to compete with KBC which has good food at much lower prices and is also going to have a rooftop!!

  • $14 for biscuits and gravy?! They’re making a pretty penny off of that dish…

  • Ya, no way at these prices. I’d rather go to KBC.

  • TWENTY-TWO DOLLARS for a BBQ Platter!? No way. The comparable “Pick 2” at KBC is $14. Acre 121 needs to reconsider those menu prices.

  • Wait. This place used to be closed on Mondays?

  • I’m already missing the Veggie Chili Mac. I used to visit just to get that.

  • it would be great for them to have at least one token vegan item in each food category. Commonwealth had better vegan options than this place!

  • colheights67

    I *still* miss Commonwealth.

    The one time I had brunch at Acre 121, I ordered a bloody mary. I was told to get up and go make it myself … Yeah, ummm, no. If I’m not at a buffet restaurant, then I really expect that the food/drink is prepared and brought to me, else I could’ve stayed home with tomato juice and my own little bottle of vodka. So, never mind on the bloody mary. And never mind to Acre 121.

    I still miss Commonwealth.

  • What’s “KBC”?

  • jim_ed

    $22 for a quarter chicken and pulled pork?
    I’m imagining the new chef and owner sitting outside, peering from one end of Irving to the other and saying “Man, sure are a lot of dumb millenials running around here on mommy and daddy’s dime. Lets think of a price, and then charge them double!” Then they high five and get down to furiously sorting money out of one of those burlap sacks with a dollar sign on the side of it.

    • justinbc

      The prices before weren’t much better. I’m seriously surprised this business has managed to stay open for so long given how terrible the food is. I wonder how much of their business is actually repeat customers.

      • The food is so bad that even when I’m really interested in the band they’ve got I usually don’t go.

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