Sponsored Post: District Businesses Saving Money and Energy with the DC SEU

UnionKitchen and Jonas

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The DC SEU saves District residents energy and money through energy-efficiency and renewable energy programs.

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When Cullen Gilchrest and Jonas Singer, co-owners of Union Kitchen, approached the DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DC SEU), they planned to buy new appliances for the over 40 culinary entrepreneurs (TaKorean and Curbside Cupcakes, just to name a few) working out of Union Kitchen’s industrial kitchen space, but weren’t sure where to start.

“You hear about energy inefficiency, but you’re not sure about what you can do to fix it,” said Gilchrist. “DC SEU staff helped us understand how to save a lot of money and electricity.”

As DC SEU staff walked through the facility, they identified quick and easy lighting upgrades, controls to manage energy use, opportunities for operational improvement, and appliances eligible for rebates from the DC SEU. The rebate application process revealed that some equipment was inaccurately advertised as energy-efficient and DC SEU staff explained why and how Union Kitchen could get the quality of equipment they expected from vendors for future purchases. Not only did Union Kitchen receive rebates for purchasing more energy-efficient appliances, but their work with the DC SEU will help them save money and energy for years to come and create a better facility for the burgeoning businesses working there.

“The DC SEU is proud to help businesses across the District like Union Kitchen become more energy-efficient,” said Ted Trabue, Managing Director of the DC SEU. “Energy efficiency allows owners to take the money they save and invest it back in their business, which helps grow the local economy and create jobs in the District.”

For more information on how the DC SEU helps District businesses and residents save money and energy, visit www.dcseu.com.

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