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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: From what I keep hearing it looks like there is going to be a shut down. Anyone out there have any insight on the matter?

    • shut down.

      also, if it last longer than a few days, is there a policy for getting unemployment? I know this is a terrible thing to ask, and I hate to ask it, but my husband and I are both feds, and if thise goes on a few weeks it’ll mean some very hard times in our home (sorry, we aren’t the two GS14/15 income household, but with a baby on the way in a few short weeks, it’s a very very tight life right now).

      • This was the answer in the Post chat about the shutdown: “Thank you for asking this question.. My understanding is that unlike the sequestration furloughs, these would be consecutive rather than one day at a time, which would make a better case for unemployment insurance. But since UI is a state/federal program, it gets tricky. The agency that is furloughing must have an arrangement in place with the state where the furloughed employees live to offer them unemployment benefits if they apply. In the sequester it turned out that most states did not. We need to check into this more deeply. Sorry I can’t be more specific” http://live.washingtonpost.com/post-politics-ask-aaron-092413.html?hpid=z8

        • hm, this doesn’t help (not your fault, the answer lol) and the OPM guidance isn’t that helpful

          • Yeah, I know it isn’t helpful, sorry. But I thought you might get a lot of answers that were either yes or no and thought you might want to know it is more complicated than that. I really hope it doesn’t come down to that. Also, maybe watch the Post to see if they do follow up and check into the unemployment issue more deeply.

            One thing that is good to know is that health coverage DOES continue through a shutdown.

          • yes, if health insurance didn’t continue I’d be Fd with this due date approaching fast.

      • Jindc, that is not a terrible question to ask, and I’m sorry your family (and all the other people working for the fed govt) have to go through this!!

      • Just curious what then happens when/if you get back pay for those furlough days (as happened in the 90s. Do you then have to reimburse the UI?

        • Unemployment insurance is not meant for a GS-13 who does not know how to properly budget (in other words, JinDC). It was originally designed to help people feed, clothe, and house themselves when they lost jobs and had no job immediate job prospects. The fact that this lady wants to collect UI after only a few days of no pay is a sign she is irresponsible and needs a class in budgeting. If you can’t support yourself without pay for at least two or three months (especially as a GS-13), you need help.

          • As a side note, since JinDC is a government employee, it is completely irresponsible for her to be talking politics during work hours and mentioning all of her work for a “progressive” candidate. Hatch Act, lady- check it out.

          • I’m not a GS13, but thanks for assuming. Neither is my spouse.

          • additionally, I pay in to unemployment insurance. It exists for a purpose – during an extended shut down (more than 2 weeks, IMO), I’d be technically unemployed. If you don’t feel that way, great.
            And I can support myself for a few months, that’s not the judge of who gets unemployment or who doesn’t. I’d be without a pay check. I don’t need “help”. Nor am I the only one in DC who struggles, I’m just lucky I don’t have student loan payments.

            But again, I’m not a 13. or a 14. or a 15. Thanks for playing though πŸ™‚

          • Are you for real? You don’t know a person’s individual financial circumstance. Even if someone is pulling in a decent salary it can still be very very hard to save. What if they have student loans/kids/are caring for elderly parents, among a million other things. If you have been lucky enough to be able to save money, then good for you, but guess what, just because someone hasn’t been able to doesn’t mean they are stupid or didn’t want to. Perhaps with their given circumstance it wasn’t feasible.

          • My guess is that you’re dope who was born on 3rd base and thinks he hit a triple. You’re probably one of those insufferable toads whose mommy and daddy gave you that down payment for your condo at 25 and then you have the nerve to lecture your friends who haven’t bought a place yet.
            See, isn’t this game fun?

          • My guess is that you’re a dope who was born on 3rd base and thinks he hit a triple. You’re probably one of those insufferable toads whose mommy and daddy gave you that down payment for your condo at 25 and then you have the nerve to lecture your friends who haven’t bought a place yet/preach about “fiscal responsibility” (despite never having had to do it yourself – thanks Daddy!).
            See, isn’t this game fun?

          • A+ trolling!

          • Wow! Who died and made you Suze Orman?

          • gotryit

            Hey! Suze Orman would at least understand the complete pictures of someones finances before criticizing rather than troll up some conclusions.

          • Wait, I make 6 figures?
            And my husband was well paid while deployed? I love it. That’s some funny crap.
            Oh, enjoy resting on your parents doing shit for you. I’m sure your trust fund is hard work to keep up with. Especially when hiding behind no log on ID. Balls is smalls.

            good night and good luck.

        • psha it’s totally my fault my mommy and daddy don’t take care of me! And it’s totally my fault that, instead of the typical path, my spouse decided to go to war twice after college and as a result doesn’t earn as much money now as he would have if he had been working earlier. I mean, it would have been much easier for him to sit on his ass and critique everyone from an anonymous forum instead of fighting in both (unfunded) wars.
          Stupid, stupid me! heh

          • Scrillin

            Dude’s probably typing that shit on an iPad while eating crepes at some cafe near Logan Circle… thinking about how he needs to swing by the dealership for his monthly BMW 3 Series detailing, and planning out his artisinal pumpkin cocktail menu for the next power brunch he and his “New Media Specialist” girlfriend are hosting next weekend.

          • Lady, don’t even try that crap with me. I am part of a Marine Corps family. War pay is not nothin’, so to speak. You can pull that crap with people who aren’t familiar with the military, but don’t try it here. I haven’t taken a dime from my parents since undergrad. I singlehandedly paid for grad school, and lived humbly to do it. I’m not as wealthy as JinDC, who (my mistake) is a 12 (making anywhere from 75K to 96 K). This doesn’t include her husband’s pay (must be nice) and their rental property (also, must be nice). I’m not surprised the Hatch Act statement goes unaddressed. With that kind of income, if you can’t survive a few weeks, again, you need a budget class.

          • Scrillin

            JinDC, does this guy somehow know you or something? Maybe he’s confusing you with some other poster?

            I thought you were like 25 and at entry-level. Aren’t GS-12’s all 40+?

          • So you’re a Marine and actually fought? Or are you a chicken hawk and living off your father’s laurels?
            There’s a big difference, son.

          • epric002

            hard core trolling today. yeesh.

          • gotryit

            And yesterday (or was it the day before) on the bike topic. We’ve got a pet troll!

          • Jesus “anonymous” why are so getting so worked up about an internet stranger’s financial status? Do you feel better about yourself passing judgement on somebody’s financial situation? Not sure if serious or A+ trolling…

          • My guess is he’s a lurker with a lot of pent up feelings about Jindc’s critical opinions of her time working on the civilian side of national security. And he’s feeling butthurt because he’s in a similar field.
            I’m sure he faps on the toilet every morning to the WaPo’s editorial page.

          • Yes, yes. You can make even “more baseless comments” about me about what you think I am and where I work, etc… But the fact of the matter is, no one can effectively defend this lady whining about getting UI when she and her husband are making WELL OVER 6 figures (national median income for FAMILIES is 54K or so). Call me a troll or whatever, but I’m trying to call attention to the fiscal irresponsibility not just of her, but of many like her. Time to take responsibility for yourselves. There are actually people who do need UI and they sure as hell aren’t making six figures or owning rental properties. This isn’t a foreign concept, folks. (And yeah, I don’t care for JinDC’s behavior because I find her flagrant Hatch Act violations pretty despicable. Sue me.)

          • Hatch Act doesn’t apply here. She’s talking about a specific situation which — while affected by Congressional politics — doesn’t touch on electoral politics or advocate a specific position or candidate.

          • gotryit

            And you can’t effectively defend criticizing someone’s fiscal responsibility without knowing their whole story. Do you know her personnaly? Then STFU.
            Should I stop using my medical insurance too just because I can afford to pay for some appointments without it? Stop putting claims on my car insurance? It’s insurance, we pay for it and use it. Same thing with unemployment.

          • epric002

            +100 to nonny & gotryit. take the BS elsewhere. you know who deserves insurance coverage? anyone who pays into it and meets the requirements of it. such juvenile, judgmental posturing.

          • This guy is a joke. Of course we can defend here. She planned on having two paychecks every two weeks. That is changing, due to absolutely no fault of her own (DC doesn’t get to vote against any of these republican fools hellbent on ensuring 11 million people continue being uninsured.) that is exactly why UI exists. Why the hell should she have to dip into savings to cover the difference? Se has a full time job, and is being furloughed, due to no fault of her own.

            Your lack of understanding and callousness her speaks volumes of you. Your insistence of hiding behind an Anon SN speaks even more… Coward.

      • Here’s what I was told:

        Employees apply for unemployment compensation in the state in which their last official duty station is located, not where they reside. State unemployment compensation requirements differ, so employees should submit questions to the appropriate State (or District of Columbia) office. If employees are paid retroactively for the furlough period, they will be required to pay back any unemployment insurance benefits received. If you plan to file a claim for unemployment, you must print SF 8, Notice to Federal Employee About Unemployment Insurance. The document must taken with you when you file a claim. Employees may also need a copy of an SF-50, Notification of Personnel Action, for proof of employment. More questions can be answered here: http://www.workforcesecurity.doleta.gov/…/unemcomp.asp

      • Weren’t you just bragging a few days ago about how your husband is essential? I guess you realized that no gs-12 is essential.

      • My agency (treasury) just informed us we could apply for unemployment insurance. Good luck, jindc – don’t let the haters drag you down.

      • My agency just informed us we could apply for unemployment insurance. Good luck, jindc – don’t let the haters drag you down.

    • No insight, but I’m terrified. My fiance just got word his contract is ending next month instead of next year like he was told. So there’s one income that we have to scramble to replace (he’s already been job-hunting for a while), now mine is in jeopardy too. We don’t make much and have a kid to support, we can’t afford to lose a paycheck or two right now. We have enough in the bank for about a month’s living expenses, maybe two if we delay student loan payments. I’m so tired of having the rug pulled out from under us.

      • it definitely stinks – I hope it works out (and you don’t get anonymously blamed for not having a huge savings account that your mommy/daddy has contributed to like certain people above)

        • This sucks for federal employees–and all of us who depend on them. (Especially for those of us who understand what you all do.)

          I hope that folks are doing something more than just bitching on Popville. AFGE, the American Federation of Government Employees has a whole web page that has actions members and supporters can take. It’s afge dot org

          And before the troll with Hatch Act drama comes back, it does clearly state on their website that you should not be accessing this during work hours while using a government computer.

          Good luck.

          • I think the person who made mention of the Hatch Act was referring to JinDC promoting a candidate for some office on this website (assuming during office hours, on an office computer). She seems also to spend a good bit of time posting on this blog during work hours.

          • epric002

            they may be your work hours, but that doesn’t mean they’re everyone else’s.

          • Yeah, except Epric, she has made it clear when and where she works. This is what happens when you blab about your entire life on this blog. And she knows her postings on her “progressive” candidate (and the invitation to come to her fundraise) violate the Hatch Act. You don’t need to consult your agency attorney for that. She gets a yearly training on ethics at DoD, so she knows she’s behaving unethically and illegally. If she didn’t blab so much about her life here, it would be much harder to attack her. Because she does, however, she puts on display all of her flawed decision making.

    • I was furloughed (for a day) at my previous job. No one was really concerned as leadership knew we would have our budget the next day.

      At my current job, we had individual talks yesterday about our status and were told the procedures for signing out, not to do work, etc for Tuesday. I think it’s real this time– and it seems like we’ll be out for more than a day or 2. I’m worried about not getting paid after this is all resolved.

      • I wouldn’t count on back pay.

        If anyone knows anything about DC unemployment for the shut down…I’d love to hear about it. Our HR is the most useless group of people ever.

      • I would assume no back pay – after all it’s Congress’s inability to agree on overall spending that is causing this mess. They would have to specifically authorize backpay and I would not expect them to leap into action to do something special for federal employees – not when so many members get politcal points for bashing us to the constituents back home. I just don’t see them wanting to be on record on that topic so.

    • My office won’t be affected as badly as most by a shutdown — the way we’re funded, we’d still be working four days a week — but there was a conference call yesterday about our budget situation for the next two years, and it was utterly bleak. Sometimes I wonder if I should jump ship to a federal agency that’s actually hiring people instead of 1) being under a hiring freeze and 2) trying to shed people via buyouts and attrition.

      • And I am really, really tired of certain people in Congress trying to hold the government hostage EVERY SINGLE TIME that 1) a continuing resolution [temporary budget extension in lieu of a new approved budget] is set to expire or 2) the debt ceiling comes up for renewal (if that’s the right term).

    • I recently heard from an official at NASA that a shut down could prevent them from finishing preparations for a launch later this year. This particular launch is interplanetary and as such there is only a small window of time during which it would be possible to successful complete the launch. Another window wouldn’t open for a couple of years, so a shutdown would take the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of work they’ve been doing and make it practically worthless.

    • Rave: feeling very fortunate that my agency is self-funded and does not rely upon Congressional appropriations.
      Rant: I hate the slime balls that inhabit Congress. A bunch of treasonous, faux-patriot cowards who care only about their next election and campaign contribution.

      • I heard from a lobbyist that many senate offices have been replacing their policy staff with more PR people. They don’t care at all about good governance or legislation that can work, its all about optics.

        • This would not surprise me in the least bit. They’re all a bunch of self-entitled rats looking for a payday and a Potomac or Kalorama mansion.

        • All this could be fixed if we stop electing neo-liberal, globalist buttholes that only cater to the super rich. Obama, Reid, Boehner, Cantor, McConnell…none care for the working class. Wouldn’t it be something if all these fed and contracted employees actually step up and help the country for once by taking over their offices and continuing to do what is needed for the country and for the people…pay or no pay…if we don’t have more people willing to sacrifice themselves and families like Manning, Snowden, Kiriakou etc then we’re all going to be permanently unemployed soon…

          • To try and put the democrats and republicans in the same bucket here is Absurd. One side is fighting for universal health care, fighting for infrastructure spending, minimum wage increase, and increased taxes on the rich. The other is fighting for the opposite of those things. I think that speaks volumes about who cares for the working class.

          • Obama and the Dems are all talk and I can’t believe people are still falling for Obama and this crap …if you look at actual policy that has been passed and executive orders..Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan…All the same people. You try to draw a huge divide but in reality there is barely any space between the actual positions each party takes. Only a big gap when it comes to rhetoric. If we continue to have a 1 party capitalist-pro-big business party, with two factions (DNC/RNC) we’re doomed…The failure in leadership the past 30 years is a failure of people to pay attention and fight for whats rightfully theirs .

          • It sounds nice to say that feds should continue working without pay because it is what’s bets for America, but there are significant ramifications for doing so.
            As to being permanently unemployed, I doubt that. If you think all of our politicians are acting in the interests in the super rich than the end game is most likely to drive people into desperate situations where they would be willing to work long hours for no benefits and very little pay. Lots of unemployed people with no prospects is how aristocrats start losing their heads. Lots of dirt poor people feeling luck they even have a job that can barely cover their debts is how you turn people into serfs.

          • May I ask, where do put yourself on the political spectrum?

          • I am in mostly in agreement with your analysis here:

            “As to being permanently unemployed, I doubt that. If you think all of our politicians are acting in the interests in the super rich than the end game is most likely to drive people into desperate situations where they would be willing to work long hours for no benefits and very little pay. Lots of unemployed people with no prospects is how aristocrats start losing their heads. Lots of dirt poor people feeling luck they even have a job that can barely cover their debts is how you turn people into serfs.”

            I believe this has been the goal of the GOP since Reagan and the dems as well starting with Clinton/Nafta in the 90’s, and exploding with Obama (Possibly the most Wall Street/Goldman Sachs/ALEC friendly president ever).

            As for my politics…I would say I’m an Anarcho-Syndicalist. I believe governance and labor division should be organized based on consensus from the most community, local, level possible and go up rather than edicts being sent from a central government that would never be able to recognize or validate the needs of so many distinctively different communities spread out all over.

          • Anon 12:51, I get the feeling that Idaho Ave.’s politics are what I call “more leftist than thou.”
            Even the _center_-left in this country is constantly under attack from the far right. It’s hard to get the American public to accept policies that are even SLIGHTLY lefty (e.g., Obamacare).
            I get really frustrated with the “more leftist than thou” folks. Even center-left politicians have a hard time getting elected in this country; people on the far left are (with rare exceptions) unelectable.
            I’d rather see some of the policies I want than none at all.

          • Anon 1:05pm….you do realize what you just espoused is where the term “Spineless Liberal” came from, right? I don’t have a problem with those that want to keep banging their heads against the institutionalized governance wall..I find it futile watching the same scripted actions happening over and over for 30-40 years now…there are a few times when more radical groups have worked with the institutionalized dems to make things happen…its rare due to how beholden to big business and wall street both parties are. However, if MLK, Malcolm X, etc were alive today they would be the biggest threat to democratic legitimacy and appalled at the neo-liberal/globalist/war mongering of the “center left” here I imagine.

          • I’m also pretty fed up with what the democratic party has been up to lately. To my eye there is very little separation between Obama and Reagan. The lack of a legitimate left wing party is very frustrating. My hope is that an upcoming split between the tea party and republican establishment can swing the balance of political power back to the left and we wind up with viable left wing candidates as a result, but i’m not holding my breath. I keep being told I’m making the perfect the enemy of the good, but if we don’t have people striving for the ideal than how do know where it is we want to wind up?

          • Interesting perspective considering Idahoe Ave is in the wealthy area of the city.

          • Got to radicalize and organize people from the inside….Also, I don’t actually live on Idaho Ave anymore…but still regularly go over there to meet with folks were and are working to organize the community at the various neighborhood meetings, etc.

        • I work for a Dem senator and I haven’t seen any offices replacing policy staff with PR people. Maybe some of the more extreme senators are doing that, but it’s definitely not the norm. And we’re all fed up with the stupidity around here too.

    • My take (as a policy analyst, not Hill staff) is that it’s closer to a shutdown than we’ve been any time in the last 5-10 years. It will all hinge on (1) whether the Senate bill shortens the CR time period to end November 15, (2) whether Boehner and the Tea Party try to modify the bill before it goes back to the Senate, and (3) how long this all takes. I think it’s about 50-50 right now, but if it happens, it’ll be relatively short. All the polling on the negative political implications (e.g. losing their seats) is just too bad to risk a long shutdown, especially for Congressional Republicans.

      Then again, this is not a group of people known to base their decisions on reason and logic, so take that all with a grain of salt…

  • Rant: Working outside of my normal location… I really don’t like relying on other people for getting int and out of buildings. Happens on every new assignment. It’s been 2 weeks now and they have been slacking on requesting my building access. They told me to simply “prop the door open”. This is a secured building idiots… I’m not going to be the one caught breaking protocol. Do your jobs! >:(

    Rave: Fridays.

    Rave: Birthday next week, older, wiser and still no grey hairs yet… Watch out, I can still hit on college girls! Har…

    Rant: Gov shutdown might give me a much needed vacation, but the tea party is out of control, we’re going back towards the dark ages people… Thank goodness at least I saved my last paycheck! >:/

  • Rave: This weekend marks the two year anniversary of adopting my dog. She just gets better all the time.

    Rave: Great weather. No plans this weekend, except for some biking, grilling, maybe meeting with some good friends and the Breaking Bad finale. Nothing to rant about today!

  • rant: Adults. How often I get pushed out of the way getting on the metro so people can get seats is amazing. Really? I’m 8+ months knocked up and I am FINE standing, but if you’re going to push me out of the way, you’re a special kind of jerk. It happens frighteningly regularly. One reason I like to sit is so I can avoid getting knocked in to, but I don’t care either way for the whole 4 stops I take to/from work – but it just shocks me the level to which people are SO desperate for a seat!

    rant: chicken bones. Everywhere. this rant 2.0: a dog who remembers where every bone ever was and constantly wants to go to there.

    rave: weekend. With NOTHING SIGNIFICANT PLANNED. No stupid baby classes, no chores. Looking forward to cleaning, and hope to see the Gandolfini movie while we can. Nice weather, walk to the movies, sounds about right!

    • My favorite is someone behind me shoving me forward, hurling my body into someone else to get off a damn train. #1 do not put your hands on me, #2 do not use me as your tool for getting off a metro car. We’re all leaving the train as orderly as possible at Metro Center, and you don’t need to knock over people like dominoes to get out. Everyone needs a little dose of patience when riding public transit, I swear. UGH.

      • I always want to yell “if you want your own personal transportation system, get a car!”

        • That’s also what I want to yell at the folks who are taking their sweet time getting on/off the train. I realize that you want to find the best available seat on the train or figure out which exit to head for but in the meantime the rest of us would like to get on or off as well.

      • Ugh, I never had that happen on public transit, but one thing I hate about living in Northern VA were the people that would shove others out of the way when grocery shopping. Yeah lady, I want to get out of here as quickly as you do, so let me spend 5 seconds grabbing items off the shelf before you push me aside!

      • I enjoy the book readers….ok its gallery place and there is no light, tons of fast moving people but that book is SOOOO good that you have to read it while walking through the station at rush hour. Oh yeah and the huge backpack you are wearing, take it off and put it by your feet when we are all smashed together in the little tin can.

    • Ugh that’s ridiculous! This is one reason I vastly prefer to get into the office at 7:30am. Metro is a much different picture than about another half hour later!

      • yes, I’m not allowed to change my working hours – I tried when it was really hot and sticky in the mornings because I was really, really uncomfortable and got headaches in the weather, but wasn’t allowed. I agree – if you can metro earlier, better. But still – I’ve never met people more determined to get on the train and get to work! push push push. It’s just so weird! calm the heck down!

    • Congratulations on your pregnancy! How are you feeling?

    • saf

      When I had my hip replaced, I HATED to get on the train. No problem on the bus, but yuppies will push people on crutches or using a cane out of the way to get to the handicapped seats.

  • Rave: Sunday we find out if my oldest niece is more like her mother or her aunt (me) when we take her to the Renn Fest for pony rides. Will she-me? Or won’t she-her mom? Or will she scream with such joy she scares the ponies?
    Rant/Rave: I thought I could ignore Crafty Bastards and its $5 entry fee, but the closer the crafts get, the more I cave. I bought my ticket, now let’s hope there’s room to move.
    Rave: awesome night out with the roomie last night. We went to a whiskey tasting and to check out Bar Charley, which was fantastic.

    • Rant: I’ll join you in the crafty bastard/ able to move hope. I may need a restorative drink afterward.
      Rant: Plotting with my family about how to clean out my parents’ house for their upcoming move. Just thinking about it makes me want to clean out my closet another time.
      Rave: Fun weekend planned, full of friends, biking, and delicious food!

      • show up at 10:00 am!
        or come after 3:00.

        11-3 is CRUSHED.

        • I’m going to get there early, but I’ll surely still be there at 11 since I doubt I can finish the whole thing in an hour. It’ll be a crush either way, so I’ll bring my patience.

        • Thanks for the confirmation. I convinced my friend to change our plans πŸ™‚

          Now to convince myself to leave the amex at home. I just want to buy ALL the things.

    • Ooh Renn Fest is my fave! I seriously just need to get a season pass to that thing because I can’t stay away.

    • I’ve got my fingers crossed, as well. I’m trying to be really well-prepared this year-I’ve scoped out which vendors I’m wanting to hit and grabbed a map so I can figure out my best course of action. I know it won’t make that much of a difference if it’s really crowded, but at least I won’t feel like I’m wandering aimlessly among the crowd.

      • I have an awesome time at MD Ren Fest every year! Make sure to go see the Danger Committee if they’ve arrived (they only perform the latter half of the festival)!

      • That’s a good plan KMB, I’ll have to check the map and the vendor list. Crafty Bastards has come a long way, the first year I was disappointed in the craftsmanship of about half the vendors. Last time I went, 2 years ago, it was teeming with quality vendors. I’ll have to decide on a spending limit before tomorrow morning.

        • Good idea on deciding on a spending limit! I’m actually hoping to do some Christmas shopping, so I guess I should set a limit for myself and a limit for gifts.

  • Rave: Racing on the Anacostia this Saturday and the Potomac on Sunday. The boats are rowing well, I feel strong and the weather is supposed to be beautiful. The Anacostia is out of the way (except for you Potomac Avenue/ Stadium-Armory peeps), but I highly recommend spending an hour or two on the banks of the Potomac Sunday (the race runs from the “Hens and Chickens”,” above Three Sisters, to the TR Bridge), sipping a furtive Albarino from an unmarked cup, soaking up sun and watching the boats go by.

    Rave: Midweek day off? Go, shutdown!

    Question: Why are a street and subway stop so close to the Anacostia names “Potomac Avenue?” Aren’t tourists confused enough?

  • Rave: I finished two big projects this month (and two small ones) – now I can submit an invoice to get paid.
    Rant: It will then take 4-6 weeks to actually get paid

  • Rave: Heading to PA for our annual fall getaway tonight. Woot!
    Rant: Sooo hard to concentrate on work when I’m already on weekend mode.

  • Neither: Hey Anon did you ever hear on that plug for an old Trek? Thank ya kindly

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Shut down stress eating has begun.
    Rave: It’s freezing my office so the extra layer of fat from the stress eating may be a good thing.

  • epric002

    rave: got our plantation shutters installed last night. they look amazing! so happy we went with shutters.
    rave: had a great dinner at ethiopic with some lovely friends.
    rave: saw my awesome chiro this morning and weird back pain is gone!!!
    rave: it’s friday! happy weekend popville πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Its Friday!
    Rave: Love fall – tweed, jeans and boots weather again!
    Rant: More than one American applying for jobs that I want – so embassy can’t lobby for one over the other – fingers crossed and hope I have an interview rave in a few weeks!

  • gotryit

    Rave: Bike commute is up to 7 miles each way, which is great in this weather.
    Rave: I’m biking more, so I have to eat more! Hello potbelly milkshakes– I mean calorie supplements.
    Rant: Stupid lack of budget / shutdown – this is already such a dumb way to run anything and it’s only getting stupider. Then some jackrabbit gets on a soapbox talking about cutting down on waste, fraud, and abuse. Hello – that’s what you create with all this mess!
    Rave: Shutdown means I get to spend more time with the kids!

    • Rant: I have a 1 mile commute, which used to be a great bike ride. But the intersection near my work has several construction projects and ramps going onto/off of highways and it’s become way too crazy and dangerous. I’m starting to think I shouldn’t even be walking around there.

    • mmmm milkshakes.
      I mean calorie supplements. I feel that way about the peanut butter one at Ted’s. I now walk on the other side of the street to avoid it’s siren song

  • Rave: The crossing guard at R and New Hampshire NW. Nicest guy in the world–always makes my morning brighter.

  • KSB

    Rant: Heard myself utter the words “Sorry we can’t hang out on Sunday but we’ve got to go test drive minivans.”
    Rave: Have you SEEN how cool some minivans are these days? Willing to go there in order to avoid having to stack kids on top of one another to transport them, I suppose.

    • Query: What’s the difference between a minivan and an suv? To me the number of seats and storage space seem to be about the same. Are there particular child-friendly reasons to choose one over the other?

      • I’m sure there’s a more technical and correct definition, but to me the main difference is that minivan back seat doors slide open and SUV doors swing open. If I were schlepping kids and gear, I’d want the sliding doors so that they’re not opening into other parking spots, swinging shut while you’re trying to get stuff in and out, etc.

      • gotryit

        I think that SUVs originated from a truck body, whereas minivans didn’t. Practically, from where I’ve compared, the minivans tended to be a little lower to the ground and have more space inside. But it isn’t a huge difference in my opinion. I’m on the fence now between a 3-row SUV (e.g., highlander) or a minivan.
        When the kids were really small, I ruled out the highlander types because it would have been difficult to put the baby carriers in the back seat. Now that the kids can move around on their own, those types are back on the table for me.

        • KSB

          Exactly. We’re also looking at the Pilot and maybe the Traverse. From the book-reading and internet-searching, it seems that third row SUVs can be a tight squeeze. Minivans seem more open but have an un-cool cache. Now that we’re adding kid #3 to our brood, we’re going to try to Tetris the car seats in one vehicle and replace our sputtering, dying other car with a more practical, family-friendly van/SUV/whatever.

          • gotryit

            A few years ago (with 2 babies) we compromised and got a Ford Freestyle. Three rows, 6 seats – very comfortable space – and probably room for a 3rd. It was like a crossover between an SUV and a station wagon. Or just a cooler looking station wagon. But then it died from a stupid F-ing design problem, so I couldn’t recommend it less – $14K loss.

      • Automatic sliding doors. WEP with little kids.

        Also, it’s my sense that an 8-passenger minivan will generally have better gas mileage than an 8-passenger SUV, but I’m not 100% certain.

        For 1-2 kids, a minivan is probably overkill, but for 3+ it can be mighty useful.

    • I saw the ad for the Odyssey with the vacuum cleaner and thought “wow that’s crazy no one thought of this before”. Apparently it’s a $6k add on package! whaaat?

      • KSB

        That does look cool but $6K!? My solution of just turning the dog loose in the car every now and then basically achieves the same purpose…

  • Rant: Husband and I aren’t getting along well lately.
    Question: Can anyone recommend a marriage counselor (therapist? Whatever it’s called) – in DC, preferably not too expensive or who takes health insurance (but seems like none of them do). I’m pretty sure he’d go but would make me do the work to find one and I’m not sure how. Found a directory online but just picking a name randomly doesn’t sound like a good strategy.

    • Been there, struck out. Even if you find one that DOES accept insurance, and will code the visit for a covered condition (such as depression), chances are your insurance covers “X% of the allowed amount”. And of course, the “allowed amount” is something like $50 out of the $150+, and they pay 50-80% of that… so you’re still forking over more than a hundred bucks.
      If your troubles have anything to do with the household, like who does more of the upkeep, who cooks, who cleans, who gets more me-time. here’s my advice: use the therapy money to hire household help. Babysitters, cleaners, yard guy, meal delivery. It’ll relieve the tension around these tasks, and your dollars will go much, much further than they would with a therapist.

    • From experience I’d recommend Geoffrey Frank. He has an office in Dupont and we paid him up front, but our insurance reimbursed us something around 80% of the cost. He was very easy to speak with and was quite helpful.

    • I have a ridiculously good “Cadillac” insurance plan and even that explicitly says it doesn’t cover couples/relationship therapy. Closely check your benefits – I’d be surprised if it was covered. Usually, only individual therapy is covered.

    • – You might want to call your insurance provider and see if they have a list of therapists/facilities that are covered by your insurance. If you have another doctor that you feel comfortable with, you could ask for referrals — most primary care providers are used to making recommendations and referrals. If, in the end, you pick a name a random, you can think of the first visit as an assessment on both sides. Therapists will be very open to the idea that you are “shopping” to find a good fit for someone that you and your husband can work well with.

    • – Forgot to say that if you have an Employee Assistance Plan through your job or through your husband’s job, you could meet briefly with a provider through that program. I’m not sure if they will do family/couples sessions, but they could meet with you to discuss the concerns and provide referrals. The programs that I’m familiar with don’t charge you or your insurance for this.

    • Don’t know them and have never called them but doesn’t Carolyn Hax often mention the Women’s Center in her online chats?

      Also, and I don’t know your financial circumstances (and given the incredibly hostile comments directed at JinDC above couldn’t imagnine that you would share here anyway), but when I went to counseling and could not find anyone in my network, I was able to discuss this with my therapist and she did negotiate reduced rates based on what I could afford to pay.

      And it can work to pick a name randomly on a list, but the right people will be willing to have a brief talk with you first to see if it could be a good fit. Try the Psychology Today directory which has profiles.

      • I was thinking the same thing, but they are in Vienna so may not be convenient. But they have a sliding scale and if you’re willing to work with a counselor in training, it’s about $50/session.

    • I have no recommendation but good luck – and good for you for trying to work it out. I hope you can find someone to talk to that you both like and you work it out. Good luck!

      • Thanks everyone! We don’t have kids and it’s not disputes about household chore-type stuff, it’s more communication-related issues.

        Technically, I suppose we could pay out of pocket, it’s just sticker shock at the approximately $150/hour price tag.

        • maybe you could consider a LSW instead of a PHD? It might be less epensive? I’m not sure, but maybe something to look in to?

          If you both are saying you want to get help to make the marriage better/stronger, I think you have exceptional odds at getting there! That’s the first step, and too many people don’t take that step!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I highly recommend pastoral counseling. Sliding scale.


    • If you go to church, then you may want to consider starting with your pastor, etc. Also, (and please don’t take this the wrong way because I’ve been in this situation, and it sucks) but don’t let money be the driving force in who you pick. This is important. Do it right.

  • Rave: T-minus 4 hours til I am out the door and on my way to NC beaches. Oh summer, one last gasp, please?
    Rave: Doctor looked at my road rash, which I was afraid was infected… nope, healing nicely. Amputation not needed!
    Rave: Crafty Bastards on Sunday!

  • Does anyone know the status on when district cabs are required to accept credit cards? The issue has gone silent since the city fumbled the contracting process.

  • Rant: Congress. Ugh.
    Rave: Parents in town, Crafty Bastards – this weekend is all about forgetting the budget morass and its potentially dire consequences on our country.

  • Rant: Being a federal employee and a single person. It’s bad enough for married/cohabiting feds (especially if both people are feds) losing pay, but we singletons are completely on our own, financially, if (when) the government shuts down. I’ve got savings and also plan to find some extra work, but it’s still really scary.

    Rave: No debt and no dependents (other than my dog).

    • in case you missed up-thread, it’s your fault!
      but, good luck – it’s difficult either way, especially with the extra work!

      • Heh, yeahβ€”it’s what we all get for being entitled, useless government drones who are too lazy/stupid to do *real* work and bother to save a nice big cushion of money. Nope, government workers are not real people with lives and families at all.


        Good luck to you, too, jindc, especially with a little one on the way! I’m a bit scared about getting through this madness on my own, but I can’t even begin to imagine how scary it is for you and others like you who have families to worry about, too. Positive vibes to you!

  • Rave: Finally getting a chance to update our work website!!

    Rant: Those who are doing the work are located in Costa Rica, and translating the concept of getting the colors we had on our old site to our new site is just not. getting. through. ARGH. (It’s not a language issue.) I have no idea how to make it more clear.

  • Rave: Happy taste buds after eating spicy Doro-Wat from Rebecca’s Ethiopian food truck!

  • Just Talking: There are a couple of music festivals that provide there festival in several cities such as Rock the Bells at RFK this weekend but what if we want more. Usually it seems that they happen in a public park rented to the promoters which is different then securing a venue such as RFK. Has any festival tried to do something in a park around here(is there a park big enough in DC to hold such event with national prime time acts) and if so how was the public response, how do you think the public response would be now

    • You might want to put this question on the 9:30 Club forum.
      I’m having trouble thinking of any concerts on the National Mall that charged admission (not sure if such a thing is even permitted), and I suspect the logistics of securing a park perimeter vs. holding something in a freestanding venue are not very favorable.

    • The DC Blues Festival has been at Carter Barron for over 20 years in a row. It’s a great, often overlooked concert venue in the city.

      • I think most people use parks for the amount of open space available and how close the ease of location that it could bring within the city. Stages are the least important part of this because you can rent and it gives you little more control over how the festival works(having multiple stages). I just always hear about how council has in the past tried to put restrictions(all ages versus 18+ shows) on shows that happen in DC so maybe the whole idea would never even fly in this city.

  • Rant: Feeling truly crappy today (mentally) for no reason. It’s Friday and I have a fun night and weekend planned – but man I am in a terrible mood. I’m not motivated to do anything and I should be busting my butt right now.
    Rave: Tomorrow has to be better, right?

  • Using a silly little name doesn’t make you any less anonymous than the straight up anonymous.

    And I was under the impression that this was a blog about life in DC. If you are more comfortable with knowing who everyone is and being sure that any comment made is in line with your ideas, perhaps you should stick with facebook or the like.

    So finally my Rant: There seems to be a movement afoot to make anonymous commenters second-class PoPville citizens.

    • gotryit

      Actually, many people post anonymously and it’s not a big deal. It’s really the criticizing other people when you don’t know what you’re talking about / making assumptions about them. That’s just rude. So be civil, anonymously or slightly less anonymously. Just don’t be a jerk or you’ll be called out as one.

      • For example, see Emilie504’s post in reply to epric002’s comment.

        Or the many times people will say that they don’t even bother to read anonymous comments. Or that anonymous commenters are cowards. Or other vitriol.

    • I don’t think the objection to ‘anonymous’ is so much the actual anonymity, but the fact that you can’t tell one anonymous from the others. You can’t tell if you’re talking to one person or twenty, within one thread or from thread to the next. Sometimes it doesn’t matter but If you’re trying to seriously discuss something you really want to know how many people you’re talking to and who’s saying what.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hate anonymous because when more than one anonymous joins a conversation it gets difficult to follow. Anonymous gets all kinds of butt hurt if you say they said something that a different anonymous says. I don’t care if people change their name every day, but please be kind and keep 1 name for a discussion.

      Another benefit of names is being able to quickly skip over boring/annoying posters πŸ™‚

    • epric002

      thank you anon 2:40 and emilie504 for succinctly capturing my chronic rant: it is hard to follow convos with multiple anonymouses! also, i do think, and think i have observed here, that people are quicker to make nasty comments as an anonymous, rather than with an identity, even though that identity is practically just as anonymous.

      • 1. You really can’t tell the difference in sound of voice/diction/verbiage between commenters? 2. What does it matter to the conversation if it is the same or different person? 3. Nastiness is pretty universal.

        • epric002

          1. yes, i really have a hard time telling if i’m talking to 1 or 12 anonymouses. 2. uhhh, it’s a lot easier to know who you’re responding to, who is being nasty, who is serious, etc. 3. whatever.

          • Since you indicate trouble with distinguishing the genuineness of a comment, I ask in all sincerity do you even realize the irony of you invoking nastiness in the first place and your whatever reply?

          • Emmaleigh504

            omg this person! Just being mean to be mean! Wonder who pissed in their cornflakes.

          • No, I am not being mean just to be mean. If you are too self unaware to realize that your comments are quite abrasive, then there is really nothing I can say other than you are making PoPville very much like a high school clique and it is getting to the point that a lot of people are being turned off the site.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I wasn’t talking about you I was talking about anonymous!

          • epric002

            clearly, i am a fool. i am unable to distinguish the identity(ies) of person(s) (all) named anonymous. but, anonymous, i must ask in all sincerity, do you even realize the irony of confusing dismissiveness with nastiness? (+ a million to emilie504’s 3:52 comment)

          • saf

            I’m with epric – be as anonymous as you want but choose some sort of tag and stick with it. Otherwise I assume all anons are one and the same.

        • Dismissiveness is nasty, and no, even if there were an incongruity between the two what you describe is not in fact irony. And you are a fool if you were unable to trace Anastasia, another name, whatever name I want and finally anonymous3:40 as the same person. Funny saf should pipe in since she explicitly wanted to exclude anonymous from the popville hh. How nasty is that?

  • andy

    Wow. I didn’t read the comments until now. Lots of unhappy people today! Cheer up DC!!!

    • binpetworth

      Seriously! Less trolls, more jokes.

      Q:Why did the cookie cry?
      A: Because his mother was a wafer so long!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Here’s my favorite joke evah (fair warning: I made it up when I was like 3):
        Knock knock
        Who’s there?
        Paintbrush who?
        Paintbrush come to paint your bathroom pink!!!

  • Ok so I have to know where this bench is located???

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