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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Cabs were hard to find this morning so a young lady offered to share hers.

    Rave: The cab driver started the meter over after she got out. I *think* he is supposed to keep the meter running.

    Rant: OMG what if she didn’t know this and thinks I’m a cheap *ss who should have split her cab fare (I paid her tip though)?

    Rant: I hope I don’t see her rant here today!

    • No, they always stop after first stop. It’s DC law.

    • While paying part of the other person’s could be nice, the DC Code says that the meter should be reset:

      801.8 Group or shared riding. In cases where more than one (1) passenger enters a taxicab at the same time on a pre-arranged basis (group riding or shared riding) bound for common or different destinations, in addition to any applicable charges set out in this section, the fare shall be charged as follows: As each passenger arrives to his or her destination, the fare then due shall be paid by the passenger(s) leaving the taxicab. There shall be a new flag drop and the passenger(s) remaining in the group shall pay in the same manner until the last passenger(s) arrives at his or her destination and the final taxicab fare is then paid. There shall be a new flag drop for each leg (or separate destination) of the trip.

      • So does the 2nd person need to pay what the 1st person paid PLUS the additional fare due to the new flag drop? Or does the 2nd person just get a greatly reduced fare, despite having traveled far?

        • I thought the first was how it worked but looks like I may have gotten a greatly reduced rate at her expense. ON the plus side she knew I was in a cast?????

          This is all I found on the DC taxi website

          •Group or Shared Riding: as each passenger arrives at his or her destination fare due shall be paid by passenger(s) leaving the cab.

          I feel like a jerk.

          18th and G…I owe you a cab ride

    • all I found was this on the DC taxi site

    • all I found on the DC taxi cab site was this:

      •Group or Shared Riding: as each passenger arrives at his or her destination fare due shall be paid by passenger(s) leaving the cab.

      I’m mortified if it is true that the fare starts over and she paid $10 for her trip and I paid $4 for the final few blocks.

      I’m a jerk…

      • Eh, she probably doesn’t know the rules either. Don’t feel too bad.
        Return the good karma to someone else! 🙂

  • Why am I not surprised that Jack Evans refused to vote in favor of censuring Marion Barry? Birds of a feather?

  • Rant: New house is trying to kill me. After moving in about a month ago, I started having pretty severe asthma symptoms (never really had those before). Went to see a doctor and got put on two types of steroid inhalers and ultimately a prescription-strength allergy medication. They help, but only if I take them (which I do, everyday).

    Rave: No black mold infection, so at least there’s that!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Slept funny and now my shoulder hurts. Maybe I need a new mattress and pillows.
    Rant: I think I just broke my work desk.
    Rave: Work desk still useable, a piece just fell off.
    Rhino Fact: Rhino horn is NOT medicine. It’s made out of keratin, the same stuff finger nails and hair are made of.

  • Rave: Met textdoc last night at the Disco Dan screening. Fun times!
    Rant: Beautiful fall weather
    Revel: Surrounded by amazing people

  • Rant: Bacon Funeral Home. Something has to be done. With that thing standing, no one will buy the several multi-use buildings for sale along that stretch. It is actively inhibiting economic development in our neighborhood, not to mention keeping residential property values in the vicinity lower than in comparable neighborhoods.
    What can we do, and who’s up for a little citizen activism?

  • Rave: Leftover “beef underdone with lime [and peanuts and jalopenos)” for breakfast. I’ll never go back to yogurt, granola and fruit.

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: It happened again. Cab driver asks me where I’m going, and he keeps the doors locked so I can’t get in. When I refuse to tell him, he says that he “is going in the other direction”, even though he doesn’t know which in direction I’m going! I was not prepared for that, so I couldn’t get his information.
    Rave: I feel no urgency to upgrade my devices to the new operating system. I’m always a little bit behind in technology, but not too far.
    Rave: Redesigning my website.
    Rant: Redesigning my website.
    Rave: (because it’s funny) my hair let’s me know in advance when weather changes 🙂

    • I, too, have had my share of cab problems — and not only in DC.. Although I hope this never happens to you again, if it does, you can try to get the cab number. Knowing the name of the cab company, the number of the cab and the date and time that the incident occurred is usually enough to make a complaint. (Note, I’ve never done this in DC, but this has worked for me in other cities. )

      Um, if this isn’t being too intrusive, just HOW does your hair communicate with you? (Mine does not, so I’m pretty intrigued by this….grin)

  • gotryit

    Rant: Moron lady (no offense to morons or ladies) who nearly hit me with he car while I was walking across the crosswalk. It was pretty freaking obvious that I was there – how were you not looking at me!
    Rant: Same moron lady drives up on the sidewalk a half block later to offload stuff into a crappy mini-mart.
    Rant: I bought crappy ketchup from the crappy mini-mart before I realized that she was going there.
    Rave: Called the police about a moron lady parking her car on the sidewalk.
    Rave: Now I have the motivation to walk two more blocks to the nicer mini-mart and never give the crappy one business even though they’re closer. FU!

  • Rave: the weather! I love wearing a light jacket in the mornings.
    Rave: New job. Back to doing what I love, even if it feels a little bit like drinking from a fire hose at the moment. Everyone has been very friendly.
    Rant: Back in a cubicle for the first time in 9 years. Not used to people sneaking up on me from behind. There’s a back wall missing that should help with that – office services is working on getting it installed.
    Rant: I drove yesterday and took the L1 this morning and wow is Woodley Park a cluster in the morning. The stretch from Cathedral to Calvert took way longer than it should.

  • Rave: This weather
    Rave/rant: I love everything about my life (except my job)
    Wish: Quit my job and hang out full-time with my awesome dog. She’s the best and makes everything better.
    Someone tell me a joke!! I need a laugh. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  • good: said it yesterday and i’ll say it again. perfect commuting weather.
    bad: nats last night
    bad: people who drive cars or ride bikes dangerously in DC. moreso cars and less-so bikes this week

    also, as promised from yesterday: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aW7jyCOM-78
    the sound isnt as good as i would have liked but the lady’s last response is pretty funny

    • OK, she was definitely kind of a jerk and really didn’t need to say anything at all but that seems like a pretty mild and not-too-dangerous incident all around. I think I want to get me one of them cameras though. What kind do you have and would you recommend it?

  • Rant: Left my delicious leftovers of cod and gratin potatoes along with tomato basil salad on my kitchen counter.
    Rave: a new food truck that serves hot dogs with amazing toppings is in the vicinity

  • Rave: After drinking every night for five years I haven’t had a drink since Saturday night.

    • And how are you feeling 4 days in?

      • Great! I had a colonoscopy so I couldn’t drink the night before and after and then just decided to keep it going.

        • I’m on day 5 of 30 days of no beer. Especially hard this time of year (football season, Oktoberfest special brews, fall weather, etc.).

          GOD, I LOVE BEER.

    • Congrats and good luck!

    • Good for you man. I was married to an alcoholic so I know how tough it is. Keep it going, if that’s what you want.

    • Best of luck to you my friend. Keep up the good fight.

    • Soon you are going to feel like a brand new person.

      • I dunno… I keep hearing that, but the times I’ve gone an extended period without whatever vice– be it drinking or smoking or excessive web commenting– I haven’t noticed the slightest difference in how I feel. Same goes for the anti-vice stuff, like exercise and extra fiber. No change. I’m going to take that to mean I have a constitution of steel. My body will put up with anything, and just keep on keepin on. Right?

        • There are two of us posting…

          I definitely feel better when I quit drinking. Last time I quit I lost 25 pounds in 60 days and was eating like a horse.

  • Rave: I slept nine hours last night. Bliss.
    Rant: The cat woke me up again at 6:30am demanding to be fed. This is recent, very bad behavior. Anyone have any suggestions to curb this habit that don’t involve tasering the kitty?
    Rave: Amazing, wonderful weather. I love this time of year.
    Rave: Rocking my favorite cognac colored, leather boots for the first time this season. I love fall clothing!

  • Rant/Query: I think that all Americans should have tax-payer supported basic health care coverage. I wonder how many members of Congress who are against this have voluntarily given up their own benefit of tax-payer supported health care services?

    Rave: Getting back into balance. And having a potentially life-changing epiphany in yoga class thanks to a general comment that my teacher made.

    Rave: I’m grateful that I’m able to do things like music lessons and yoga classes and navel gaze. It’s pretty wonderful to me that things that used to be out-of-reach luxuries are now integrated into my everyday life experiences.

    Rave: Mrs. Meyers. My laundry smells like bluebells!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I adore Mrs Myers products! They smell so darn good!

    • I agree that health care reform is totally needed, I’m all for “socialized” medicine and the day that health insurance is decoupled from our jobs can’t come fast enough.
      But I don’t get this argument that congresspeople should give up their “taxpayer funded health insurance.” Because in their case, it’s the healthcare that comes with their job. And while we continue to link healthcare to jobs, then that really is where they should be getting it…. Firing (voting) them out might be appropriate, though.

      • –Feel free to poke holes in my logic — but I’m arguing against hypocrisy. If a congressperson believes that public funds should not be used for a certain purpose — Purpose X, it bothers me when they use public funds on their own behalf for Purpose X, while denying or campaigning against such benefits for others. I would have more respect for someone who said that they truly did not believe that tax dollars should be used to fund anyone’s health care — and opted out of receiving the benefit for him/herself.

        • I get what you’re saying but I don’t think it’s hypocritical because healthcare is part of their compensation package (like many Americans) – it’s no more a government handout than their salary is. Or if you look at it from a slightly different angle, even if they have to pay for healthcare out of their salary, that’s still taxpayer money, isn’t it? Ultimately I don’t think it’s central to the fundamental debate so it’s sort of a sideshow discussion.

  • Question: Can I wear a “work dress” to a wedding? My skin is a mess and I just want to be comfortable and covered up. Is it weird to wear something more professional (ie, conservative cut, heavier fabric, etc) instead of a cocktail dress?

    • As long as it’s formal enough (i.e. not too casual) you should wear whatever you want. Where’s the rule that women must wear cocktail dresses to weddings?

    • epric002

      nothing says you have to wear low/high cut stuff. as long as it’s not too casual- wear it! and you can always dress it up with jewelery/other accessories.

    • Depends on the dress. And Depends on the wedding. You should be able to find something that’s both covered up and appropriately dressy. I’ve found sales associates at Nordstroms and Saks to be very helpful with suggestions — even when I don’t buy anything. Would wearing a jacket/bolero give you more options? There are lots of substantial elegant fabrics — you could wear an evening suit or a dress/jacket combination as long as it’s in a “dressy” fabric as opposed to a “work” one.

    • Oh totally! It’s all in the shoes and accessories. You can jazz up the dress with bold/blingy/dressy jewelry and some hot heels, and do fancier makeup than usual. (Or, if makeup isn’t your thing, maybe just a bit of lipstick or a touch of something shimmery on the eyelids.)

      And, from a fellow sufferer, good luck with your skin woes. I’m sure it doesn’t look as bad as you think, but still, I know it’s no fun.

  • Rant: Co-workers refusing to sign for any packages addressed to me, meaning that stuff is getting returned to the sender without even a redelivery attempt.
    I guess they got annoyed or something when I went a little overboard on target.com stuff earlier in the year, but now they won’t sign for ANYTHING — not even the occasional package.
    I asked for my new DSL modem to be shipped to my office. (Last time I was sent a modem — at my home address — it was signed for under the name “Jose” and never seen again.) Delivery was attempted on a day when I was teleworking. Co-workers refused to sign for it and it was returned to Verizon. I’m now having it shipped to my house and hoping it doesn’t go the way of the previous one.
    Maybe I need to be up front with my co-workers and say, “Look, I realize I used to be receiving a lot of packages here. I’m not any more. Could you please sign for the very occasional packages I’m now having delivered here?”?

    • I am probably not the only person curious as to the number of deliveries it takes for the a group of co-workers to form a broad and effective coalition against the relatively modest exertion of signing for a single package ever again..
      Or, are your co-workers just jerks?
      Or, do you — possibly through no fault of your own — somehow annoy them in other ways as well.?
      Sounds passive aggressive to an unusual degree — do you work for a leftist nonprofit (hey, some of my best friends…) staffed by passionate but introverted people? Or a tech firm?

    • If you’ve never discussed this with them, maybe they’re tired of doing what they view as personal favors for you without acknowledgement. Maybe it’s as simple as asking a few people if they would mind signing for an important package you’re expecting this week… and bringing in a plate of cookies.

    • Irving Street — Not sure what’s causing this. To answer your question, I work for the government.
      Blithe — Thanks for the idea. It wouldn’t have worked in this instance, as I wasn’t in the office between Saturday (when I phoned tech support) and Monday (when it was delivered while I was teleworking), but I’ll try it for any future shipments. (I’ve gotten over my Target.com habit, but I’d like to be able to order things off Amazon every now and then.)

    • Honestly, in my government office this would happen too. It wouldn’t be personal, we’re just not allowed to have personal deliveries at the office and aren’t allowed to sign for other’s deliveries. But pretty much everything comes through the mail room where I work so nobody would think about having anything personal shipped to work anymore because it will get sent back (and the employee will get in pretty big trouble).

      Are other people having deliveries sent to the office?

      • Same with my federal government job. No personal deliveries allowed.
        Honestly, the mail people would probably spend more time dealing with personal packages than actual mail related to our jobs, if it were allowed.

      • Not sure if others in my office are receiving packages. I wouldn’t have any way of knowing unless they were out of the office and I was asked to sign for a package.
        USPS packages are delivered by our mailroom people, so those could be argued against on the basis of taking up their time. But UPS and FedEx are delivered by UPS and FedEx personnel, so the mailroom isn’t involved.

      • After having a few things stolen, I almost always have my deliveries sent to the office. I really didn’t think anything of it. FWIW, though, it’s a relatively small (about 50 people) non-government office.

        • My old place was a condo building with no doorman, but a (relatively) secure lobby. I always had things delivered there with no problem.
          Then I moved to a house. Shortly after closing, I arranged for DSL service, and the result was the aforementioned modem that was signed for by “Jose” and never seen again.
          Between that and all of the PoPville horror stories about packages being stolen off porches, I didn’t dare have packages delivered to my home address.
          I guess I need to butter up my co-workers per Blithe’s suggestion, and make it clear to them that I am now receiving packages on just an occasional basis, not a habitual one.
          I do miss being able to shop online, though.

          • – I’ve never used it, but I think Amazon has a “locker” option. Would this be convenient/worth a try?

          • If possible, could the delivery man leave the package in your backyard or on the back porch? I’ve even seen some houses that have old firewood or garbage can boxes on their front porch and they instruct the delivery man to place it in that, so no one sees it from the sidewalk. In my old group house, we left a note for the delivery man to place the package in the outdoor stairway that led down to the basement apartment.

            Get creative.

  • Rant: my patience rope is getting shorter and shorter

    Rant: being micromanaged so severely that said roap might not last. How do you deal with a micromanaging supervisor? It’s really, really bad.

    • epric002

      kill them with compliance? i.e., CC them on every.last.thing? doesn’t always work, but sometimes it does.

      • it’s beyond that – it’s he walks up the middle of the office to my desk, makes sure I’m awake/working and then walks back (does it to the cube next to me, the other civilian).
        he also takes over tasks from me that he has assigned.
        It’s really, really bad,

        • epric002

          🙁 totally been there. i don’t have suggestions, other than wearing noise canceling headphones and ignoring his shoulder-peering. i have no idea why there are so many managers who have zero/terrible managerial skills. how does that happen?!

          • Especially since study after study shows this to be an ineffective, non-productive form of management.
            I love my office– we don’t have a schedule, or rules against personal internet use, or well… anything. We just do our work, whenever, wherever. It is explicitly forbidden to make negative comments about someone’s time or use thereof. No “headin’ out early, huh? Must be nice…” You’re only allowed to talk about work– actual projects and results. And if you don’t deliver the results, no amount of face time or public diligence will save you. I love that we have gotten away from the (mistaken) mentality of “he’s always the first here and the last to leave… such a hard worker!”
            I wish the whole world could work this way.

          • wdc, where do you work and are they hiring??? That sounds amazing.

          • epric002

            +1 to anon @11:38. please do share who this shangri-la employer is!

          • special_k

            I have repeatedly pleaded with our department leadership to offer management training, even put together a cost proposal for it, because we have such low morale due in large part to poor management skills. No dice. Managing people is hard. You have to invest in helping people be better at it.

          • Smallish NGO, and no, not hiring, sorry! Our turnover is ridiculously low, which is one of the documented effects of a workplace culture like ours.

            But I will recommend a book for anyone out there who has influence when it comes to management and human resources. Why Work Sucks and How to Fix it. The book details all the ways the traditional workplace actually stymies creativity, productivity and morale, and then gives solutions. Just one solution, really: separate the concepts of time, place, and work. Your work is the product of your mind, not of your time, and in the digital age, you can do it anywhere.

            (I swear, I didn’t write the book. But my org follows its recommendations, and it’s pretty awesome. :))

        • When I worked at the bench my boss used to go through my trash after I took care of cell culture and some other things. He would check my tubes ( I always capped them before throwing them away because I don’t think it’s nice to the people who empty the trash to throw so much cell culture media in a trash bag in case it leaks). He was so outlandish in this way and many more that it wasn’t too hard for me to not take it personally. I actually felt bad for him because he was so unable to have mature/ run of the mill/ necessary interpersonal interactions. I chalked it up to his personality and tried to leave it at that. He would do it to anyone, so who cares if he did it to me?

          It’s easier said than done of course, but I think realizing and internalizing that it’s not a reflection on you is important.

        • special_k

          Ugh. Could you try politely questioning the behavior when it happens? Along the lines of, “Hi, Boss, what’s up?” “Can I help you with something?” “Did you have a question?” Or is that too obnoxious?

    • That was so my rant today too! I am half convinced that it’s a Boomer thing, based on current and past experience. Way to create the illusion of leadership without doing squat!

    • I have heard that one way to deal with micromanaging is to make a habit of dropping into said manager’s office for informal updates about your work. Once s/he gets used to that, suggest a regular day and time for it. They will gradually learn to trust you more.

      • epric002

        not to be a downer, but my husband has the same problem, and has tried this exact strategy (multiple times). his crazy boss will initially agree to the meetings, then cancel them each week (no time!), then start micromanaging again. repeat vicious cycle. oy.

      • the problem is that we have a small office – he’s literally 4 desks away from me.
        If I answer the phone, the person on the phone asks for someone not in, I take a message etc….my supervisor asks, “who was it?’
        If a coworker asks me a question, he pops up and answers it.
        If he asks me to do something, he does it 10 minutes after I’ve finished it.

        It’s ridiculous. I’m not checking in with someone who literally can hear/see everything I do. Additionally, I didn’t do anything to warrant this micromanaging. Our office leadership rotates often (military comes and goes).
        The ultimate irony is that when it comes to my ‘maternity’ leave plans, he never has time to chat. which is something that he should try to manage so the work gets done. It’s so odd.

  • Rant: It’s an odd feeling walking around the office with all my coworkers dressed in funeral black.
    Rant: Funeral for friend’s husband, killed at the Navy Yard. Such wonderful people, such tragic events.
    Rave: Friend is surrounded by love.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Went to see the Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan last night thanks to the PoPville notice. It was a great documentary about a guy I had heard all sorts of stories about since moving here 6 years ago. It definitely gave me a new found appreciation for the folks who’ve stuck it out in DC during the really difficult decades.
    Rave: Dolci Gelati was there again giving out free cups of gelato. The pumpkin spice and caramel apple flavors were both outstanding!
    Revel: It definitely got a bit chilly sitting outside, but autumn is my favorite season in DC, so I wholeheartedly welcome it.

  • epric002

    rant: open office spaces. who thought this was a good idea?! i can’t review this mind-numbing document while there is a VTC going on 2 feet from me. i think this explains why document review always takes me so long- i can’t effing concentrate with the TV on, co-workers on phone calls, people coming in and out, ARG!!!
    rave: hiding out in an empty office. with walls. and a DOOR! wish i could move here permanently.
    rant: dogs tore into an unopened bag of kibble while we were at work yesterday. they are fat, naughty dogs.
    rave: fall weather!

    • Why don’t you just ask if you can take over the office? If you can prove that you get a lot more work done in a quiet space, they might just give it to you. It never hurts to ask.

      The squeaky wheel gets the oil, ya know?

      • epric002

        *sigh* my project manager, who i genuinely like, is a big fan of open concept spaces. he thinks it facilitates interaction/productivity. the office i’m using is also a contingency space, so while i can work from here when it’s not being used, i can’t exactly “move in”, since it has to be available at a moment’s notice. i do plan on camping out here until they come looking for me though 🙂

  • Rant: Left my purse on the Petworth metro platform this morning.
    Rave: Someone turned it into the station manager who kept it for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, fellow Petworth resident and Petworth station manager!
    Rant: Pregnancy brain.
    Rave: Good people.

  • Rave: Alt-J last night. Short show, but great opening by Lord Huron and just awesome music!
    Rant: Wicked tired today.

    • How long did they play for? Going tonight and absolutely stoked, although going for Lord Huron as much as I’m going for Alt J

      • Probably just over an hour for each LH and Alt-J. I’m pretty sure the show ended around 10:30/10:45 though it was definitely two hours of awesomeness.

  • RAVE: Pope Francis. I’m not a Catholic, but the man is a much needed breath of fresh air in this world. Lead by example, not words. Be inclusive – despite differences, not exclusive. Love is more powerful than doctrine.

    • That said, this still doesn’t make up for the numerous gays that have been harmed by the church’s war against them; women for being treated like 2nd class citizens in the church; the child abuse scandals; or the hundreds of thousands murdered by the church over the centuries.

      Still, it’s a start.

    • As a serious Catholic, I’ve felt out of place for a long time, trying to focus on doing good and being good while (1) on one side angry people are spending all their time screaming about doctrinal purity and getting in other people’s business while ignoring the bad and (2) on the other side people who talk about tolerance and getting along with everyone have a hard time not mocking people who try to stick to long-held, deeply-philosophized positions that are not their own.

      Being in between those positions is disheartening.

      Pope Francis has definitely made me think, yes! There is a sane Church out there that focuses on real kindness over words, apologizes where apologies are due and sticks up for everyone, not just restrictive doctrine!

      The Catholic Church will never be a mirror of popular secular thought, but as long as it really does work for justice in the world rather than just talk, people will appreciate it even if they are not into it.

    • WOW, that is amazing. His comments mirror my problems with the church and is amazing to see a church official speaking out so bravely against those views. Much less the pope. The church as a basic concept and especially the church as it’s run now are repellent to me. But I see this and Sister Simone (“Nuns on the Bus”) and think that at least a little good is coming out of it.

    • I just read the New York Times article — thanks for the link!
      This news is really encouraging. I just hope Pope Francis’s positive thinking and liberal-ness can trickle down… it sounds like many bishops, etc. are very conservative/orthodox and don’t approve of his views.

  • Rave: enhanced police presence on 13th and 14th around Riggs this morning
    Rant: the hooded look in all my neighbors’ eyes, and the scurrying around the neighborhood as if we’re all just waiting for the next shooting to take place. The neighbors are definitely on edge since Tuesday night.
    Rave: wearing pants to work again after a summer of skirts and dresses means I can indulge in my embarassing (but functional) love of knee highs. <3

    • Emmaleigh504

      I love knee highs! I hate wearing shoes (that aren’t sandals) without socks or stockings, and I mostly wear pants, so full panty hose would be stupid. And those stupid footies that are supposed to be hidden by your shoes yet act as socks do not work! They always show and look stupid. Knee highs 4 evah!

      • Haha yes! I want to love those footie things so much, but they always disappoint. Knee highs are rock solid and come through for me every time. Knee high high five!

  • KSB

    I don’t know if I’m ranting or raving about the fact that my 4 year old sleeps so soundly, she doesn’t want to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. And that when she had an accident last night, she changed her mattress pad and PJs by herself. But left the wet pad at the bottom of the bed all night…. Rant/Rave.

    • Oh, that’s temporary and normal. Just make sure she pees right before getting in bed, and then wait for the physiological development to catch up. You might have to change a few sheets while you’re waiting, but (especially in girls) this almost always resolves itself without becoming a years-long bedwetting struggle.
      Pretty cool that she can change her own PJs without waking you up! Mine would have abandoned her wet bed and come gotten in bed with me. Probably still wearing the wet jammies.

  • binpetworth

    Arrr! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day you scurvy-inflicted land-lubbers. Where are all me mateys to celebrate?

  • Rave and Rant: This sums up a lot of how I feel about the Navy Yard murders: http://brunchbird.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/this-town/

    • I really liked this blog article, too. I grew up in Boston and was embarassed by the publicity whore it turned into after the marathon bombing. It was horrible, yes. But it was NOT the tragedy that the media made it out to be. The people killed in Boston were attending a sporting event. The people killed on base this week were going to work, defending our country in one capacity or another. Where is the outrage this time? Where is the DC Strong sentiment? What a shame. It makes me so sad.

  • Second post, just straight rant: Just heard that an old friend from college either overdosed or killed himself yesterday. I wish we had still been in touch, maybe I could have helped him.

  • RANT: Every morning, without fail, a city bus blocks the intersection of K/Connecticut backing up traffic on Connecticut/17th and forcing pedestrians to (unsafely) walk into the street and around the bus. 17th/Connecticut traffic will often sit for an entire cycle with a bus blocking the way.

    RAVE: The weather. Enough said.

  • Does anyone know anything about the woman that SAIS has been emailing students about who they say was “acting erratically” and whose “subsequent communication with the school” raised concerns for student safety? The latest email says that she’s in police custody so I’m thankful to the school for working with police, but I’m curious to know the whole story if anyone knows the details. I suppose the Navy Yard shootings have me a little on edge this week 🙁

    • Wow, keep us updated! She must be a former student or employee, if she’s making specific threats against the school.

      That’s nuts!

      • They just sent out more information – apparently the woman “is known to law enforcement” due to “other instances of odd behavior” and she went to the main SAIS building earlier this week expressing an interest in enrolling, but proceeded to act “oddly” and had to be escorted out of the building by security. She then left voicemails at the school which had “references to violence” which is why SAIS beefed up security and the police detained her. It sounds like she is mentally ill and became fixated on SAIS for some reason.

  • After reading this thread, I cannot resist this one:
    Q: How do you know someone is a vegan?
    A: They’ll tell you.

    (I like the graphic designer one)!

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