New Coffee Shop Serving Pastries and Paninis Coming to Chinatown

701 7th Street, NW

The short lived Slices on the Walk is set to become a new coffee shop. I was told they will also offer pastries and paninis. This is the walkway outside Clyde’s off 7th Street outside the movie theater.  Updates when they get closer to opening.


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  • Interesting idea. I’ll be interested to hear more about the business (i.e. legit coffee and pastries or a tourist gimmick). I always like the idea of this little nook area with fun treats, such as the crepe place. Unfortunately, I loathe to visit this part of Chinatown. Maybe this will give me a reason to try again.

  • I once tried to go to slices on the walk about 4 months ago but no one was in the booth for at least 10 minutes and there were pizzas sitting out with flies swarming around them. If it’s the same management, no thanks.

  • I went to Slices on the Walk for the first time about a month ago. It was pretty bland. You got what you paid for as it was relatively cheap. Hopefully the new coffee shop will be better.

  • Sorry to bring up a pet peeve, but “panini” is already a plural word and should not get another “s” on the end. A single sandwich of this type is a “panino.”

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