MPD Issues a Statement About Last Night’s Shots Fired in Logan Circle


From MPD:

“On September 18, 2013 at 7:22PM, officers of the Metropolitan Police Department, Third District responded to the 1700 block of 13th Street, NW after patrol units in the area heard the sounds of gunshots. Upon arrival, they discovered two vehicles has received damage as a result of the gunshots. There were no injuries reported. Additionally, a weapon was recovered on scene.

In response, additional plain clothes officers deployed to the area and uniformed officers increasing their patrols on foot, bicycle, segway and cars to bolster visible police presence in the area.

The Third District Detective’s Office is investigating this incident. We are seeking anyone who witnessed this incident or has any information is asked to call the Third District Detective’s Office at (202) 671-6611.”

Ed. Note: You can see previous coverage and photos of the shots fired in Logan Circle here, here and here.

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  • I mean, there are at least two sentences in that statement that aren’t really sentences.

    • Seriously?!? Was there something that you didn’t understand or are you being purposefully dense?

      • I think the concern is valid, as the inability of the police department to get simple facts right and communicate in an intelligent way is related to the overall laziness and incompetence that prevents many DC police officers from doing their jobs. I speak from personal experience after being robbed at gunpoint, having to do all of the detective work on the case, and the DC police still botching the case so badly that the armed robbers went free. While there are many hard-working and competent officers on the DC force, it is time for a thorough housecleaning of all of those who are not.

      • “…two vehicles has received damage…” I’m glad the police use the same bastardized English that these street punks probably use. Way to fit in with the crowd.

        • What do you get out of denigrating others? Feel better about yourself now?

          • Denigrate means to criticize unfairly or without grounds. I think criticizing MPD’s inability to edit their statements to ensure proper English is used is grounded in fair enough reason for criticism. If I published that sentence at my work, I would get fired.

          • The poster above unfairly compared the police to the “street punks”, all for a minor typo or two. If you would get fired for publishing such a sentence at work, then I’m assuming you have a much more cushy job than the police. Please keep doing what you’re doing and let the police do their work – you’re not helping here.

    • I mean, you wrong.

    • justinbc

      You should issue a statement.

    • I think the real issue here is that the information is incorrect. Did this shooting not happen on Tuesday, 9/17/2013?

  • This happened 9/17, Tuesday night and why no mention, as from Commander Kishter, that this is an internal beef, meaning retaliation for 9/12 Riggs street shooting. Probably told to keep this lowkey so as not to frighten the moneyed frequenting all the new restaurants on 14th and buying into the $$$ apts and condos.

    • jim_ed

      Or – and bear with me now, because this is a crazy hypothesis – The police normally do not release information such as motive until after an arrest has been made so as to not tip their hand to any potential suspects, unless there is an urgent public safety need to do otherwise.

  • I can see why MPD may be slow and inept, once they catch the bad guys, either DYRS or the federal prosecuters let em go or give then sweet plea deals. I see another this past week – plead guilty to murder and get 15 years, out by 35 or 40.

    • As a member of the law enforcement community, I can tell you from experience that “sweet plea deals” are the only option for an overworked and under resourced system. There are not enough people or efficiencies on the side of the government to bring every single case to trial. Even then, there are not enough prison cells to house every single street criminal. Plus we can get some pretty sweet information out of lesser criminals to build cases against larger, more organized, more dangerous perpetrators. It’s not perfect, but the plea system is better than the alternatives.

  • From Jack Evans’ newsletter: ”I’ve asked the police to come to the next Advisory Neighborhood Commission ANC2F meeting on October 2nd. I’ve talked to the ANC Commissioners and we’ll start the discussion at 6:30pm. I hope to see you on October 2 at 6:30pm at the WashingtonPlaza Hotel, 10 Thomas Circle, NW.”

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