Construction Starts on Rhode Island Ave Pedestrian Bridge

Rendering via DDOT

Thanks to a reader for sending word about the Rhode Island Ave Pedestrian Bridge:

“The Rhode Island Avenue Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge will link the Metropolitan Branch Trail and its connecting neighborhoods to the Rhode Island Avenue Metro Station and adjacent communities. It will create a safe passageway for community members who currently use the Rhode Island Avenue underpass, which is narrow and dark, or who cross the active railroad tracks increasing access to transit and recreation for thousands of residents.

The truss bridge is designed in the style of an old railroad bridge. Ramps on both sides will provide wheelchair and bicycle access while a stairway on the west side will provide a more direct route. The open design will allow for visibility as well as beautiful city views and 24-hour lighting will enhance safety. The bridge will connect into the open section of the Metro station, providing connectivity even when the station is closed. The design is the result of unprecedented cooperation among numerous stakeholders including DDOT, WMATA, CSX, utility companies and the community.”


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  • looks like a great place for a beatdown!

  • Or to urinate in public.

  • So wait, from where to where? I need a map, and the website doesn’t have one.

    Anything to avoid that underpass, though.

    • From the MBT-Forman Mills lot to RI Ave Metro station.

      Good to see such open minded comments btw. Clearly 3 ppl that don’t go anywhere near this area and thus believe only the bad things they hear.

      • try person who lives in this area and has a good friend who had the sh!t kicked out of him while he was out jogging on the MBT in this immediate vicinity (during the day on a Saturday).

      • i use the trail, but don’t fool yourself. some very serious violence has occurred on this trail. things that have life long impact for some.

        • I’m aware of the violence, but I’m also aware that hundreds of people use the trail every single day, thousands every week, w/o incident.

          • Those odds are still pretty bad for many (most?)

          • yeah, so a random selection of people on a weekly basis get popped and severely beaten. great. nothing to see here. carry on.

          • brookland_rez

            I use it all the time, and I agree. Thousands use it every week, there’s incidents only occasionally. I don’t think the incident rate on this trail is any higher than any other place in DC.

            When I’ve used the trail, I’ve seen people running with earbuds in, texting, etc. I don’t think this is the place to be doing all that. Best to pay attention to your surroundings on the trail. As long as you don’t make yourself an obvious target, I think the trail is quite safe.

          • “I don’t think the incident rate on this trail is any higher than any other place in DC.” – that’s a rather dubious statement

      • I live in the nieghborhood and now only use the trail if I can convince a friend to accompany me. Too much bad stuff has happened there, and even on a good day it’s sketchy as hell.

  • This is a good thing. Great to link that new development to the trail. Connecting through the underpass is a PITA. However, I wonder how they’ll balance bike and ped? Hopefully it’s wide enough to accommodate both, and they link into the trail in a way that encourages responsible merging. I can see pedestrians leaving metro / trying to cross E-W walking through the N-S stream of traffic on the path. Maybe they’ll have the bridge come down beyond the path?

    Tough for me to tell from the renderings.

    • I’m concerned about the merging off the steps as well. It looks like they’ll just dump out onto the trail and that’s not a good thing.

      • Ride cautiously and slowly – as if you were riding on any other sidewalk that has a good amount of pedestrian traffic – and you’ll coexist fine with the pedestrians.

        The overpass looks good and will be a great addition.

  • Rendering looks like a pleasant area but the actual reality it is not

    • brookland_rez

      Ha ha. The rendering doesn’t show the overgrown weeds, chain link fences, graffiti, garbage, and bums sitting on the benches.

      • things will change.

      • The only “bums” I’ve ever seen hanging out on benches have been down by T St. Also, I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen overgrown anything on the trail. There’s a guy from DCDPW that’s out there every day mowing, weed-whacking, picking up litter, sweeping, etc. Also, a bunch of new trees were planted this year. Last year some drainage work was done. I’m not sure what the beef w/ chain link fences is..they do have a purpose. In this case, it’s keeping people off the AMTRAK/MARC tracks. Seems a sensible use.

  • Long overdue!

    Too bad for Brentwood Giant that this solution to the main obstacle to me patronizing their store via bike occurred *after* a better Giant even closer to me opened up that’s easy to bike to. Better late than never, though, and this is a great asset to the new houses next to the Metro to get them easier MBT access (it’s also a plus for connecting the MBT more efficiently to a mjor metro station).

    Any word on retail development at the Forman Mills “mall”? It’s been a while since the Safeway there closed…

    • brookland_rez

      In the Safeway space, Big Lots and Save-a-lot grocery store opened. The old CVS and Rainbow space is empty.

  • brookland_rez

    Also, regular users of the trail might have noticed a new building being constructed over the past year at V St, backing right up to the trail. If anyone is curious, it’s going to be a cooking school.

  • This is awesome! I avoided usig the trail because of having to get off the trail to use the underpass at Rhode Island Ave wich is sketchy with a bike because of how narrow it is. With the new overpass, I’ll use the trail instead of riding in the street up the big hill by Union Market.

    • Jay, it’s probably easier to go to the end of the trail and take a left up the (steep) hill and then take two rights to get onto the Franklin St. bridge. At the first light after the bridge, take another right. That’s 10th and it goes to RI AVe., a block away from the station.

  • So happy to hear that construction has started. I’m a homeowner in the ‘hood and look forward to walking home safely from the metro.

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