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  • andy

    Ah, boudin noir. Warms my sclerotic heart!

  • Looks good! Glad to see marrow back on the menu!

  • Anywhere I can see a non-blurry copy of this? The website still has the old menu, but I can’t read this one.

  • Great place but I really hope they put more into their night life.. The sound system is pretty weak and they don’t promote the place at all to a good crowd. This place should be rocking on Fridays and Saturdays like the Brixton. So under-utilized.

    • Maybe people prefer having a nice place to have dinner rather than having to deal with loud music and drunk people.

      • If that was the case, then they wouldn’t throw parties at night at Chez Billy’s but they do…

        There are plenty of social drinking places where people behave themselves in DC without being as prudish as you seem to be.

        • I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but this is the first time I’ve been called a prude. Something new every day…

          • prude: (n.) someone who doesn’t want to scream at his small plate while slowly going deaf.

          • They don’t serve food during the DJ portion of the night there, and you’re probably tucked in your nighties reading Ernest Hemingway with a glass of wine, why do you care about young people having fun at your daytime French Bistro?

            Note: I only said you SEEM to be prudish, wasn’t a fixed label. 😛

      • +1. I asked the a bartender there about it and they said they weren’t doing djs anymore. I for one am cool with them keeping it more of an upscale, more mature venue. If you like Brixton, you should go to…Brixton. Chez Billy’s been having live jazz inside the front window the past few weekends though, which has been really cool.

    • They only do late night parties when it’s a private event at this point. My understanding is that they are focusing on the core product; they are a restaurant. As a matter of fact, they are a top 40 restaurant according to Tom Sietsema. Can anyone tell me another top 40 restaurant that tries to club it up late night? I can’t think of one. I commend them for biting the bullet and not trying to be too many things to too many people. I guess this isn’t the case as far as vegetarians go. I’m not one myself, so I can’t really comment.

      I do think it’s a bit funny that vegetarians feel so entitled. I don’t go into a vegetarian restaurant and demand a steak? Are vegetarian restaurants required to cater to diners that want beef/chicken/fish? I can’t see why a vegetarian can demand a meatless option from a bistro. Feel free to tell me what a neanderthal I am for that comment. I know it’s coming.

      • The difference is that carnivores can and do eat meals that don’t have meat. Some vegetarians do have sense of entitlement, but most just want some dining options, especially when they might be out with non-vegetarians. And as an enthusiastic meat eater, I have to say that I don’t always want meat and I appreciate having vegetarian options beyond just ordering a side dish or appetizer.

        • Exactly. It’s also frustrating that French restaurants in DC don’t have good vegetarian options, since the French prepare vegetables very well!

          • Honestly, I usually take the lack of good vegetarian options as a sign that the chef isn’t very talented or broad in their abilities. Show us what you can do, Billy!

  • Do they hate vegetarians? Last time I was there (probably close to a year ago), they had that same farro risotto on the menu as the only veggie option and it was so awful I had to send it back. Come on guys, we’re just asking for a little bit more creativity and effort on ONE single dish for those of us who don’t eat meat but want to support you!

    • +1 I went there in the very spring (ie it was still cold out) and they didn’t even have that as a choice. I asked about a vegetarian option and the waiter said “there’s the salad” and he came back and said “the chef can make a cold leek soup.” Seriously, it was a horrible experience…cold soup, cold salad, and warm bread.

      I swore I would never go back there again.

    • Seriously. And foie gras? Great~!!

      • Oh c’mon. Eat what you choose to, but there’s no need to chuck red paint at people who eat foie gras and veal. And on my computer screen, it appears that they have a few vegetarian friendly items: squash soup, the mushroom tartine (which is delicious), a salad of endive and candied walnuts, that red wine poached egg as long as they can keep the bacon off (pretty sure I heard that they can). And I don’t know who hated on the farro, but if it’s anything like the one they served last winter, it’s delicious. Plus the chef made my girlfriend a vegetarian plate off the menu when we asked a few months back. If you want a vegan meal in Petworth go to everlasting life, sticky fingers, or order a sandwich on facebook from Stefwiches.

  • Nooooo! Where are the profiteroles?! That was my favorite thing in the whole menu.

  • My bank will be happy to learn I still need a second mortgage to cover the French Onion Soup 🙁

  • I like Chez Billy a lot, especially the bar tender Roger, he pours a solid old fashioned. I’m glad the bar scene is more grown up than some of the other places around, but I do get a little tired of their menu, even when they change it up, after a couple of visits, it all starts to seem the same.

  • Had the braised pork shank the other day, was amazing!

  • Yay for for the bone marrow coming back!

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