17th Street Festival this Saturday from 12-6pm

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From an email:

The 4th Annual 17th Street Festival presented by Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets will take place on September 14, 2013 from 12pm-6pm

. The 17th Street Festival is a free community event that celebrates the 17th Street Corridor from Riggs Place to P Street.

Festival Includes 6 different zones:
– Art Show sponsored by DCCA – List of artists can be found here.
– Business Specials – 17th Street Businesses will be running specials all day long.
– Entertainment Stage – Link to the schedule is here.
– Kids Zone sponsored by Love Not Label – Activities are listed here.
– Over 30+ Local Vendors
– Pet Zone Sponsored by City Dogs Rescue. City Dogs is brining dogs to adopt and the Humane Society is also coming out with their adoption mobile.”

And MPD notes:

“The following streets will be closed from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm:

§ 17th Street from S Street, NW to P Street, NW.”

Ed. Note: You can see all events here and you can schedule your own event listing here.

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  • Will there be FOOD this year?

    • There are multiple restaurants grilling out and serving food from their patios. The 17th Street Festival is about featuring the businesses on the street so we do not allow any outside food vendors.

      • Except the restaurants on 17th Street all pretty much stink, with a few exceptions. So unless Sushi Taro, Komi or Little Serow are grilling out, no thanks.

  • I find it to be insensitive that they selected to have it on Yom Kippur, precluding many members of the community from being able to attend and enjoy

    • Insensitive, and odd considering that one of the biggest institutions in the neighborhood is the Jewish Community Center.

    • I suppose it would be quite a challenge to schedule all the world’s activities around the beliefs of every single religion. My religion precludes me from eating meat. Should I find it insensitive that they’re grilling burgers at this festival?

    • It’s not as easy to organize a festival on this scale as you may think. Permits, logistics, working around other events, etc.

    • Ugh, don’t be “that guy.”

      • Right, because if someone makes a point that you don’t agree with they’re “that guy.”

        Don’t look now, but I think you’ve become “that guy” yourself.

        • It’s kind of ridiculous to expect all events to shut down for a lunar holiday that changes dates every year. And that’s beside the fact that only a small minority of the area’s residents are strictly observant of the holiday.

          So yeah, I hope you advocate for all “fun” city events to shut down on Easter weekend, over the course of Ramadan, Hindu holidays, and the cornucopia of religions found in a major metro area. Otherwise, it’s pretty hypocritical.

  • Is it just me or was this “festival” anything but? Kiosk after kiosk of banks, xfinity, people selling meal delivery services, etc. If they are going to close off all of 17th and spend all the time planning I think this festival should be greatly improved next time! It also didn’t seem like that many 17th St. businesses were participating (i.e. Mr. Yogato, Hanks, Komi/Little Serow) More food would greatly improve things as would care to have kiosks that are not just handing out ads for national services…

    • It’s never been too great, especially compared with Pride Parade or the High Heel Race.

      I usually pop out of the house and wander over for an hour or two, mostly just to run into friends and chat.

    • That’s the truth. All the taxpayer expense for police, shutting down the street, permitting, etc. for an advertisement for business that for the most part have nothing to do with 17th Street.

  • I hope that they don’t have it next year. It was a real hassle with the road closures (we live on 17th) and it doesn’t seem to do much to raise the neighborhood profile. Maybe they should just take over Stead field next time and have it without road closures.

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