ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen Opening in Georgetown August 19th

2805 M Street, NW

The ShopHouse coming to the former Furin’s space in Georgetown is opening August 19th.

ShopHouse’s first location opened in back in Sept. 2011 at 1516 Connecticut Ave, NW in Dupont. You can see their menu here.

A third ShopHouse will be coming to the former Ruby Tuesday’s which recently closed in Chinatown at 710 7th Street, NW

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  • Staggering news! My jaw is literally dropping to the floor!

  • andy

    Just being curious I looked up the shophouse</em. name. Apparently it is somewhere between a street food stall and a restaurant in, e.g., Thailand, according to press outlets in other cities.

    Is that right?

    I get that someone has given that name to that type of restaurant/stall in another country. But how did it get that name in English? The name seems quirky, not fully descriptive of what it is supposed to be. Is it derived from a strange translation of grocery store to/from Thai or something?

    Does anybody know how the name shophouse was attached to this kind of place?

  • Wanted to like it when it opened in Dupont. I don’t. It’s boring – so few choices. Gets old quickly. I’m not a big chipotle fan, but I’d much rather eat chipotle (there’s more flavor combinations)

  • They’re owned by the Chipotle people, FYI. And I see that they have a few locations in southern California now, as well. Looks like they’ll be all over the country in no time.

  • I like ShopHouse. Yeah, it doesn’t have a big menu, but unless you want to eat there every week I don’t see why that’s a problem. Nice to have the extra fast casual options, in my opinion.

  • I wish these places would open up somewhere besides Downtown, Dupont, and Georgetown. My officemates and I have to walk almost a mile just to get a Subway sandwich.

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