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  • I think there must have been a mistake with the pdf. Many of these make no sense at all, and I’m not saying just on a market level. I think this is a faulty document.

  • One of the columns is off in the spreadsheet, the close price column is not aligned with the list price column.

  • Looks like there’s a glitch starting on about line 7….some of the columns shifted down by 1 row, so you get a mismatch of list prices and close prices.

  • This document is proof that you get what you pay for 🙁

  • epric002

    agree- the columns are off. listing and sales prices do not match up. i *think* that the correct sales price is a row below the entry. for example, 4004 13th St NW sold for $725, not $217.5, and $725 is shown as the sales price for the row below 4004 13th St NW.

  • Sorry everybody! Not sure how that happened. Feel free to email me if you have questions about a specific address ([email protected]). Kevin

  • My house wasn’t on the June (closing date of June 28th) or the July list, I bought a house and I don’t even get put on the list!

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