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Heritage at Shaw Station?

“The housing project on 9th Street has been renamed Heritage at Shaw Station? Found this link:

Heritage at Shaw Station is now Leasing Luxury Apartment Homes! One of the only garden style communities in historic Shaw is now leasing 2 BR 1 BA apartments homes, available soon, starting at $1890.00. Located next to the Shaw Metro Station and only minutes from U Street and downtown. All apartment homes are newly renovated including new energy star stainless steel appliances, brand new cabinets and new flooring throughout. Apartments have individually controlled central heating and air conditioning as well as free on-site gated parking and off-street parking.

Minimum Income Requirement: $56,700

Renting for $1900 a month? Anyone know the back story?

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  • I believe this is the rebranding of (a portion?) of the Lincoln Westmoreland Section 8 apartments. The owner opted out of the Section 8 program recently, which means that all existing tenants get Section 8 vouchers and can either choose to stay in their apartment or relocate elsewhere in DC. As units are vacated, they will be renting at market rate. This is similar to the conversion Washington Apartments (6th/7th and N/O NW) underwent maybe 10 years ago.

  • This one confused the heck out of me too when I saw it. This was the section 8 housing project, you see the drug deals going on through the window bars almost every time I walk up 8th street and now they are labeled as “Luxury Apartments” ??

  • It’s probably a tax credit property. These properties have a maximum-allowable income based on household size (as well as the minimum income requirement listed).

  • From what I understand, their 20-year agreement to be affordable expired and they decided not to renew, so as units become available, they are being offered at the market rate, similar to what happened with the Washington Apartments accross from the Mt. Vernon Square/Convention Center Metro Station.

    • Interesting. So there is a minimum income requirement now instead of a maximum? Is $1890 really market rate for a two bedroom? Seems very low…

      • I can’t speak to this building specifically, but it’s pretty common for large apartment buildings to advertise a minimum income requirement (mine did). If a building is no longer part of any affordable or mixed-/middle-income housing program, I think it’s more of a self-imposed “requirement” (ie, not required by HUD or any local government agency, but rather a threshold that management sets as a tenant screening mechanism). Since a “market” rate is basically whatever people are willing to pay for something, maybe they’re setting it lower for now (given the deterrents, like drug dealing, mentioned by other commenters) to test the waters, and then will raise the rent in the future if there’s demand. (Unless rent control is in effect here.)

    • This website gives a good in-depth explanation of everything. This was the former Lincoln Westmoreland II, which is not related to the high-rise across 8th Street, Lincoln Westmoreland (even though they have very similar names).

  • Are these rent controlled? (i.e. the rent can only increase by CPI + 2%)

    • Affordable housing developments are typically exempt from rent control because their rents are already restricted by their use agreements.

  • ledroittiger

    Can’t take much to “reno” these places…

  • Here’s a listing (with photos) on Craigslist. They look small, but they apparently feature renovated kitchens. No word on the bathrooms, though:

  • there were plans to build a new building right on the NW corner of the 7th & R intersection (directly across from the library)… anyone know if this is still going to happen? There is a parking lot there now. but maybe this is all part of their long term vision to kick out the section 8 tenants . PS… no way in hell I would rent here. you’d have some pretty shatty neighbors (i.e. the drug dealers).

  • Is there a maximum income limit?

  • Maybe the inside was renovated, but the outside sure wasn’t. Very odd.

    • Visited yesterday. They are planning reno to the hallways and outside throughout September-October. Not HUGE changes, but new windows, new fixtures, etc. should make it look nicer.

  • I lived at 2325 15th NW street for a year (managed by EJF, DC’s worst management company). This building had been section 8 or voucher, not sure how these things work, but in any case they had been low income rentals before the transition to “luxury apartments”. From my understanding, the management company paid a nice sum to the lower income residents to move out. I think those that stayed maintained the original rent (far lower than market price). Anyway, the place was a mess prior to the switchover, it had been a nest for drug deals and for the homeless to crash. Despite being “luxury apartments” the management company had not hired a door person or security, and these problems persisted.

    The older apartments (those which still housed lower income tenants) had not been renovated and I did have the opportunity to peak into one which had trash piled throughout the place. Roaches and mice ran rampant, tenants would catch the homeless hanging out in the lobby and the place had a perpetual pot aroma.

    The newer apartments were mice but had been hastily renovated so holes were not caulked and the bugs and mice that inhabited the place roamed freely from one apartment to the other.

    For the most part, the tenants left over from the time before the transition were really sweet and respectful, but the handful that perpetuated the problems that existed prior to the switchover ruined it for everyone. It’s important to note that while the management company sucked, and boy do they, due to DC’s very friendly tenant laws, there was nothing they could do to remove the problem tenants from the building. Caveat emptor.

  • They were called Lincoln Westmoreland 2 apartments. They were bought out around the end of last year and the started renovating. They informed the tenants at the beginning of this year that they could either stay there and get the in house section 8 transferred to a voucher and then use that voucher there, or they could take the voucher somewhere else. Before the renovations the 2 bdrm 1 bath were 1540 or so per month.

  • Where do I start? The apartments are extremely tiny. The electric bill may run you about $100-$150 per month and you don’t have a washer or dyer in your unit. There’s only 1 on the entire property which from time to time they may not be working. All of the apartment homes do not have stainless steal appliances or new cabinets yet, maybe it in the plan but from where I’m standing I don’t see it. As far as the gated community advertised above, yes there are gates but none of are working. So if you or your guess park in the gates you’ be better off parking on the street. You can just walk straight up off the street and buy, sell, damage, and get into pretty much any building because their are plenty of people hanging outside to let you in. Security is on the premises but they rather be friends with the drug dealers instead of protecting the premises. It’s not what they are making it out to be. TRUST ME! The video cameras that are on the premises they always broke so anything can happen. Cars are vandalized, people have been shot and killed, drugs are sold, there are late night parties outside your window on weekends, and you may see an occasional fight or argument every now and again. Yes you are close to the subway station, U Street, and even Chinatown, but do your research first. Come around late at night and you will see exactly what I mean.

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