From the Events Calendar – Science Night at The Argonaut


Science Night at The Argonaut:

The Argonaut
1433 H St NE
August 20, 2013 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Every Tuesday night, come to The Argonaut for challenges based on middle school science experiments and science-themed trivia, plus cheap tacos and awesome beers. You could win up to $50 in addition to the glory of being the smartest nerd in the room.”

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  • This would be a ton of fun if everyone didn’t just look up the answers to the trivia questions on their phones.

    • Oh, do people really do that? Sad. I used to be really into the trivia scene in Philly, but it was back when only the very coolest phones had the very slowest internet connection. Not practical.

      I was going to say, this would be a ton of fun if it weren’t on H Street. I’d rather go to (and try to get home from) just about any other neighborhood.

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