Firelake Grill Opening “Aug. 28. 29, 30th” in Tenleytown, Will Offer “upper casual dining experience”

4200 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

A reader sends an updated grand opening for Firelake Grill coming to the former Ruby Tuesday space at Van Ness and Wisconsin Ave, NW. The owner tells him “Aug. 28. 29, 30th”.

Another reader sends Firelake Grill’s website:

“Firelake Grill, a new contemporary American restaurant by Fired Up Grills Restaurant Group, offers guests a comfortable, upper casual dining experience in the heart of Tenleytown. Most of our handcrafted cuisine at Firelake is prepared using a live hickory wood grill. Our mission is to create pleasurable and memorable moments, in a warm and friendly environment for our guests, our staff and our partners.”

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  • I enjoy uppers with my casual dining – makes the whole thing more exciting. Hallucinogenics go better with fine dining and wine bars. But of course then I’d really notice that the Hickory wood grill was alive.

  • saf

    “upper casual dining experience ”

    “live hickory wood grill”

    “a warm and friendly environment for our guests, our staff and our partners.”

    The state of modern education makes me cry.

  • Upper casual = small plates, big prices, screaming kids

  • ah

    What a terrible “website”. “Coming soon” or “Under construction” would be better than that.

  • Well, it will probably be a step up from Ruby Tuesdays. As someone who lives a few blocks away, I’m happy it will no longer be a dead space. To continue to quibbling with the web site’s language, their location is definitely not in the heart of Tenleytown, and what’s a live grill? As opposed to a dead grill? Anyway, I’ll put my quibbles aside and will henceforth call it the Lake of Fire Grill after a damn good Meat Puppets song, which is best known by the Nirvana cover of it.

  • Dear English Language,

    I would like to apologize on behalf of whoever wrote that gibberish on the Firelake Grill “website.”

    Someone Who Will Never Set Foot in the Firelake Grill (well, not unless I’m jonesing for handcrafted uppers)

  • I love that the sign on the building says Fire Lake Grill, but the website says Firelake Grill. Never mind the horrible writing on the website, they aren’t even sure what the restaurant is called.

    • brookland_rez

      Ha ha. I noticed that too. For the sake of the residents on Tenleytown, let’s hope the food is better than their grasp of the English language.

  • “Fire Lake” sounds like something out of Dante’s Inferno.

  • Worst website EVER! Lets hope the food is better than the website.

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