Dear PoPville – What’s Going on with AM Wine Shoppe?


“Dear PoPville,

Wonder if you know what is going on with AM Wine Shoppe on 18th and Wyoming? Their inventory of both wines and meats/cheeses has been dwindling in the past few months – I can’t help but think that they are preparing to close. They serve some really good sandwiches, but I’m wondering if the competition from De Vinos, Glens and others has finally got to them? When I asked an employee yesterday he just said they weren’t putting a lot of $ into merch right now since the summer has been quiet.”

A spokeswoman for the Wine Shoppe says this is normal and all is well:

“The Shoppe usually is slim in August since the owner and wine buyer vacation the last two weeks, which coincides with a dip in customer traffic due to August vacations. The Shoppe will be stocking the shelves this week in order to get back to “par.”

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  • I love this place! I hope this really is just a slow time for them, the cheese/charcuterie inventory was normal a few weeks ago. Wine, beer and liquor shelves have seemed empty for some time.

    Don’t leave us AM Wine Shoppe!!

  • Sounds legit. I used to work on the line at Cashion’s and we closed for a week or so in August. So it wouldn’t surprise me if the guys at AM did the same. Hope that is the case.

  • I always had high hopes for this place, from the day it first swung open its doors. Yes, its inventory was slack, but they claimed that this was because each item was carefully curated. Thats ok for a eighorhood spot you stop in from time to time, but didn’t really make this place a destination. Anyways, the biggest turnoff was always the attitude of the employees/part-owners. It always seemed like they were doing you a favor by acknowledging your presence in the shop. Anyways, with all that said, the final straw for me was when I recently went here for a sandwich at the back deli counter. What was once just passable for $8 now costs a ridiculous $10: a 5-6″ prewrapped (“so the bread could absorb the favors”) sandwich…. And all you tasted was the bread. The whole was less than the sum of the parts.

  • The sandwhiches here are great!

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