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Help! Neighbor has bed bugs?

“Over the past few months, we have spotted bed bugs in our semi-detached row house (we have one household that shares our insular wall). They have been few and far between – six in the past three months – all but one have been adults and one was a “fresh out of the egg, first stage nymph.” Two of the adults and the nymph has been feeding since they were full of blood when killed.

We have stripped EVERYTHING down and have found nothing. No spots, no carcasses, and nothing reminiscent after washing and drying all of our clothes and linens. We took apart the couch and bed – still, nothing. Lastly, we bought diatomaceous earth powder and sprinkled that in areas that would be common for bed bugs.

When it comes down to it, we suspect the bugs are not coming from our house, but coming from the attached neighbor’s house because all areas where we have found them are adjacent to the neighbor’s house.

The ultimate dilemma is that the family next door is low-income, living off of the handicapped mother’s SSI, and exterminations are really costly. We haven’t asked them about the bed bugs yet, but wonder if others have dealt with this and how would folks suggest resolving the issue.”

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