Dear PoPville – See the Full Retail Portion of Progression Place in Shaw

7th Street, NW between S and T

“Dear PoPville,

It looks like Streetsense, the company leasing the retail portion of Progression Place, has finally released a roster of signed tenants. Thought this would make a good post for PoPville. Here they are in order starting from the retail space closest to the Metro entrance:

1. Uprising Muffin Company
2. Fishnet
3. Vacant (2,100 sf)
4. Sprint
5. Eat the Rich
6. Mockingbird Hill
7. Bank of America
8. SiTea
9. Wanda’s Salon
10. Right Proper Brewpub (around the corner facing T Street)”

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  • 3 of those will be gone in one year

  • What? Muffins? Come ON. I just pounded my desk in rage. We do not need this!!!

    Bank of America? Finally. This is a huge BofA desert, much to my chagrin.

    Sprint? Here’s hoping it will put Central Communications out of business and bring peace to the neighborhood.

    Also: we need a gym. Even a small one.

    • I’ve been thinking a gym would do well around here. Aside from the yoga/spin studios and crossfit gym, there’s no competition for quite a ways. It basically would have the eastern half of U St., Shaw, Bloomingdale, Parkview, and Ledroit Park to draw from. I would think that would be a big enough market.

      • +1million on the gym. been saying this for awhile. Please we just need a normal (not boutique) gym! Maybe in the wonderbread space??

    • Muffins make you that angry? Yikes.

    • I’ll never understand why people don’t like Central Communications. That speaker blasting go-go has made me smile almost every day for 12+ years.

    • I thought it would be great for the City Market apartments to offer gym memberships to their facility – kills two birds with one stone. I posted on their FB page about it, people agreed….they didn’t. But I agree – we need a gym in that direction. I might have to join Vida if I don’t rejoin WSC after baby is here…pooo

  • Yeah I used to worry about being in a huge BofA desert until I realized that it is a plus because they suck and I just switched to a bank that reimburses ATM fees.

  • This is actually a pretty solid line-up.

  • I never thought I’d say this, but why do we need 6 of the 10 of these spaces to be restaurants..!? When was the last time….I don’t know… a hardware store opened up in the area? I can only think of the ACE Hardware next to the Safeway in Mt. Vernon Triangle, but never an independent one. Or even just a basic independent corner convenient store? I guess there is the Elbo Market not too far away. I know these places could probably never afford the leases at Progression Place, and they don’t have the allure of serving Iberico ham and champagne. But they are needed, and aren’t we all just a little restauranted out? I wish Progression Place was a little more progressive in who they awarded leases to.

    • Glib reply: with Amazon Prime, the only thing I can’t buy online is dinner and drinks. Also, rents are too high for large footprint stores that don’t sell booze or print mortgages.

    • I believe the Ace hardware store chain is a franchise… so technically they are independently owned. You also have the option of the Ace Logan Hardware store. I tend to think that both are pretty well stocked for urban environments. Both places are only about 10 blocks from PP. Have to say that the staff at both places is pretty amazing too. very friendly.

      • saf

        Yes – Ace does not own stores centrally. They are co-ops, I think.

        Anyhow, both of those are owned by the same local group, and they are lovely people who stock the stores well.

    • There’s a 7-11 at 7th and Rhode Island.

  • While the tea shop is run by a naturopath (a Doctor?), I actually think this will be a great spot for them.

  • I would *love* to see a dry cleaners in that row

  • novadancer

    I’m with everyone on the gym. I used to belong to Vida but between the $$$, it was just a pain to get to from Bloomingdale.
    I would like to see a place for sandwiches/breaksfast items. Since I walk by that whole strip in the morning it would be awesome to be able to grab breakfast or lunch.

  • Not sure what space y’all think would accomodate a gym. have you even seen what you’re talking about? these are smallish storefronts. i live across the street and am thrilled with the prospects though i would love a sweetgreen. my current wish is to get rid of that gross building kitty corner that houses a liquor store. call me when that’s on the razing block!

  • (smile). Property values soaring.

  • We’re so excited for our downstairs neighbors to move in!

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