Cakelove Coming to Reagan/National Airport in September

1506 U Street, NW

Fans of Cakelove will soon be able to grab some mini cupcakes when they’re leaving town – Cakelove will have a kiosk in concourse B at DCA in mid September. “It will be themed as a mini Cakelove – only serving mini versions of our product.”

You can see all their products here.

In other Cakelove news – you’ll also soon see “cake in a jar”, now called Lovebites, in some local grocery stores. These will also be released around September.

For those not familiar with Cakelove you can read the back story here.

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  • Worst. cupcakes. ever.

    • We’re sorry you’ve had less than stellar experiences at Cakelove – however we’ve been working really hard on updating and improving everything we do. We’re listening to all feedback, but we encourage past customers to give us another try! We’re confident in the changed we’ve made, and hope you try us out again!

      • Props for following up social media manager! And double props for not just shouting out into the ether or Facebook or Twitter and actually using localized social media. I wasn’t a fan of past recipes (as others have said: too cold, too greasy, flavor either too intense/not intense enough). Perhaps I’ll try you guys again sometime.

  • We’ve been ordering birthday cakes from these guys for years and years, and they’re always delicious. I never understood all the hate.

  • Huh. Is that still a thing?

    • +1000. Seriously, opening a cake shop is like doing pilates, don’t you know its frozen yo and yoga now!

      • In DC maybe, but visitors to DC coming in through the airport might not have been exposed to cupcake culture yet.

        • Did someone really say “cupcake culture”?

        • Food fads get transmitted more quickly than in the past. Cleveland had a good pie place before the big openings in DC and still has better pies than Dangerous or Whisked. Georgetown Cupcakes draws line like any other tourist trap, but cupcakes themselves are pretty ubiquitous everywhere.

        • There are enough fat asses coming into this city everyday; we don’t need to expose anyone to “cupcake culture!”

        • Food fads get transmitted more quickly than in the past. Cleveland had a good pie place before the big openings in DC and still has better pies than Dangerous or Whisked. Georgetown Cupcakes draws line like any other tourist trap, but cupcakes themselves are pretty ubiquitous everywhere.

      • Oh, goody, pilates is no longer hip. Maybe all the mediocre teachers can move on to hot yoga or zumba or whatever and let me get time with the good teachers.

      • For yo and yoga? You are WAY behind on the dessert and fitness trends! These days it’s macarons and crossfit.

  • Hmm…I don’t know. I honestly don’t know how I feel about this place. I’ve had their cakes a couple of times, and I first I think I like them, then it just gets weird. Not so much the taste, but the consistency. The cake is cold and hard (but not in a bad way) and the icing is greasy, but not bad tasting. It’s all so different…is that bad? I am stuck on this place in some sort of weird bizarro world between bad and good.

  • andy

    lesser cakelove at DCA = cakelike

  • I agree that the texture of their cakes has always struck me as…off. Also, the last time I had their yellow cake it tasted like someone drowned it in almond extract. Not tasty.

  • I have never had a good cupcake from the U St location. Plus their hours aren’t user friendly and half the time the cupcakes are half frozen like they just started to defrost them. To many options to ever go there again

  • I think they freeze a lot of their cakes and it messes with the consistency. Sometimes they used to have GF cupcakes, which I appreciated but now I don’t even bother going in and asking. The service wasn’t ever really so friendly either.

    • That makes sense! The only time I went to Cakelove, the cupcake was very cold and super dense. My wife and I each had a few bites of our respective cupcakes and, I think, ended up throwing the rest away. And I am not the type of person that throws away food. Not a good first impression. Needless to say, we never went back.

      • I think there’s room in this city for different styles of cupcake. A tender fluffy cupcake is great on its own, but a dense drier one is really nice with tea or coffee. Cake Love’s cake is more like a wedding cake, something I enjoy in the right circumstances.

    • Cakelove does not freeze anything. There are no freezers of any kind in any of their stores. They “Use to be”refrigerated to keep the lovely buttercream frosting from melting.
      They are now served at Room Temperature so they are ready to eat right away, instead of having to wait 20-30 mins. for them to warm up(which most customers never did wait as told). So give them another try, you will be pleasantly surprised.

  • Guys, at least it’s not Georgetown Cupcake. The line would be longer than the lines through Security!

  • Crumbs 4 eva!

  • Thank you for all of the feedback – we’re certainly listening. We’ve changed the temperature we serve our cupcakes, and Warren has spent the last six months reworking all of our recipes to address concerns with consistency, etc. We’ve had several focus groups, tastings, and even Yelp events to encourage as much customer feedback as possible. We’ve reached out to GWU and GMU to get student and faculty input and brought on a social media manager to address our online presence. Past, present and future customers are absolutely the most important part of anything we do.

    We owe the success our business has had over the years to the community that has supported us. If there is ever anything you want us to know that is constructive, critical, positive, or anything else – please let us know. You will get a response! We will not only tell you what we’re going to change, we’ll do it.

    Please feel free to email me, or tweet Warren directly.
    I will make sure Warren and the Cakelove team know about any and everything you have concerns about!

    Victoria Harris
    Social Media Director
    [email protected]


  • Cake love was a pretty early adopter in the cupcake fad. Their product is the kind of mediocre stuff that does well at an airport.

  • Can’t believe they are still around — blech! Dry, cold, tasteless, if-that’s-butter-i-don’t-want-any frosting. For a real cupcake go to Hello Cupcake and for vanilla cupcake Red Velvet will do. Wish Wash Post would re-do their cupcake challenge, then finally we’d get rid of Cakelove and Georgetown Cupcake.

  • It’s a shame to see such negative feedback fom people who haven’t had Warren’s cupcakes in the last six months. Having had the opportunity to bake with Warren I encourage people to take a baking class and see how hard it is. The difference between Cake Love and the rest is 1. He cares 2. They are NEVER Frozen so some people need to get their facts straight. I love Cake Love and having had the opportunity to meet Warren and understand the science behind baking is crazy. Give Cake Love a chance.

    • Wouldn’t #2 make them NOT different than the rest?
      Also, this comment is just bizarre: “I encourage people to take a baking class and see how hard it is.” Macarons are hard. But it’s not that difficult to make a good cupcake.

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