Atlas Brew Works Beers Will be Available Starting September 2nd through 8th

Photo courtesy of Atlas Brew Works

From a press release:

“Atlas Brew Works, the District’s newest production craft brewery, today announced the dates its fresh, local craft beers will be available in bars and restaurants around the District.

“We are excited to finally be licensed to manufacture beer in the District.” said Atlas CEO Justin Cox, “We can now focus on creating great quality craft beers to share with our community in DC.”

Atlas Brew Works, founded by Cox and award winning professional brewer Will Durgin, will launch the week of September 2nd -8th with an event in a different neighborhood across DC each night. Atlas will premier three beers that week: Rowdy, a hop-forward American-style Rye ale, accented by the peppery notes of rye; District Common, a California Common featuring Czech Saaz hops; and a third beer, NSFW, which will remain a surprise.”

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  • Lots of new breweries coming online over the next few months in the area, and it’s very exciting what’s going in with the DC brewing community! My hope is that increased competition leads to further innovation and an improvement in quality. Don’t get me wrong—local brewers are coming up with some very nice brews—but to be honest, none of it has been really groundbreaking or what I would consider world class, quite yet. I’d like to see two things: a really unique IPA that gets the whole country excited about it, and increased retail availability. I’m not always motivated to go to the bar or trek waaaaaay out to the brewery for an expensive growler fill. I”d love to walk over to the neighborhood beer shop and pick up a six pack.

  • “This stuff will make you a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me.”

  • Affordability would be nice! It’s like 12$ for a six pack of dc brau, which is worth it but if price could inch down a little it would
    Be more accessible to the masses

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