Work Starts on Central Union Mission Condo Conversion in Logan Circle

14th and R St, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word and the photo above. Central Union Mission is moving to the old Gales School at 65 Massachusetts Avenue, NW. 

The Washington Post reports:

“The new space at 14th and R will include about 50 units, about 800 to 1,000 square feet each, mostly one- and two-bedroom condos with a couple of studio apartments as well.”

The building is supposed to end up looking like this:


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  • Oh man, bet the comments are going to be *ahem* interesting on this one….

  • I hope they keep “Come Unto Me” sign!

  • Good deal or not: Cot at 14th and R Mission. Right near Saint X, Bar Di Bari, Le Diplomate and more!!! $400,000.

  • Do we know if the name will still be “the Mission?”

    • And are they still planning on keeping the “Come Onteto Me” sign on the rehabbed building?

  • I hope they do a through sweep for bedbugs before construction. Not meaning to disparage anyone, but knowing how bedbugs can overtake places with high bed turnover, it’s probably that there are some in that building.

  • Who are all these people moving to the District?

    • i kinda wonder the same thing…

    • mainly people from the surrounding areas, if stats are to be believed.

      • Stats say there are 11,000 people moving into DC a year. A lof of empty nesters. Have you seen a lot of empty nesters afoot?

    • As far as this particular condo building is concerned, mightn’t some of them be people who already live in the District and are moving from one location to another?

      (I don’t dispute that people are moving into the District, though.)

  • I think they should keep the sign at the roof level, but just remove a couple of letters: ME UNTO ME.

  • 800-1000 sf. Translation: Some sucker with more money than sense will be willing to pay us $800k for a tiny apartment with a giant kitchen but little closet space.

    • Actually it more like decent closet space but small and awkwardly shaped rooms.

    • justinbc

      I doubt the majority of them will be that high, and perhaps there are other sensible buyers who value different things than yourself. Not everyone is obsessed with collecting “stuff”.

  • no parking? now THAT’S going to be fun for the neighborhood.

    • some of us get by with just a bike!

      • Ah, but will the owners of $800K-$1M condos be similarly inclined to go car-less?

        • Doubt it. If you can afford that apartment, you will most likely have a car. Look at the people in Union Row…..super expensive apartments and nearly all of them have a car. There’s a ton of really nice cars in that garage.

          Interestingly enough, I think a lack of garage space might actually hold the prices down at this place. The people looking to spend BIG money might actually cross this bldg off their list. Those types of folks tend to be high maintenance and lazy.

          • Not sure which of your generalizations are the biggest but I would think “folks” who can afford these condos- car or no car- would not fall into the lazy camp.

          • Right… I can swing a condo here, might consider it, and have no plans to buy a car.

          • you sound pretty clueless to me.
            and you certainly don’t understand prevailing trends.

          • justinbc

            I lived just across the street in a significantly more expensive rowhouse for 2 years and never owned a car. In fact moving to the neighborhood and realizing how accessible everything was is what caused me to sell it. You sound bitter at people for being successful.

          • I can certainly afford to buy a car but choose not to – have never owned one in DC and have lived here 20 years. In fact, car ownership is on the decline in America overall. Many younger folks aren’t looking to define themselves by the car they drive (though they probably are by their mobile devices…)

  • I just hope there’s retail on the ground floor.

  • As a former employee, this makes me a bit sad. It also makes me want to tour said condos just to see what they do with the place.

  • is that a bookstore on the main floor? it would be the only one!

  • I think PoP should use that top photo for the Caption of the Day contest.

  • Damn I wish I had bought something around 14th St. 10 years ago….

  • I’m guessing the sign will go…would be great if they kept it for historical purposes but I’m doubtful it will happen…

  • figby

    I am happy to see they are keeping the basic building and not slapping up more of that ugly brick-and-glass crap. I do have very low expectations for the retail here. Maybe a Nike store! Or wasn’t Urban Outfitters keen on 14th Street at one point?

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