Two Very Cute Small Dogs Found


“We just found this lost little pup at the corner of Arkansas and Farragut St NW. She is very friendly but clearly hasn’t been groomed in a while. No collar or tags. The Washington Humane Society is on the way to pick her up right now.”


“He’s a very sweet young male jack russell terrier, mostly white with brown spots and he was found running around near 4th and M Street SW Sunday morning. Possible name is 8-ball. (?) He is currently being kept in a place in the Southwest while we try and track down the owners. His photo is attached. If anyone knows who the owner is they can e-mail me at andrewchristopher(at)gmail and I can put them in touch with those who are currently looking after the little guy.”

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  • If that Jack Russell’s name is really “8-Ball,” then I would suggest you don’t try too hard to find the owner and let someone else adopt him.

    • Haha, that was my thought too. Unless the owner happens to be a pool player, but that’s the less likely explanation in this city.

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