Tryst and the Diner get new Outdoor Seating in Adams Morgan


A perk to the new wider Adams Morgan’s sidewalks – more outdoor seating on 18th Street.  Thanks to a reader for sending – The Diner above is located at 2453 18th Street, NW and Tryst, below, is located at 2459 18th Street.


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  • those seats are going to be fun on fri/sat nights… who doesn’t want jumbo slice pizza grease flowing around your ankles!

  • That would’ve been a sweet place for a cup of coffee on this gorgeous morning!

  • Just when it got easier to navigate 18th street…

  • Nice. Adams Morgan was really trashy for a while, but I have hopes it’s actually bouncing back a bit.

  • This will definitely make my job as an aggressive panhandler a lot more convenient. Thanks NAdMo!

  • LOL! Jumbo Slice jokes and fights and gangs! AdMo more like MadMo, ya know!?

    Seriously, people, continue to push these stereotypes. It really opens up the amazing beer and whiskey bars for me on Friday and Saturday nights and makes it much easier to sit down and get a cup of coffee or a fine meal.

  • It looks like the ANC is becoming less anti-business. The AdamsMorgan ANC1C has generally been very restrictive on allowing sidewalk cafes. Perhaps they were lenient with the Tryst and The Diner because their sales are not alcohol focused.

  • I thought the point of wider sidewalks was for more space for pedestrians, not more outdoor seating.

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