The Coupe Launches 50-cent Happy Hour Deals in Columbia Heights

3415 11th Street, NW

From a press release:

“During hard economic times those looking for a good deal can look no further. Available Monday through Friday, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, The Coupe will offer 50 cent Sriracha-Glazed Chicken Wings, “BLT” Deviled Egg garnished with Bacon, Tomato Jam, and Micro Arugula and Stuffed Medjool Dates with spiced Marcona Almond and Camembert Cheese, wrapped in Surryano Ham, all perfect for sharing.

To wash it all down, The Coupe will offer up drink specials including $3 Natty Boh’; $4 Rum Punch and $5 House White and House Red Wine. Bottles are dispensed from Nappa Technology Wine Stations for a perfect pour. In addition, the bar offers more than 40 wines, many of them by the glass, as well as, 8 “keg wines” or wine on tap, and 16 draft beer options, making The Coupe the perfect spot to try something new. The spacious bar seats more than 60, perfect for spending happy hour with friends and colleagues.”

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  • Even at 50 cents im sure its still over priced…

  • What’s the verdict on this place? Have they fixed the many issues they’ve been dealing with for months, or is it still a total mess? I walked by a couple of weeks ago, and it was packed.

    • The last time I went I just didn’t feel like the food I received was worth what they were charging. I tried to like it. I went several times but was just underwhelmed every single time. Basically, if I am going to 11th street is it the last place on my list.

    • Agreed that the food is ho-hum, but breakfast is better than the rest of the menu. And you can hang out for hours working on the wifi. The house-made sodas are a highlight, if overpriced.

      • breakfast food is bland and you have to pay for a new coffee every time they refill your cup

  • Wonder if it’s enough to save this place from the inevitable…

  • If the coupe would put out GOOD food at a VALUE and have staff that knows what they are doing.. then maybe.. just maybe… they will start to have success… what we need in this neighborhood is a TRUE DINER not this quasi-fancy-hipster-so-called-diner it is now…

  • I like the coupe and appreciate that they are offering any kind of special. In every other city I have lived, you could find specials at most restaurants. It seems like the standard in DC is for restaurants to charge the most amount of money for the smallest portions like Mothership or pretty much any Tapas restaurant. I for one am thanking the Coupe for starting a new trend.

  • nitsy

    Tried out the Coupe after swinging by their apocalyptic cold open, and it was still just as bad. The food isn’t up to snuff and nobody knows what they’re doing in there. We also had a long wait time, when there were clearly spots open within. Happy Hour deals sound enticing, but I won’t get fooled again.

  • Where are the happy hour specials for the vegetarians?

  • I had the wings at happy hour at the Coupe last week and they were really good. The deviled eggs are tasty as well. The problem with the Coupe is that they have a VERY limited menu. There is very little that I find on the menu that I would like to eat, and when I do order something it is mediocre. The beer selections are always changing and not necessarily for the better. The ONLY reason we still go is that our kids like the novelty of having waffles for dinner.
    Very frustrating for a place that went to such efforts on the the interior aspects of their space. They really need to revamp their menu and operations.

  • 1. What is “Surryano Ham?”
    2. $3 for Natty Boh is a drink special? That’s pretty amusing.
    It seems like this place is sinking fast.

    • It appears to be a Serrano style ham made in Surry, Virginia if the Google isn’t lying to me.

  • $3 natty boh as a special? Hehehehe…ok then.

    Unfortunately, in the opinion of me and all my friends, and despite the owner of the Coupe promising changes back in December, nothing has changed. The food, the service, the pricing…all still as highly ridiculous as it was last year.

    Then again, the place seems to be perma-packed anyway so there are apparently tons of people out there who are gluttons for punishment. It is actually the one place on 11th street where I (we) won’t go anymore which is a shame because it is a block away from my house.


    • Not completely the same. Now there are MORE alternative options on that street. I’d go to Kangaroo Boxing Club for brunch any day before the Coupe.

    • It’s baffling really. Their other restaurants are perfectly fine (at least from what I remember). Why is this one such a mess? Are they just stretched too thin? Can’t find experienced staff? What is up?

      I think it’s marginally better than it was before, but that’s really not saying much. Our waitress was nice, but truly had no idea what she was doing. It also took forever for our food to come out, and the hashbrowns have been burnt both times I’ve had them. I will say that there is one fantastic waitress there that I absolutely love. I’ll still go every once in awhile if I need a place to drink coffee and eat a pastry, but that’s about it.

      • Agreed,

        I used to love their place in Woodley Park. I would be in there all the time when I lived over there and not once did I experience any of the service/food/pricing issues that are the norm with the Coupe. Like I said, too bad really but I don’t seem them really having to enact any fundamental change when the place is packed all the time anyway. They must be printing money, no incentive to change.

  • I’ve been to this place twice. The first time I sat at my table for an hour and the waitress kept forgetting to put my food order in. Everyone else got their food but me. The second time, the host sat me at a table and no waiter ever came. I waited for 20 minutes, then sat at the bar, only to be ignored by a bartender eating dinner behind the bar.

    • I had a similar experience, however, they did pay for my meal both times. Granted, i was a late Saturday brunching along and really more occupied with my book. I want to like this place too, but, it just never passes. However, I’ve been a million times because it is the only option for late night food that is not strictly a bar and allows me to continue working without a huge amount of distraction.

  • I still wish this place was more like Tryst. I don’t necessarily think Tryst food is any better, but I feel like the vibe is different and it definitely has better service.
    That being said, I don’t think this place will close anytime soon – there are always people there.

    And the happy hour deviled eggs are quite good. And speaking of happy hour specials, the Red Rocks happy hour is pretty good these days, too.

  • justinbc

    This seems to follow the trend of places charging “normal” prices around about what things should reasonably priced at and then calling it a special because every other place is still charging an absurd amount for it.

    Case in point, a deviled egg, which really shouldn’t be more than 50 cents, but since every other place is charging $3 a piece for them you can lowball and call yours a “deal”.

  • I went two months ago for breakfast on a weekday. The service was as terrible as it was before the infamous PoPville post and subsequent letter from the owner. There weren’t that many people there yet it took a long time for someone to come and bring us water and then later take our order. It seems like it’s impossible to get a refill there.

  • hispanicandproud

    This place is still open? I have been there three times and each time it was a disaster. I never want to go there again. Unless it’s for water.

  • You can dress a turd up in a tuxedo, but at the end of the day it’s still a turd.

    Room 11, The Pint, Chucho & RedRocks are much better choices.

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