Renovations from PoPville – Kitchen and Half Bath Addition


The reader writes:

“As you will see in the before photos, the kitchen was very outdated when we purchased the home. Lots of 1970’s appliances in scooby-doo brown and a lot of pink laminate countertop!

We found an awesome contractor that worked with us to take out the wall that separated the old galley kitchen from the dining room to create one large open room. We also closed off the “nook” part of the kitchen and turned it into a half bathroom (access is through the sunroom). We had all electric and plumbing updated throughout the house and lots of extra outlets were added.

Although, there’s actually less kitchen space now, the layout and new energy efficient appliances have made life in our DC home much more enjoyable!

Things I absolutely love about the new kitchen:

– The openness makes it easy to entertain. We can cook in the kitchen while holding a conversation with our guest in the dining room 🙂
– Subway tile. I love the clean look of the subway tile, especially the tiles that go all the way to the ceiling.
– Vintage style lights. They match the antique light fixtures throughout the rest of the house.
– Our island provides extra storage and is not a permanent fixture.
– Double ovens. I really didn’t think I would need two ovens, but I’m so happy my husband talked me into this. We can cook a pie and a roast at the same time!”


Ed. Note: If you have a renovation you’d be willing to share please send some before and after photos to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com.

More photos including before shots after the jump.

Kitchen_after_storage solution
storage solution

half bath
half bath addition

Kitchen before

Kitchen before


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  • Neato! This is in a row-house, right

  • That before photo is hideous and a super weird layout. Nice work.

    That half bath will add a lot in value to the home, especially if you don’t already have one on the first floor. It will pay for itself multiple times over, if and when you go to sell. That’s probably the smartest thing you did in this renovation.

    • +1. Very envious of the first-floor half-bath!
      I would love to add one on my first floor, but my house has never had a “bump-out” added at the back and I really like the look of the original porches.
      OP, do you have any before-and-after photos of the exterior of the house — it looks like the renovation involved a partial addition, right? I’m trying to figure out the configuration of the house and the rooms from the locations of the windows in the photos… is it a single-family detached house? Or an end-unit rowhouse?

      • It’s a single family. There is a sunroom (viewable in the before photo) added by the previous owners. The half bath was part of the old kitchen. They just closed it off and created an entrance from the sunroom. We also had that room gutted, redone and added French doors that lead to a new deck.

  • andy

    awesome. we’re really close to doing a kitchen in our sleeping porch, bathroom in the kitchen. just need a contractor and a reasonable dollar figure!!!

    • We were considering swapping rooms, but the cost of moving plumbing exceeded our budget. Much more realistic to take out walls. Our contractor was great. I can message you his information if you would like!

      • Would you mind sharing the name of your contractor here? We are getting ready for a major remodel of our kitchen/current main floor bathroom and are looking for someone who has reasonable prices and is easy to work with. Would you mind sharing what your budget was for this redo?

        • Hey there.
          Our contractor was James Broady. His info is listed below in a separate reply.

          It’s kinda hard to list our budget for the bathroom and kitchen only since we a lot of other things done too. In the end, the entire reno came to about $55-60k. This included all new electric and plumbing, taking out the wall in the dining room/kitchen, renovating the kitchen, adding gas line to kitchen, repairing and replacing floors on the first floor, turning the “nook” area of the old kitchen into a half bath, adding a large deck, gutting/redoing the sunroom (adding french doors to outside and a door to the new half bath), replacing a few windows, filing in some cracks on the outside brick/replacing old vinyl siding on sunroom, painting the interior (4 floors), replacing all light fixtures except for a handful and redoing our front porch (including adding an outdoor ceiling fan). They also did some tile work in the bathrooms (the plumbing repairs required taking out tiles) and they added many more outlets. Our home did not have cable outlets and only one phone jack, so those were also added to each room.

          Included in the above total, but purchased on our own: all kitchen appliances, new toilets, new sinks (bathroom and kitchen), light fixtures/ceiling fans, glass door knobs, a door or two, bathroom tile and some miscellaneous items. We could of easily had James purchase these for us and it would have saved us time, but we had a lot of fun picking out the items. We saved some by buying majority of our appliances (Dacor cooktop, Bosch ovens/dishwasher/washer/dryer) at Southern Services auction in Baltimore or during a big holiday sale at Lowes (Bosch range hood and fridge). We also went to Community Forklift at least once or twice a month to look for vintage tile (at 10 cents a piece) for our bathrooms, light fixtures, door knobs, door for the half bath and pedestal sinks (we found two Kohler’s at $35 each!). And for the kitchen island, it was a purchase off of Craigslist.

    • justinbc

      We’re using Four Brothers to do our kitchen and whole downstairs remodel, including adding a new staircase. They’ve been an absolute dream to work with thus far, so much better than I ever anticipated.

      • Would you mind sharing your budget and the scope of work? We are in the stage of trying to come up with a budget for our kitchen remodel and really have no idea how much to expect to spend.

        • justinbc

          Project cost is about 85-100K, not including appliances. It includes totally gutting the kitchen including reconfiguring the back wall that leads out to our patio, moving windows and doors, reconfiguring the laundry room and downstairs half bath, removing a spiral staircase from the downstairs and building an entire new traditional staircase, as well as painting the walls and refinishing floors for the whole downstairs living / dining room areas. They do 100% of the work with in-house employees, no subbing out, and a project manager is on-site every single day. Appliances will run an extra 20-25K.

  • can you please share the name of your contractor, OP?

  • your stove is soooo far from the sink!!
    otherwise looks awesome

    • Thanks! We did this on purpose. I had read about the “triangle” layout and didn’t want too many appliances cramped along one wall.

  • Love this. So glad there’s not some humongous island in the middle.

    • Thanks! I felt like a big permanent island would take up too much space and be too overwhelming. Plus, what if it goes out of style? The butcher block island was a great Craigslist find that we couldn’t resist! It displays some of our more attractive dishware and houses all those random utensils that we’ve collected over the years.

  • Looks nice! Though, I might suggest more overhead light fixtures. Totally a personal taste thing, though!

    • Thanks! This was the one topic turned argument with my husband. He was pro-recess lighting and I was totally against it. i love the pendant light over the sink, ceiling fan and stained glass chandelier on the dining side. The room has a lot of natural sunlight now that the wall is gone. You can’t see it in the photos, but the dining “area” has two windows to the left of the french doors.

  • it’s really hard to get a sense of the before/after from these photos.

    • I can’t make heads or tails of it either. A “facing north” or whichever direction on each picture would help. I hope you kept the French doors from the dining room to the living (?) room!

      • We did keep the french doors! We also added another set in the sunroom (the last before photo). We had the radiator moved, windows/AC taken out and replaced with doors that lead to a new large deck!

  • Where did you find the pot rack you have mounted? I am on the hunt for something similar! Thanks.

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