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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

Side note: Did anyone get a flash flood alert on their phone early this morning? I mean directly to the phone not via email nor text – just straight to the phone. I’d never seen that before.

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  • POP- I researched the NWS auto alerts I received at all hours of the night. Apparently AT&T sent out an over network update to iPhone 5s where NWS and Amber alerts are now standard. You can go into your Settings -> Notifications and turn them off at the very bottom of the page. However, you will still continue to get ‘presidential alerts’ no matter what.

    • Got them last too. Flash Flood Warning. They woke me up and when I looked out my window it was pouring and my street looked like a river. The intensity of these rains are insane.

    • Just curious why they would send alerts to one phone type and not another? I thought they just sent messages from a particular tower to any cell phone in range (but have only seen this once, with a verified tornado that we were very close to).

    • I got these, too, and they were loud and terrifying. I had no idea what was going on, but figured out how to turn them off when turning the volume down on my phone didn’t work.

    • I get them too on my ATT Blackberry, not just iPhones.

    • I heard it’s a new regulation. You can turn them off on iPhones: Go to Settings -> Notifications -> Government Alerts. Definitely glad I did that after hearing how many people were woken up!

    • I’m totally fine with this as an opt-in process but am really annoyed at the threshold for these “emergency” messages and the fact that carriers pushed an update without instructions on what they actually do. You will have noticed a message saying something like “You carrier has updated settings for emergency notifications blah blah blah” some time in the past few weeks; that was this new service. The carrier forced an update with the service turned ON (for this and Amber alerts) and with no instructions on what it was or how to manage settings on phones. If there is an imminent tornado threat in my immediate area? A nuclear blast went off in Baltimore? Sure, let me know about that. Normal, albeit heavy, rain is not something that they should be unilaterally waking people up for. My house is not under threat of flooding during rains (but I do live in Bloomingdale!). A few weeks ago during heavy rains I counted FIVE of these messages in a couple hour period, the very first time the service was used. There are services and apps that you can subscribe to if you wish to be inundated (pun intended) with notifications from the NWS. Rant off!

      • You might not live in a flood prone area but others might- especially since the ground is so saturated that flash flooding can be a problem in some neighborhoods.
        It’s a good way to get the word out seeing everyone is glued to their phones these days. And to be fair, the only time I’ve received them is when the weather is pretty damn crappy and the conditions are right for bad things to happen.
        No different than watching TV and the broadcast gets interrupted with a special weather statement – even the tone sounds the same.

        • There should be an opt out for flash flooding alerts for people who live high up in apartment buildings. Seriously, my third floor unit on top of a giant hill is only going to flood if the roof caves in.

          • I don’t think the alerts can be as fine-grained as that.

          • I know they can’t be that fine grained, but I wish there were opt out options for certain things. Not everyone lives in a single family home with a basement, so not everyone is concerned about flash flooding.

        • These alerts occurred during perfectly routine heavy weather events for this area. There was NOTHING out of the ordinary about them. Happens a few times every summer. What I assume the service was used for actual emergencies where immediately widespread broadcasting of information would be useful. What is going to happen is people who are annoyed at being woken up more than once in the middle of the night to be told “It’s rainin’ REAL hard!” will just disable the service entirely. So when there is a real emergency that FEMA wants to notify people of the broadcast will be that less effective. Thanks, Chicken Little!

          And let’s be honest: people who live in flood-prone areas already know that when the skies open up their basements may get flooded; NWS alerts aren’t telling them anything new. Idiots who drive into flooded underpasses without knowing the depth of the water are not going to stop and think because their phone beeped them a message.

  • Rant: Incessantly sneezing all morning, feels like hay fever, I need a Benedryl to knock me out.
    Rant: Can’t take Benedryl because I’m at work.
    Rave: Glad it’s Friday.

  • Rant: Flash Flood alerts on my phone in the middle of the night as if the rain and thunder wasn’t warning enough I have EARS cellphone I don’t need your help.

    Why won’t it stop raining. Its like everyday for the past two weeks.

    • pablo .raw

      Lots of people complaining about that

    • I didn’t get any of these, but it looks like I should be OK with that.

    • Why don’t you turn your phone off at night? I usually shut mine off by 10:00 most nights.

      • 1. I use mine as an alarm clock
        2. If there’s a family emergency at 3am I want to be able to get calls related to it
        3. I haven’t had a problem with non-emergencies waking me up until last night

        The flood alerts had me in a panic because I assumed it was #2 when I heard the phone vibrating.

        • Oh. I have an alarm clock that I use as an alarm clock. I have a land line, so if any needs to reach me because of an emergency they can call me there (and I often turn the ringer on that phone off at night.)

  • Rant: Traffic yesterday in DC was HORRIBLE. What happened?

    • Noticed the horrendous traffic on my ride home last night. Looked like light-cycle after light-cycle where people just thought they could be the last car to get across the intersection only to end up blocking it. Pretty typical in crappy weather, but yesterday afternoon was quite nice. I passed 8 or 9 intersections in a row that were completely f@#ked.

    • motorcade

    • They had 16th street totally shut down from the White House to Rhode Island Ave. Police weren’t letting vehicles on or across 16th for like an hour starting at 5 PM. The bus I was on was stuck in the middle of an intersection for 20 minutes before I walked to a metro station. I asked a cop what was going on and she said it was a protest.

      • M was also closed from 15th westward. I was glad to be going home on CaBi.

      • Interesting, I got caught up (first on foot, and later waiting for a bus) in that mess, and I just assumed the police were waiting for a motorcade to come through. There was a cluster of anti-Keystone XL protesters at the corner of 16th and M (I think…or maybe it was L), but it didn’t look like they were the protest, more that they knew the President (or whoever) would be coming by and wanted to get the motorcade’s attention with their signs. That said, 16th was closed for a LONG time. I figured surely by the time I stopped in the grocery store after work and got back to the S bus stop, the street would be reopened, but no.

      • Yeah, I assumed it must have been a motorcade. At 6:15pm, it took me on my Vespa scooter nearly 25 minutes to get home – it’s usually an 8 minute ride. And I was cutting around cars, splitting lanes, etc. It was insane. 16th Street south of Rhode Island was still shut down when I rode by at 6:30 or so. I can’t imagine how long drivers in their cars waited in that traffic!

        All this traffic was due to ONE shutdown street. If there’s ever a real emergency (terrorist attack, nuclear war, chemical attack), we are screwed!

      • It was the worst ever. Usually when they close off 16th like that, I have no problem going home via 14th St. I left an hour early from work, and it still took forever.

    • That sorority centenial at HU

      • LMAO. I ate last night at Ben’s Chili Bowl and was wondering what was going on. Sorority ladies of all ages were out in full force!

      • Yeah, the deltas are in town. They are all over gallery place/metro center right now!

    • Obama had a fundraising dinner at the Jefferson on 16th. 3rd time in about as many months. The dude needs to find somewhere new to have dinner with donors or congress people.

    • Whatever happened to takeonebakeone with the “dreamy” Virginia-to-DC commute? I’m guessing that didn’t last long…

  • Rant: Wore open toe shoes to work today. They’re still not dry yet.

  • Rave: Paul McCartney tonight!!!
    Rant: Rain. Seriously. Stop it.

  • Revel: A constellation on her neck. Black toenail polish. Incredible figure. What a cutie.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: at yet another doctor’s appointment.

    Rave: it’s me and a bunch of ancient old men, maybe I’ll meet my Bentley Village husband!

  • Rave: Finally, my settlement check comes. I can finally buy a dining table and chairs… and possibly a small yacht.

    Rave: It’s Friday.

    Rave: End of our development cycle! Though there’s still much to be done, the frantic pace is over and I can get back to a normal work pace without overtime.

    Rave: 2 days of less humid weather, still good despite a little rain.

    Rant: Traffic on Georgia Avenue turns a normally 14 minute commute into a 30 minute mess. Any time the traffic control people are posted by the convention center they actually end up making things a lot worse.

    • A yacht? Really? None of us are impressed by how much money you (supposedly) make.

    • pablo .raw

      I picture that yacht on a weekend; Jack5 and his girls like an episode of “Rock of Love” πŸ˜€

      • More like an episode of Three’s Company, and Jack is Mr. Roper.


      • If you’ve got a boat, then you have no dating problems, trust me. It’s what I’m working towards in life. It’s my only goal! πŸ™‚

        • Unless you’re a multi-millionaire, a boat is a godd#mn money pit. No potential tail is worth the headaches and empty bank accounts that come with a boat.

          • Totally kidding on the boat idea. I already have too much stress as it is without having to worry about maintaining a boat.

    • If you need a console/buffet for the dining room, we’re thinking of selling ours because we need to make room for baby. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture, but we have to get rid of it, or store it in Philly until we move to a bigger place in a few years.

      • I’m trying to get one of those modern styled (6 seat) yet dark wood dining tables from Pier1… Never been a furniture guy, but I’m graduating from cinder blocks and wood planks from my dorm days… Ahh the pains of growing old yet being a single (and extremely wealthy) bachelor… lol.

        • epric002

          try room and board. their stuff is not cheap, but it is beautiful, quality, made in the US, and we had excellent customer service.

        • Doesn’t look worth the price – Ikea probably has something similar for less money. We had a table and chairs custom made for a low price from a guy in PA who delivered them. It has two leaves. Love it.

          • Yeah, I really like Pottery Barn’s stuff but don’t want to spend 1200 just for a dining table alone… All the other stuff I’ve found has been cheap and wobbly… I’m pretty sure I’ll find a similar table for less, I also may have a pier1 coupon somewhere. Thanks, πŸ™‚

          • Ours was under $1000 for the whole table and chairs, custom made in PA.
            His name is Paul Miller http://www.oak-crafts.com/. He can make custom sizes and you can pick a stain/finish.
            MORE than worth it. It wasn’t expensive at all, especially for the quality. You order it, they deliver it. he’s fantastic.

      • Hi there,

        I’m in the market for a buffet – can you share any more details about the piece? Who knows, I may only be in need of one for a few years, and you folks could take it back once you get into a bigger place!

  • Question for Flickr users who look at their stats: Anyone else getting a ton of hits from an Unknown Source lately? The past couple weeks it’s been like 75% of my views and I wonder where they’re coming from.

  • Rant: “Breaking up” with my roommate tonight. Our lease expires soon and my 3rd roommate and I want our own place for various reasons. Any advice on how to do this gently without her feeling attacked?

    • Yikes, I had to do that a few years ago and it did not end well.

    • just say you and the other roommie are looking to join a cult. Third one will not be interested (hopefully) and find their own place.

      Source: experience

      • Or say that you’re looking to expand your relationship beyond just being roommates…

        • That could backfire though

          • GEORGE: Do you ever just get down on your knees and thank god that

            you know me and have access to my dementia?

            JERRY: What are you talking about? I’m not goin’ to do it.

            GEORGE: You’re not goin to do it? What do you mean, You’re not goin

            to do it?

            JERRY: I can’t. I’m not an orgy guy.

            GEORGE: Are you crazy? This is like discovering Plutonium … by accident.

            JERRY: Don’t you know what it means to become an orgy guy? It changes

            everything. I’d have to dress different. I’d have to act different. I’d have to

            grow a mustache and get all kinds of robes and lotions and I’d need a new

            bedspread and new curtains I’d have to get thick carpeting and weirdo lighting.

            I’d have to get new friends. I’d have to get orgy friends.

            … Naw, I’m not ready for it.

            GEORGE: If only something like that could happen to me.

            JERRY: Oh, shut up you couldn’t do it either.

            GEORGE: I know.

      • wasn’t there a Seinfeld where they mentioned a 3-way?

    • This might actually work out well. If she wants to keep the place and has two friends to move in with her, she can stay there with people she might like better than the two of you (shocking, right?).

      Is the 2BR place a better deal? If so, stress that cost is the reason for you moving out.

      Also, you should give her plenty of notice so she has time to find new roommates. If you only give her a few weeks notice and she has to move in with two randoms from Craigslist, she is going to be very resentful.

      The outcome depends on how close the two of you are to her. If the jilted roommate is a girl from CL and you and your best friend have known each other forever, she’s not going to feel that bad about it. If you’ve all been a close threesome of friends from college, she’s going to be hurt – at least a little bit. Do whatever you can to minimize those hurt feelings and make the transition easy for her.

  • Rave: Not loving all the rain but LOVING this morning’s rain. There’s less humidity, I can breath easier, and the misting feels wonderful.

    Rant: Managed to turn off my alarms and nearly miss a skype call early this morning.

    Rave: Awesome colleague who filled in for me, got everything sorted, and arranged to have the call pushed back 10 minutes so I could arrive on time.

    Rant: Fed-ex – have to go to the fedex location to pick up a package they say they attempted to deliver but I highly doubt it…

  • Rant: The storm last night didn’t wake me up, but the cat stepping on my face as he ran to hide under the bed did. Once I managed to fall back to sleep, I dreamed that I turned off my alarm and was late to work, and got so paranoid that I couldn’t sleep anymore.
    Rave: My sister is coming to visit in August, and offered to drive down a day early to clean my apartment!

  • Rave: Rode my bike to metro in the rain for the first time (I used to drive even if there was a chance of rain) this morning and didn’t get totally soaked. My new rain coat from REI really helped. My pants and socks got pretty wet, but I’m dry now. I need to either get rain pants or keep some spare pants and socks at the office so I can change into dry clothes. This is the first time in weeks I biked to metro every day.

    Rant: Rain still sucks!

    • Good for you for biking!! Spring for the rain pants, in the long run SO MUCH easier. You don’t have to keep a second wardrobe at your office, do all the extra laundry, remember to bring in a second set of clothes in case maybe it rains, etc.

      • We have a shower on my floor that has a closet with hangers. I can easily bring some extra clothes and hang them up there.

        • Maybe I’m thinking more about the other 3 seasons and for longer rides. If you’re only biking 10 minutes in the morning you’re not likely to get super overheated (unless you’ve got a big hill) but could get very wet. And then you’re wearing wet pants on metro until you get to your office, and changing out of soaked clothes isn’t fun, either. But do what works for you, just keep on riding!

          • When I ride during the winter I wear layers (including thermal underwear), gloves, a parka and a cap that fits under my helmet. I stay pretty warm during the ride, and by the time I get on my train I’m warmed up from all of the pedaling. I won’t ride during really cold rainy days. That’ where I draw the line.

      • Is it really better to wear rain pants in the heat? Maybe I just need more breathable ones, but not sure how much that would help.

        • I have eVent rain pants from Shower’s pass that zip off below the knee, so I don’t get that overheated in the summer… wore them this morning, along with a goretex jacket. it’s easy to stuff my skirt into my pants, but not sure what men who have to wear trousers would do? maybe roll them up so they don’t hang out below the rain pants?

          the breathable rain gear is spendy, but i bike 15,000 miles a year (including commutes, errands, and recreational riding) so it’s worth it because i spend so much time on my bike.

    • Good for you! Did you find a raincoat that you don’t sweat like a pig in? If so, please share!

      • It’s a Novara from REI. It was on sale for around $75 this week. More than I wanted to spend, but it kept me dry. And it has vents, so it keeps you relatively cool as well. I have a pretty short ride (about ten minutes.) It might not work as well on longer rides.

          • @BikeGirl-Take a look at Altura. I got a Nightvision jacket for commuting when there’s little light and have been consistently impressed w/ the range of temps I can use it in. It was my top layer throughout the winter. On mild days I’d use a long sleeve, sometimes even a short sleeve and it kept me warm. I thought today might have been pushing it on the high temp side(wanted the extra visibility in these conditions), but I just kept it unzipped more than normal and wasn’t any sweatier than I’ve been lately by the time I got to work. It’s been completely waterproof..can’t feel a drop even in downpours. I use it to walk my dogs in the rain now too and like that I’m more visible to motorists….it’s got a bunch of reflective bits.
            I got mine through Evans Cycles (UK co.) after seeing a bunch of people I follow on Youtube swearing by them.

  • epric002

    rant: squeaky hardwood floors. my husband gets up earlier than me, but i don’t sleep until he leaves the house b/c of the GD squeaky floors. these must be fixed.
    rave: friday.
    rant: need coffee.
    rave: going to get it now! πŸ™‚

    • Allison

      Oh man I have the floor problem too; our parquet wasn’t laid perfectly in all parts of the house so air has built up underneath some of the parquet tiles and they make crackling/popping noises when you step on them! I now walk around on the tiles only I know don’t pop– kind of like when you were a kid and you knew every step that squeaked in your house–but husband hasn’t gotten that stealthy yet.

  • “Side note: Did anyone get a flash flood alert on their phone early this morning? I mean directly to the phone not via email nor text – just straight to the phone. I’d never seen that before.”
    Wait, so it came in as an actual phone call? With a recorded message?

  • Rant: Sharknado exists, and I have not yet see it

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: I like the sound of the machine when I’m doing check deposits πŸ™‚
    Rant: Even though I like to get some extra money, I also like to have free time, I was planning some long bike rides this weekend but:
    Rant: The weather. 90% chance of sharknados this weekend πŸ™‚

    • Me too on the weather rant. I’m planning to do my first half-century ride in two weeks, and I wanted to to do some 30+ mile rides this weekend to make sure I’m up for it.

      • I’m looking forward to a rainy night of making croissants and reading and processing my backlog of photos. If it were night weather I’d feel like I should be doing something outside.

  • Rave: Excellent workout this morning
    Rant: Senior Leaders at my org that do not understand what intel is telling us and prefer to do the opposite!
    Rave: I’m going to trick them into cancelling a meeting at embassy so they can’t screw my program!

  • Rant: I haven’t been feeling really well in my upper GI tract for the past three days.
    Extra Rant that I never thought I’d have: because I’m not feeling digestively up to par, I wanted to take a gander at my stool to see if anything was awry, but I couldn’t because half the lights in my office mysteriously went out this morning and it was pretty dark in the bathroom. So, now I wait.
    Rave: I’m going to New England this weekend where highs are only in the low 80s and lows are in the low 60s!!!

    • sometimes I gotta shake my head and laugh at the information people choose to share here!

      • Scrillin

        Rant: I just accidentally read about some lady’s poo.
        Revel: Organic brunch!
        Rave: My cat/dog bunches up their nose when they sneeze! so cute! πŸ˜‰

        This is my first time – am I doing it right?

  • Rave: Good customer service. I wrote a yelp review of the DryBar (a place to get your hair blown out in Georgetown), the owner commented and I replied – my next service is free, so I’m going to go before my job interview. It’s service like that which makes you want to give a business another try.

    • For those in the eastern quadrants, Release Blow Dry Bar on H Street has excellent customer service too.

      • epric002

        am i the only one who doesn’t “get” blow dry bars????

        • No, I don’t get it either, except maybe on the day of a wedding or formal. Do they at least wash your hair?

          • Of course they wash it. At Release they do trims too. For $15-40 it’s worth it if you have a special occasion or a big meeting at work or whatever. I got it done before going on vacation a couple weeks ago and the style lasted about a week.

          • I get them, but I personally wouldn’t have occasion to use them enough to have any impact on the business’ success. I am hopeless at blowing out my own hair–I’ve tried hundreds of times, with numerous styling products and even a fancy salon-quality dryer, and I can never, ever get my hair to look like it does when I leave the salon after a cut/color. However, I am perhaps lazier about perfecting my appearance than some other ladies. I suppose a blowout could be a good option prior to a job interview where you needed to look uber-polished (not a big issue in my field) or if you wanted to look cute before a first date, but…I just don’t have the time, money, or energy. I basically get professional blowouts before a wedding, and that’s it.

          • Yeah, I usually keep my hair curly, but on the rare occasion I want it blown out straight the process takes HOURS even with professional equipment. I’d much rather have someone else do all that work. My hair can really only be washed once a week (because it’s so dry) so I can to enjoy the straightness for several days.

        • I’ve used it only for special reasons – the Marine Corps birthday (went out with another couple and got dressed up, wanted to look nice since our husband’s haven’t been home for a birthday in a while and we skipped the ball) and I think before a job interview in the humid DC summer it’s a good thing. Any other time of year, I’d do it myself…but not in this weather. I’d like to detract from any chance of my belly being something to focus on, hence why I’m hoping a nice outfit and polished hairdid will help.

          But normally, I don’t partake. It’s nice to have the option in town, though and the two other times I’ve been there, it’s been PACKED. And never running on time, hence my review and now comped service πŸ™‚

        • epric002

          so what type of hair is a blow out intended for? i get it if you have really curly hair and don’t want to spend the time blow drying and straightening. but is that it? i have really fine hair (though a lot of it) but i blow dry and straighten my hair every day (except today, there was no point :P), so i don’t get why i would pay someone else to do it, especially if i’m going to wash it and have to re-do it all tomorrow. is there something i’m missing???

          • The idea is to not wash it the next day. It might last a few days depending on your hair type. But if you wash your hair everyday and it gets greasy by the end of the day, dry shampoo and or a good blow out along might not help. I wash my hair every other day, it took a while for my scalp to slow the grease product, but it did. I’ve never gone to a blow out place, but after a normal hair cut my hair still looks good on day three, but I usually wash anyway.

          • I think it can work for lots of different types of hair. I have straight hair, zero curl at all to it, but kind of on the thick side. So it takes forever to dry, and can frizz up a bit at the roots, and some of the layers in the cut occasionally rebel and stick out if I don’t dry them thoroughly–which is a bit of a challenge to do, since I get impatient and give up. So there’s only a small difference in straight-ness, but the blowout does make my hair look much smoother and more polished compared to a do-it-myself blowdry. Like I said, I usually don’t care enough, except for the very infrequent special/formal occasion (basically just weddings–no galas or fancy events in my world). I’ve found my blowouts can last 2-3 days if I’m careful–but another reason why there’s no point in my getting them regularly, since in my day-to-day life, I’d just get my hair all gross at the gym the following day, anyway.

          • ok, sounds like i’m just one of the poor (fortunate?) folks for whom a blowout would just not be worth it, other than for a special occasion. glad to know i’m not missing the new big hair thing : P

            but on a happy note, i do have an appt to get my hair cut tomorrow, which i am quite excited about. summer hair is gettin shorter!

          • I have a poofy jew fro going on, especially this time of year. And I have very thick hair – not as curly as it used to be, but very thick and my arms aren’t flexible enough to straighten it myself with a dryer. I try to avoid the flat iron (not a fan of how flat ironed hair looks).

            I’d like to avoid the jew fro at this interview!

          • I once told my stylist that if the salon wanted to have a blow out lesson I would pay good money for it. She said she hears that all the time, but it’s not the same to do it yourself because you can’t stand behind your own head and get the same angles, use the same amount of pull, etc.

            I do okay on my own, but never as shiny and smooth as at the salon. Though, having healthy hair-reasonably frequent trims, not over heat styling, not drying out with harsh shampoo- makes a huge difference. And a friend just turned me on to Aveda’s Anti-Humectant Pomade, it’s the only think that has ever helped my hair stay presentable in DC summers.

          • I think Release does free classes once a month for customers (or at least they used to).

    • DryBar is awesome. I had to wait 30 mins beyond my appt time and not only did they comp the blowout, I got an apology email from the manager.

    • DryBar in Georgetown is amazing. Blow Out Bar is TERRIBLE. I had the worst customer service and blow out of my life there. I do not recommend it!

      • Ugh, I agree. Waited for an hour at Blowout Bar and not so much as an apology, definitely not comped. I like Drybar, but haven’t tried Release yet.

  • Rant: My apartment building caught fire this morning

    Rave: My apartment wasn’t affected. And I have a date tonight.

  • gotryit

    Rave: Equality! Change in federal benefits announced at our agency based on the ruling against DOMA.
    Rant: Doesn’t change the past and all the good people who have left because of policies like “dont ask don’t tell” and DOMA.

  • This weather sucks. Hot and rainy is no way to go through summer, son.
    If I wanted to live in a jungle, I’d move to Costa Rica.

  • rant: nasty bout of vertigo these last few weeks. going to a dr. on monday to hopefully get it straightened out. not going away.

    rave: bestie’s baby was born last night healthy and happy πŸ™‚

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