PoPville Preview – Thomas Foolery Opening Wed. in Dupont

2029 P Street, NW

Last week we learned more about Thomas Foolery opening in the former Zeke’s DC Donutz space in Dupont. We knew the place was gonna be “goofball” and it is refreshingly so. I stopped by yesterday for some photos and also learned that this will be the home to the “brick and mortar” spot in Dupont that the Big Cheese Food Truck mentioned they were opening. You can see the full food options here and you can see the beer and drink list here.

Thomas Foolery is opening this Wednesday, 11 am at 2029 P Street, NW. They’ll be open 11am – 12am weekdays and 11am – 2am on the weekends.

Have a look inside after the jump.

Menu will also include options from Souper Girl and Whisked Pies

“plinko” your price on smirnoff ice drinks


proposed names for the bar leading to Thomas Foolery

The King section.  Wear the crown and get a direct line (walkie talkie) to the bar and Table #4

Mario Kart

specialty sodas

mini cocktails



hopscotch your way in

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  • Some interesting ideas, but why do I have a feeling this place will be home to rampant douchebaggery?

  • Um, I want to go play. Right meow.

  • The toy/game theme is reminiscent of Toyland that was on H Street NE. Not sure I like the little airline bottles of booze – seems like it would be difficult to get a heavy pour from a bartender you tip well as those surely will be counted nightly. Hope they have sugar free candy for diabetics.

  • I’m all for a zany concept bar but I don’t know if this place’s correctional facility meets daycare aesthetic does anything but depress me.

    • Yeah, I’m with you on the decor. Also, some of the elements (the mini-bottles and the video game stuff) aren’t really my taste, but I can respect that the owners are trying to do something fun and unique. (While I’m probably more of a wine bar-type gal, I’m all for diversity of entertainment options.)

    • +1 for “Daycare+ correctional facility!”

  • the tiny bottles seem like a pretty un-green way to get people drunk…..

    • Who cares about being green when you are getting drunk. Nobody!!!

    • I don’t even care about being green when I’m sober!! Take a chill pill dude. Relax and have a little fun. You can save the world tomorrow. Geez.

      • I don’t drink, but I do try to notice how much trash I create…this creates a lot of trash. Which is odd for the owner – he’s a great guy (we’re huge Yogato fans). Also seems like not a very economical way to provide alcohol.

        • The mini-bottles are odd. Like the place is an airplane. Or pre-2006 South Carolina. Mini-bottles do result in a strong drink, though. Wonder if that’s part of the calculation.

    • have you ever seen a beer bottle?

  • cool idea – I’ll give it a whirl

  • I am so stoked about this

  • Looks like they’re trying to attract underage drinkers. Like really, really underage 😀

    Seems too gimmicky for its own good.

    • Cute idea, but yes, I agree this place will soon be visited nightly by DC/ABRA to make sure the toddler set isn’t getting bottles full of gin.

    • Underage drinkers aren’t going to go to a place where they feel underage. This is the sort of place where older people go to ironically relive their youth.

      • +1, folks don’t seem to have a good idea of where d-bags and underage drinkers like to go. I can assure you that the Madhatters/SOTW/Rumors crowd will never step inside this place. It will be full of the folks who goto Yogato and goto bed by midnight.

  • It’s Shelburne Farms cheddar, not Shelbourn.

  • Smirnoff ice? I would’ve liked this place when I was 15.

  • My only gripe – I want the N64 version of Mario Kart.

  • justinbc

    Damn, Mr. Yogato is one of my favorite businesses in DC, and I was all ready to support them here even though it sounded kind of stupid. But with The Big Cheese being involved I just can’t see myself ever giving them any money.

  • I appreciate someone doing something different. I will give it a try (though I wish it was not in Dupont). Love that they sell Cheerwine. I’ve never had a Cheerwine cocktail (as it was a drink of my childhood), but I might have to try one.

  • I suspect this will go the way of Cereal Bar. What a silly idea. Fail.

  • I predict most of these gimmicks will quietly disappear in a couple of weeks, months at most.

  • I don’t understand the King section. Are they going to hire or otherwise entice hot girls to be at table #4 at all times, and how is this less awkward than walking up and talking to them? I think a walkie talkie would be impossible to hear in a bar, also.

  • I was surprised to see the photo with bottles of Bubble Up, something I remember from my childhood on the West Coast and my grandmother’s favorite soft drink. (She claimed it helped her digestion.) She died in 1981 and I don’t recall ever having seen the product since.

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