Lost Cat in Adams Morgan – $300 Reward – UPDATE: Found!


“Our cat got out of a window near Euclid and Ontario last night. Her name is Stewart and she is a 2 year old American Shorthair/Grey Tabby, multicolored (brown, grey, and white) with green eyes. She is not wearing a collar and is not micro chipped. We are offering a $300 cash reword for her!!

Email jeri.mintzer(at)gmail(dot)com or call 301-928-5601 if found.”

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  • $300? Time to pick up some catnip and scour the dangerous streets of Ontario and Euclid late at night….

  • I’ve heard cats don’t cross busy intersections and usually walk around at twilight. Not sure if that helps at all, but I’m sure that the cat will be found close to home.

    • To elaborate, I bet the cat will be found within the triangle between columbia, 16th, and kalorama.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Good luck finding her!

  • So happy she’s home, but please, please, please microchip your beautiful cat. It’s fast, inexpensive, and doesn’t hurt.

    • Don’t animals have to be put under anesthesia for the microchipping, though? It seems like a more compelling case for dogs, since they have more opportunity to get loose.
      My indoor-only kitty is not microchipped, but wears a collar with an ID tag at all times.

      • No, it’s just an injection between the shoulder blades, and it takes as long as any vaccination. No anesthesia needed. Both of my indoor-only cats are microchipped just in case they make a jailbreak.

        • (and in case they manage to lose their collar/tags in the process, which has happened before at home…)

      • No anesthesia necessary. I had never microchipped a pet before so was waffling with our cat, but the vet just took the needle and gave him the injection. 5 seconds and it was done. My cat didn’t even flinch.

  • 14thandChapin

    Update: Stewart has been found and returned to her mommy..she is looking forward to many many more years of ‘kisses’ aka bites from stewart.

  • Where was he found? Inquiring minds want to know (in case our own ever escape… so we know where to look).

    • We found her lying on a stoop just 4 houses down from our place. I guess it’s true that cats don’t wander far like dogs!

      We will be getting her micro chipped for the future, though!

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