L’Enfant Cafe Bar’s 2013 Bastille Street Party, French Maid Race is on July 13th

L'Enfant Cafe Bar Bastille Street Party
Photo courtesy Lenfantcafe.com

From a press release:

“To celebrate their 9th Annual Bastille Day Block Party and French Maid Race, L’Enfant Café Bar adds aerialists to a line-up that includes a French maid race, can-can dancers, masquerade ball and raffle for two round-trip tickets from Washington (DCA) to Paris (CDG), courtesy of U.S. Airways. The party runs 3-11 p.m. on Saturday, July 13. Says co-owner Jim Ball, “We are sticklers to tradition and will celebrate Bastille Day on Saturday night – along with the French. Vivre le time difference!”

In less than a decade, this event has grown to become the largest Bastille Day party in the Western Hemisphere. Co-hosted by King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette – who look a strikingly similar to L’Enfant’s co-owners Jim Ball and Christopher Lynch – L’Enfant’s Bastille Day Block Party will take over Vernon Street, NW, between 18th and19th Streets. Doors open at 3p.m. The street party concludes at 11p.m.

Entry to D.C.’s most revolutionary summer party is $6.

Guests are invited to chill to DJs and enjoy five street bars serving beer:

Stella Artois, Hoegaarden and Leffe, white wine and a vodka cocktail. A food truck station will offer refreshments from popular purveyors including DC Slices, Rito Loco and Pleasant Pops.

French maid relay race will start at 6 p.m. L’Enfant will provide costumes for 40 competitors. Racers must each wear the extremely short black and white dress to participate. The winner is the first to fill a Champagne glass with soupspoons of water by running back and forth across the street the coupe. Says Ball, “It’s got all of the fun and excitement of the Grand Prix, and none of the elegance.”

After the race, DJ booths will be rolled into Vernon Street and Queen Marie Antoinette will gift all attendees with a mask.”

Full Schedule of events after the jump.

3 p.m. Bastille Day Block Party opens

5 p.m. Arrival of King Louis XIV

5:05 p.m. Can-can dance performance on Stella Artois main stage

6 p.m. French Maid Race on Vernon Street

6:30-8:30 p.m. Burlesque performances

8:45 p.m. Can-can dance performance on Stella Artois main stage

8:50 p.m. Drawing for two round-trip economy class tickets courtesy of US Airways from Washington, DC to Paris, France

8:55 p.m. Arrival of Queen Marie Antoinette and her courtiers

9 p.m. DC’s largest annual masquerade ball

10:55 p.m. Last dance.

L’Enfant Café Bar, 2200 18th Street, NW

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  • “Racers must each wear the extremely short black and white dress to participate”

    Well it looks like I know what I’m doing on Saturday July 13th now.

  • Mon Dieu! The maid in that picture totally has a hot Scarlett Johannson vibe going on! If she was above age 24 I’d def. date her!

  • I love that L’Enfant does so many unusual events. Brings some of France and some of NYC to the city. Fun place.

  • Least French Bastille Day event I know of. Would much rather go to Bistro le Coin or something for more authentic stuff.

    On the other hand, it is boozy fun.

    • Bistrot du Coin, sorry. Urgh.

    • Yeah, I went one year expecting something totally different and was annoyed and disappointed. But I could see it being fun if you’re into the drunken Adams Morgan scene.

    • Montmatre…but I’ll be at a friend’s crab fest at a vineyard that day…

  • “this event has grown to become the largest Bastille Day party in the Western Hemisphere”

    I find this highly unlikely. I can’t believe that the District has a larger Bastille Day celebration than say, New Orleans or Montreal.

  • We owe it to the French to celebrate Bastille Day! France financially supported America’s fight for independence and because their king’s generosity bankrupted the country, peasants began a war against their own monarchy.

    Debra Borchert, Author, “Not Our Blood,” one of many stories of the French Revolution.

  • Si vous aimez les nanas ce réellement un événement assez cool. Les bières sont comme 5 dollars si ce n’est pas pour cher

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