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  • Aren’t all of the shops on this corner (Lalibela, Yums and the old Playbill) supposed to be torn down?

    I have no problem with Lalibela, but wish that it were in a nicer space that involved clearing out Yum’s…

  • I thought lalibela was supposed to takeover the Playbill space? Seems to be a smart move at trying to capture some of that 14th Street brunch overflow and the folks who don’t like Ethiopian.

  • gotryit

    I love lalibela, but I can see many drunken mistakes. Ethiopian + drunk = worse than jumbo slice.

  • For the love of god, SPELL CHECK!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am a big fan of this establishment and this new development. Screw Ihop…I WANT BERBERE LENTILS!

  • or…pancaks and waffels

    • sometimes a well placed misspelling can ensure that a certain type of patron won’t be present to ruin the vibe.

  • sign me up for french toasts!

  • Good to know that we’ll have our choice of pancaks or waffels! I too thought that Lalibella was taking the Playbill space so that corner could be redeveloped.

  • justinbc

    While not as good as some of the places up closer to U St, Lalibela always provided consistently good Ethiopian when I dined there. Also to the folks complaining about the spelling of “waffels”, that’s actually a very common spelling outside of the U.S. Maybe you should also tell everyone with frites on their menu they’ve spelled fries incorrectly.

    • do you really think that’s intentional, though, considering the other mistakes?

      anyway, i always find those things to be kind of charming (though I’d be incredibly embarrassed if I owned the place). you tend to end up with “$2.50 for COCK [coke]” on the receipt and other funny things like that.

    • Dude, it’s misspelled. Don’t get all huffy.

  • why do they need to be open 24 hours? seems like it will just make the neighborhood full of loud drunks and other unsavory peeps.

    • I mean, it kind of already is full of loud drunks and other unsavory people. It’s been that way for a while. It’s not Adams Morgan 18th St bad, but it’ll get there in time — and it has little to do with whether Lalibela stays open 24 hrs or not.

  • I’ve only been here twice, but both times I felt kind of unwelcome. (And before you jump on me, I’m a respectful, considerate person.) Is this meant to be more for Ethiopians?

    • It’s a big hang out for cabbies – personally I would rather them not stay open 24/7, but I certainly support their brunch menu.

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