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Building a Parking Space:

“I would like to have a concrete parking pad installed behind my home. Most of the houses on my block have old storage sheds in the back of their yards, but mine was removed and now I just have uneven dirt and gravel. Can anyone recommend a guy/company they used and were happy with? Also, can anyone give me an idea of the general cost of such a project?”

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  • Consider pervious pavers… I know they are more expensive, but you can feel good about helping the watershed! They also look nicer.

    • In addition you may get hit with a higher impervious surface surcharge on your water bill. It’s not tracked consistently or audited much, and the amount isn’t tons of money, but it is an actual benefit of having them installed.

      You can also get assistance from DDoE to offset the cost of pervious pavers (same as their rain barrel and shade tree programs). It’s worth looking in to if you are doing this from scratch.

  • I’ve been quoted between 2500 and 7000 (big range, I know) for a ~4″ thick 19ftx23ft concrete parking pad (large enough for two cars. This price includes demo of the existing concrete pad from the old garage/shed and other prep work.

  • I did this recently and paid $14 per sqft (352 sq ft so about $5k total). I had other work done so that may have affected the price. I got three bids and this was the cheapest. The job required a good about of grading / digging.

  • Please, please consider using a permeable product. I used permeable pavers but have since learned of other options such as porous concrete and porous asphalt. I have no information on cost, but wouldn’t it be fun to have something like this –

  • I am also considering adding a paved parking-pad as a precursory step towards an eventual garage. I came across this quote from Amish Builders (never used them, just saw them on Google, and apparently they include DC in their job-site range): “If you want we can do the concrete for a monolithic slab please add $13.00 a square foot.”

    This is in-line with the previous cost of $14/sq. ft. that “mmm” mentions.

    How much more would pervious concrete cost? Anyone have a recommendation for a company to do the work?

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