First Winner of the Weekly PoPville Summer Tomtato/Garden Contest


Congrats to Martina who sent in this great haul from NoMa.

I’ll pick a winner every week so if you’d like to enter please take a photo of your garden/haul and send with the title ‘summer tomato/garden contest’ to princeofpetworth(at)gmail. Please include the neighborhood where you grew them. Winners get PoPville t-shirts.

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  • What kind of tomatoes – and when did you plant them to have such bounty so early?

    • I planted four different kinds – early girls, bonnie grapes, jet stars and beefsteaks – in April, and they just thrived. They have taken over the garden and we can’t keep up with the amount that they’re producing! Lucky us!

  • mtpgal

    I echo the first comment, please tell us your secret!

  • Wow! These looks awesome. How have you been fending off squirrels? They have gotten every single one of my tomatoes this year

  • Oh, those zukes! Jealous.

  • Seriously! I had 2 tomato plants heavy with fruit was just waiting waiting for them to go ripe…Damn squirrels ate half of the bunch while they were still green.

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