Desperados Gets a New Wooden Fence on U Street

1342 U Street, NW

Back in late May we noted the old Polly’s fence had been removed from in front of Desperados. Do you like the new wooden one?

You can see what the old Polly’s one used to look like here.


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  • That’s ugly even for a plain plank fence. Proportion is all wrong. Does anyone know what happened to the cool & unique (of course I know it wasn’t to everyone’s taste) Polly’s fence?

  • I respect wood.

  • Won’t someone please think of the kerning?

  • It’s awful. I can’t believe that they tore down something artistic and visually interesting for this poorly constructed, unattractive, and distorted rendition of a split rail fence. I only hope that it is as temporary as it appears.

  • Desperados….why don’t you come to your senses?

  • The fence is a good illustration of the amount of effort Desperado’s is willing to put into anything. And yes, I’m still bitter about the 2 times I’ve been there and have waited over 40 minutes for a simple burger (and the restaurant was basically dead when I was there).

  • andy

    I cannot see why Desperados won’t come to their senses. If they don’t come down from their ridiculous fences and open the gate, people whose pain and hunger would be driving them home will never see the fine things laid upon their tables. They’ve gotta let somebody love them, before it’s too late.

  • horrible fence. any farm animal could just run through the middle part. needs a third plank to keep in at least pigs and cows.

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