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  • I think the DC group hatched late. I found one — still alive — near Stadium Armory over the weekend. I happened to be wearing a cicada-green shirt, this little “bugger” seemed to think I was the fattest, sexiest cicada/cab ever, and he/she decided to hang out on my finger for a good 10+ block walk back to a nice tree in my yard. A few are still around.

  • There are a TON of them along the running trail that runs along Rock Creek Parkway. Disgusting.

  • Really? I think they’re kind of cute. Granted, disgusting if you accidentally stomp on them. But, they don’t bite or sting. Would take them over mosquito any day!

  • I’ve been afraid of them since I was little. I don’t particularly like any bugs that fly at all, but for some reason the lackadaisical crash courses that cicadas take really freaks me out. As I was running the other day I ran into no less than 5 of them, and those suckers are big! At least with mosquitos there is repellent!

  • This one doesn’t look like it has the red eyes of the periodic cicadas. The 17-year brood was a bit of a bust in DC, the ones we see now are the usual run-of-the-mill cicadas that we get every year.

  • I think that is a locust…wait, is there a difference?

  • Locusts are grasshoppers.

  • Blithe

    They’re not always lackadaisical: I was cautiously grossed out until one crawled up under my pants leg when I was actually inside a building. Since these were jeans with tapered ankles, I viewed this assault as being rather deliberate. Eeeew! Shudder.

  • that is the annual cicada, a completely difference species than on the 17 year cycle

  • That’s just a left over Cicada shell from ’04. ;^)

  • My dog found one this weekend. She chewed up a bit but didn’t eat it. I threw it over the fence when she wasn’t looking. I haven’t seen any more since then.

  • I have seen them flying around my backyard, and I can definitely HEAR them. Doesn’t appear to be a ton of them. Though, one morning as I was slipping on my flip flops that I keep on my back porch, a big ol’ cicada buzzed up from the sandal and flew into my face. Yeah, I screamed.

  • NGL, that is about all of the cicada plague I can handle. I’m always glad to live in the city when cicada time rolls around. They are so gross, loud and aggressive.

  • I had forgotten about this altogether

  • I hear them in my neighborhood in NE!

  • I saw one trying to live on the sidewalk around 16th/Harvard…and then it died. Kinda sad, but also gross, so not too sad.

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