Chef Mike Isabella’s G Sandwich Shop (with Italian tasting menu at night) Opens Friday at 14th and W St, NW

2201 14th Street, NW

From a press release:

“Less than one month after the debut of his Northern Greek restaurant Kapnos, Mike Isabella is set to open G, a 46-seat, 2,000-square-foot spot that will serve sandwiches by day and a four-course Italian American tasting menu by night, on July 26. G, located next door to Kapnos, is a companion to Graffiato, Isabella’s Italian-inspired spot, located in the bustling Chinatown neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

“With G, I’m recreating the food I loved to eat growing up in Jersey,” said Chef Mike Isabella. “At lunch, you will find classic Italian American deli subs, as well as some more elevated sandwiches and flavors inspired by our menu at Kapnos. At night, we are serving an affordable multi-course Italian menu, and on Sundays we’ll offer a special Sunday Gravy menu. This is important to me because I want to give D.C. that big Italian-American family dining experience I grew up with every week.”

Sandwich Shop
The sandwich shop at G will be open daily, with sandwiches served from 11am to 4pm. The menu includes classics like the Italian hero, chicken parm and meatball sub, as well as Isabella’s creations like the spicy mushroom panino, roasted cauliflower sandwich and roast suckling pig sub. The meats are all roasted in-house, some in the massive rotisserie spits at Kapnos. The sandwiches are available for dine-in or carry out. Carryout orders can be made in advance by calling 202-234-5015. By fall, G will add evening carryout to its sandwich shop program.

Tasting Menu
Beginning August 3, the tasting menu will be offered Wednesday through Sunday. The fixed-price meal will be more traditionally Italian menu than the Italian-inspired small plates offered at Graffiato, including antipasti, a pasta course, a meat, fish or vegetarian course and dessert. A daily crudo will also be offered as a supplement to the four-course menu. The primi course will include traditional Italian pastas like Scarpinocc Alla Amatriciana, a ravioli-like, eggplant stuffed pasta dressed with a sauce of guanciale and grated pecorino. Main courses will feature selections like aged duck breast with beet panzanella and bread crusted bass with smoked sunchokes and charred onion relish. Seasonal pies, zeppole and gelato are some of the ways to end the meal.

Sunday Gravy
On Sundays beginning August 11, Isabella will present Sunday Gravy, a recreation of his family’s traditional end-of-the-week feasts. Expect favorites like crispy calamari, a classic Caesar salad, house made spaghetti served with pomodoro sauce and a traditional meat gravy with meatballs, sausage and pork shoulder.

All tasting menus are available for $40, exclusive of beverage, tax and gratuity. Reservations can be made through City Eats.

Location: 2201 14th St. NW
Phone: 202-234-5015
Opening Hours: Sandwich Shop: Everyday, 11am-4pm
Tasting Menu: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, 5pm-10pm; Friday-Saturday, 5pm-11pm.”

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  • There are few meals better than a well-prepared Sunday gravy. If it’s done right for a decent price, it’ll be hard not to go there at least once a month.

  • Well knowing Mike Isabella, it will be a subpar, tiny dish that leaves you thinking about how amazing of a con artist this man is.

    • People have so much hate for this guy… Sunday gravy is the exact opposite of small plates, so I agree that if it is a “tiny dish” then that will deserve consternation, but the reference to the family experiences gives me hope it will be good. Seems like people who hate small plates hold him as the one responsible for the annoying dominance in new restaurants. He didn’t invent them though.

      • People have so much hate for this guy because he’s riding a wave of bullsh*t to fame and riches. His food is average and unoriginal at best. He should be celebrated as a scam artist, not a chef.

        • To add – his prices are out of control. I got charged $15 for a plate of truffle gnocchi at Graffiato. I’d say there were 4-5 pieces on the plate.

          • Also, because he’s a transparent asshole. I went to Graffiato with a friend, who is a fan of all these reality TV chefs. He literally brushed her aside as she tried to compliment him on something, in order to go talk to some 20 somethings in too-small dresses. (We aren’t 20 somethings, and our clothes fit us.) I mean, she was standing in front of him between two tables, and he put his hand on her shoulder and pushed her to one side with his eyes locked on the young women. Just imagine the douchiest character in the most exaggerated sitcom, and that’s what you have here. Never again. It’s called the “hospitality industry”, you know? At least fake it.

  • Speaking of new sandwich shops, when does the Jimmy John’s in Glover Park open?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I walked by on Sunday and it looked like they still had a lot of buildout to accomplish.

      • Talking of Wisconsin Ave restaurant openings…..there’s still no indication that the long-coming Firelake Grill in Tenleytown is going to open anytime soon. That place has been “coming soon” since the end of last September.

        • They recently put up some additional signage, and I’ve seen people at work on the inside as recently as last week. Still on its way, but you’re right that they’re taking their sweet time!

  • I ended up at Kapnos by accident on their opening night and we were super unimpressed (we’re also industry people so our standards are pretty high). The plates were indeed very small portions and my boyfriend’s lamb was 98% fat. My drink was decent, however.

  • So this place is directly competing with Fast Gourmet on the other side of 14th St on W (at least the sandwich part).

    I’d be interested to put the two head to head.

    • Fast Gourmet has gone downhill since the OG owners sold the place. But since this IS that hack from Top Chef, there’s a chance that Fast Gourmet will end up victorious nonetheless.

    • It’s also competing with Piola, which recently opened up across the street. I don’t understand why it’s a sandwich shop, but Italian at night…

  • I lost faith in small plates when I paid $13 for one piece of lamb sausage at Art & Soul.

  • For all the haters, Kapnos has been getting pretty good reviews.

    • Where, on Yelp? If so – LOLZ.

      There’s only one place worth going to for Greek food – Zorba’s.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      It is stuffed to the gills every night. I tried making a reservation in August, and only the 6:15 time slot was available. So he’s doing something right.

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